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Questions Regarding Vanquish

[Pinned] MUST be signed in to see the Members Only Forum

This is a reminder to all Vanquish members that they MUST be signed in to the Forums to see the "Members Only" section of the forums. If you are only seeing the forum that are under the "Public Forums" might want to sign in so you...
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Vanquish Highlights

Member Spotlights

This is a collection of our Member Spotlight Interviews. xrist04 RoseMackieHemlockTaeveKarthrag InakGlitter-TigaSantanikoNukeShellKamali’iLytaniJosienBMW (BlackMagicWoman)MegSavina
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Vanquish Highlights

Roll Call & other Vanquish meetings

Transcripts of Roll Call and other Vanquish meetings. This is a sample as all our meetings have not included News Entries of the transcripts. Roll Call September 2020Roll Call March 2020Roll Call September 2019Roll Call September 2018Roll Call Ja...
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Vanquish Highlights

Vanquish Special Events

A taste of the Special Events held by Vanquish. (These are special events above and beyond the static or everyday events usually seen on the Events Page)3rd Annual World Boss MarathonVanquish 6th Birthday CelebrationAn ESO Christmas CarolKINDNESS...
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Vanquish Highlights

Vanquish Accomplishments

A sample of Vanquish Accomplishments and guild firsts that Vanquishers hold dear.Vanquish Entry for ESO #TAMRIELTOGETHER Guild Contest. Recruitment Themed, Artwork and Video produced by Duck and Santaniko!Guild Hall Rebuilt and Bigger and Better ...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

Anyone unable to login today? 7/29/2020

Apparently there's an issue logging into the servers this morning - the problem has been reported and they are aware. Hope everyone is staying safe :)
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

The written word.

Are there any books, or even a large PDF file that describes how this game works. Seems the longer I play, the more questions I have and don't want to bother people all the time. My brain attuned to reading for knowledge a long time ago.Pat
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

How to improve my Excellence stat?

Loyalty Honor Excellence BoozeI don't think there's any doubt about my loyalty or honor. At least I hope not. I've been here almost 2 years, and I won't even leave Vanquish as a temp fix to troubleshoot my new guild member notifications not workin...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

Activity level question

Hi everyone,Vitio here. Been away for awhile. My wife and I are thinking of getting back into playing a bit. Pretty casually. Probably won't participate much in guild events, but it would still be nice to be a part of the guild. Is that ok? ...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish


Applied back in April of 2015, was accepted but didn’t play much before that dang life thing got in the way. Recently came back and was hoping to reapply and join up. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see you all in game!
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

Removed for inactivity?

If you have been removed from the in-game roster because of inactivity, your forum account and discord should still be active.To get a re-invite in game all you need to do is contact an officer in game, on Discord or here on the forums.
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Questions Regarding Vanquish

For names sake!

So When I join Vanquish I had one toon, Mutha Lover. Thanks to a severe identity crisis I now play up to 4 toons. My @ name is TheGreat_one and since we've moved to discord I go by The Great One, and even in TS that was the handle I used.So shoul...
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Questions Regarding Vanquish


I think I screwed up my application as I did not fully understand what was asked. I registered with my first character Guillume de Chartres, but my eso account is @sirjake990. When filling out the info I am also unsure what is meant by first spec...
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