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Date: May 15, 2022 - switch instance
Time: 12:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Sundays
Posted by: Duck
Category: Raids
Starting Sunday May 1st, Vanquish is hosting an introduction to Veteran Trials. If you haven’t been part of Veteran Trials, not sure of your experience, or if you would simply like to try to learn a different role, the Intro to Vet Trials might be for you! We will take you through the 3 Craglorn Trials and Asylum Sanctorium teaching you everything we can while building your confidence and empowering you to work as a team.

*NOTE: Signing up means you are signing up for ALL 6-8 Weeks.
**NOTE: If we have enough for two groups, I will run a second class at 3pm EST.

The first set of classes will take us to Asylum Sanctorium, Sanctum Ophidian and Hardmode. Estimated class length is 6-8 weeks. If we finish earlier, fantastic.

May 1st @12pm EST
* May 8th Mother’s Day (no trial)
May 15th @12pm EST
May 22nd @12pm EST
* May 29th Memorial weekend (no trial)
June 5th @12pm EST
June 12th @12pm EST
* June 19th Father’s Day (no trial)
June 26th Reserved if needed.
*July 3d Independence Weekend (no trial)
July 10th Reserved if needed.

Intro to Veteran Trials is designed for those who have the desire to learn, never have taken part, or wish to learn on a different role. We will cover mechanics, formations, and priorities while developing teamwork with situational awareness. These trials are not simply a “burn to finish” and move on. You will know the trial and mechanics and feel comfortable brining any class/role into future Open Vets or higher.

CP300 minimum to help with damage mitigation. These types of trials are also considered “progression” trials as you learn and progress through. This also means “Self-Progression” is expected as well to move forward into Level Trials.

Two (2) classes are put together to cover all the basic Trials:
Intro Part 1: Asylum Sanctorium (AS), Sanctum Ophidian (SO) and Hardmode (SO HM)
Intro Part 2: Aetherian Archive (AA) and Hardmode (AA HM), Hel Ra Citadel (HRC) and Hardmode (HRC HM)

In short, when you sign up you are signing up for the entire course as described in the Overview. You are dedicating that time/day with your teammates. A consistent group means success. Invites start to go out 15 minutes prior to the start time. Please be ready and on time.

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1. (@Jedediah_x) Jed DK Dragonknight

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Jed DK @Jedediah#7265
Dralok Inor @Karthrag_Inak#2197

Madena Bane @twallace#7023
Gnoway @Firelady#2560

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Tyvus Corrum @Tyven_Briteblade#0583
Concordia Dubois @Tertacles#7195
Virlyn Black @Ferox#7378
Redknight @RedKnight79#5062
Duck @Duck17#5560
Faldar Greyhawk @Dralus#1257
Hynzie71 @Hynzie#8652

ALTS: Fahlilii @Rose Mackie#6142 @Wallflower#8149 @Dralus#1257 Ormiss Laemorin @Nenosiri#5857
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