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SPD in the DLC

Date: Jan 16, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 01:30 PM
Reoccurs: Monthly on the 1st Sunday and 3rd Sunday
Posted by: Creakinator
Category: Overland
Do you need to clear those DLC zones of their skyshards, delves, public dungeons and other interesting points? Come join Creaks as she leads you through the DLCs.

Each month will be a different DLC as there is a lot to clear in each zone - much more than the vanilla zones. Almost each DLC has two public dungeons with fragments/parts for a collectible. We will not do world bosses as Monday Night Madness does them.

This event will be on the First and Third Sunday of each month for about ninety minutes. The public dungeons will be done on the first Sunday. Skyshards and Delves will be done on the third Sunday. We will try to complete as much as the zone as time allows. If we have time left over and if there is interest, then we can do the world events (dragons, harrowstorms, etc) or go back into the public dungeons to grind for more fragments/parts.

No signups - come and go as you want. Any level is welcome.

Type DLC in guild chat to join once the autoinvite is up.

DLC Order:
October - Orsinium (Wrothgar)
November - Hew's Bane, Gold Coast and Clockwork City
December - Morrowind (VVardenfell)
January - Summerset
February - Murkmire
March - Southern Elsweyr
April -Northern Elsweyr
May - Western Skyrim
June - Markarth
July - Blackreach Caverns - Arkthzand and Greymoor
August - Blackwood
September - New zone??

And the obligatory Google Spreadsheet to show what is in the zones. Event icon is from:


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