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Helm Runs

Date: May 10, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Reoccurs: Every 2 weeks on Tuesdays
Posted by: @DeSyreni
Category: Dungeons
Helm runs are back!

Looking for a particular monster helm to complete your gear setup? Something you just want to try to give you an edge in overland or 4-man content? Or are you just a collector?

In most base game veteran dungeons, requirements are relaxed. And there are many Monster Sets out there that can help you out considerably. For DLC veteran content, the game steps up considerably. You need to be able to fulfill your role whether that’s tank, dps, or a healer. If you are dps, it is recommended approximately 25K dps on a 6 mil target dummy (see our guild home @vanquishguild in the roster) where many are supplied for you. We are saying approximate. If you are a little under, that’s fine.

In the comments section on this event, REQUEST the helm you are looking for so we can organize a group.

If you are wanting to help, simply just sign up!

NOTE: Groups will be put together with hopes to successfully complete a run. Requests will come by order of request in the comments. It is possible not all helms will be achievable in one night.

Signups are locked 15 minutes prior to the event so the event lead can organize the groups.

The following are COMMON Monster sets used in ESO according to Alcast.

Lord Warden (DLC Imperial City Prison)
Bloodspawn (Spindleclutch 2)
Mighty Chudan (DLC Ruins of Mazzatun)
Swarm Mother (Spindleclutch 1)
Vykosa (DLC Moon Hunter Keep)
Thurvokun (DLC Fang Lair)
Earthgore (DLC Bloodroot Forge)
Stone Keeper (DLC Frostvault)
Symphony of Blades (DLC Depths of Malatar)

Zann (DLC Scalecaller Peak)
Valkyn Skoria (City of Ash 2)
Grothdarr (Vaults of Madness)
Ilambris (Crypt of Hearts 1)
Balorgh (DLC March of Sacrifice)
Slimecraw (Wayrest Sewers 1)
Iceheart (Direfrost Keep)
Nerien’eth (Crypt of Hearts 2)

Velidreth (DLC Cradle of Shadows)
Maarselok (DLC Lair of Maarselok)
Selene (Selene’s Web)
Kra’gh (Fungal Grotto 1)
Stormfist (Tempest Island)

Symphony of Blades (DLC Depths of Malatar)
Sentinel of Rkugamz (Darkshade Caverns 1)
Nightflame (Elden Hollow 2)
Earthgore (DLC Cradle of Shadows)
Chokethorn (Elden Hollow 1)
Troll King (Blessed Crucible)

For a complete list of Monster Helms, click HERE.
Tank (1)
Damage (3)

1. (@DeSyreni)Alarys Eidolon Warden

4. Armaeus Sectus Dragonknight

5. Redkknightt @RedKnight79 Sorcerer

Support (1)


Here to help if needed. Can switch to DPS too.
I'm a complete noob when it comes to dungeons, but I would like to get Bloodspawn as I see it used in all kinds of builds for sustain and survivability.
Would like to try Ruins of Mazzatun.
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