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Friday Night Fights

Date: Sep 23, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Fridays
Posted by: Duck
Category: PvP
Folks, this is a social run, this is a fun run, this is a DRUNKEN run but you must put in the effort to know the basics of PvP and Cyro! 15 mins on Google and 15 mins in game and you are good to go! FNF is not here to hold your hand! We are here however, to hold your hair at the end of the night when riding the porcelain pony! This is a two hour event.

This event is hosted by DanTheMann, our very own PvP officer, although many of our members can step in to lead it when he is unavailable they can’t bring the same level of “Dan’isms” to the event. This is the Vanquish guilds PvP and drinking night, and we take the drinking much more seriously then we take the PvP. Mostly we go where Dan tells us to go and then we try not to get bombed while cursing because our drinks are empty. It is a fun night of “anything goes’ with lots of PEEPS to be had with your guild-mates. Requirements for this event are that you run a DC character and are level 10 or above (IF we are visiting Imperial City you will need that DLC). You can get instruction before the event on which campaign we will use and how to enter Cyrodiil if you’ve never been there, just ask in guild chat or on Discord. This is the night for those that don’t really like PvP but would like to earn the AP points to cap the Alliance skill lines or those members interested in learning about PvP in a relaxed environment. Come on out and have a PEEP on Dan.

If you have always wanted to make your enemies cower in fear and then run in terror when they see you coming......this event is not for you! However, if you want to drink with your guild mates and be talked about in guild chat for all the Friday nights to come in whatever game we are playing...bring your shitty pony and join the fun! I do not promise you glory, but I promise you a great group of people who like to drink and shenanigans.....I promise you shenanigans.

Sign ups are not required for this event.

Due to many groups, may be FN1, FN2, FN3, FN4, or FN5.


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