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Nick Name: Sin or Sindrik
Gender: Male
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Virginia
City: N/A
Casual/chill MMO Gamer, huge fan of ES since day one of Morrowind Launch on XBOX, it's what got me into RPG's altogether.

Only other experience in MMO's stems from a brief 6 - 8 month hiatus in LOTR Online, another 6 - 8 months in WOW prior to release (late to the party), and a year and a half in GW2.

Other than that I play Madden, NHL and MLB on console. Minecraft when I'm on hiatus from the game (occasionally). I'm an avid Magic the Gathering fan. I fish for carp, catfish and bass, and I coach little league baseball (for my son's teams).

Me in a nutshell.
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