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Tue Open Vet Trials

Date: Nov 17, 2020 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Reoccurs: Every 2 weeks
Category: Raids
Looking to start your week with a CHALLENGE?

Join us for Tuesday Open Vet Trials

- Level 50, Min 300 CP
- Have completed all Craglorn Trials on normal
- Gear sets for your class appropriately traited and glyphed, including a monster set
- Addons: Raid Notifier and Code's Combat Alerts
- Quality Food and Pots as appropriate
- A desire to work difficult content for up to 2 hours
- A willingness to listen to and follow the leaders’ instructions
- A willingness to give and receive constructive feedback

Invites go out at 8:45pm ET

Max: 2 hour event - destination TBD - see you there!
Tank (2)

2. Bionic Bigfoot (@Fat_Gandalf) Dragonknight

5. (@Kapp_65) Kapp T K Dragonknight

Damage (8)


Wont be here because getting surgery today.
Likely avail as dps if needed.
Can switch to heals if needed. Hope everything goes well with the surgery Xug!
We'll be doing something.. hard. Well harder than Craglorns...
cannot make it sorry rl has stuff to deal tonight sorry for the short notice .

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