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Dread Sail Reef Cold Run

Date: Jun 07, 2022
Time: 05:00 PM
Posted by: @Thimblewearer
Category: Raids
Normal Dread Sail Reef. Requirements are level 50 cp 160 and having no knowledge what-so-ever about Dread Sail Reef. We be exploring the new trial with the intent of discovering it with virgin eyes. Be prepared to die many times while troubleshooting and experimenting different tactics. Please DO NOT read up on this, watch any guides or have done this on the PTS.
Tank (2)

4. Lucan Petilius (Duck) Dragonknight

7. Sir Awdbahl (@Kildaan) Sorcerer

Damage (13)

1. (@Thimblewearer) Warden

2. Davedek Warden

3. Nyx the Night Goddess (@Deadmeat) Sorcerer

5. (@Jedediah_x) Jed MPlar Templar

8. Phoon (@Pale_Algae) Sorcerer

9. @Kittdjur Templar

10. (@Jess182) Erinjess Warden

11. Eva Levante (@OhFoley) Sorcerer

13. (@FWDawg69) JessiMarg Warden

14. (@Cat.wood) Katastrophia Dragonknight

17. Karthrag Inak Nightblade

18. (@DeSyreni)Alarys Eidolon Warden

19. Airerilis (@bleufin) Sorcerer



Can switch to a support or Tank role if needed.
Khajiit is open to being either tank or dps for this adventure, whatever is needed.
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