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Drunken Friday Night Trials

Date: Sep 23, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: @Kildaan
Category: Raids
Trial selected by suggestion. A normal trial run where sobriety is discouraged. The raid leader will be drunk so you should be as well :-)

Seriously, sober people are welcome. Takes place after Friday Night Fights. The trial we run isn't important, the camaraderie of the players is what makes this event.
Tank (2)

1. A Sexy Fairy(@Shell275) Dragonknight

3. Professor Ossium (@Kildaan) Necromancer

Damage (8)
Support (3)


Can dps or heal
I'm going to say DSR because nobody else has =)
I'll be happy to switch to DPS if someone else wants to tank. Only reason I signed up as tank cause it is easier to get DPS then a tank 😇
Dsr sounds good to me. Still need pearlescent shield and ice staff. (Pipe dream…)

Or SS cause I need the yolo shield (almost as big a pipe dream).
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