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Bridging The Gap

Date: May 04, 2021 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Tuesdays
Posted by: Fripplethorn
Category: PvP
Hi Folks!

So, Tuesday nights from 9p to 11p ET in Gray Host campaign of Cyrodiil, I will be running a group called "Bridging The Gap". This group will focus on helping folks make the transition from Friday Night Fights style PvP to the Warzone Wednesday slugfests. I will be taking things slowly, answering questions as we go, so patience with those who need multiple explanations will be a must from all attending. Requirements will be a level 50/CP160+ Daggerfall-factioned character with at least close to full speed horse. I will be covering what constitutes a "PvP Build", and we'll work toward that goal together. So even if you're in Trials gear, come on down - we'll get you sorted out. I will also be covering the required add-ons for WZW, so we'll get that sorted out after your first time as well. The auto-invite will be "BTG".

Things we will cover will include:
*Siege - which ones to use, and when; where to place; how to survive during a siege, both offensively and defensively.
*Front Bar/Back Bar - how to stay ready for survival, keeping buffs and heals rolling; and burst
*Crown - how to use the addons to stay with crown, and how to get back to crown without dying in the event of a scatter.
*Gear - why speed is key; penetration & crit resist thresholds
*RSS/Keeps - which are important to take and when; Evals; why we avoid squirrels and humpers.
*Tactics against Ball Groups vs tactics against Zergs
*Recognition of popular enemy guilds and what to expect from each
*How to take advantage of Negates
*Cyrodiil Lingo
*The required addons of WZW; good-to-have addons aside from the required ones

We will be running in the same campaign as the WZW folks. And hopefully by the end of each session, we'll get to run some missions alongside the main group. It all depends on how smoothly things go from outing to outing.

We'll run this for a month-ish, and then see what headway we've made!
This is an open event, and will not be capped in attendance. Sign-up sheet is just to track interest =)

Looking forward to seeing some of y'all out there = )

Peace and dead elves,
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