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Member Spotlight - Josien!

Oakos / Feb 24, 2019
Tell us your Main characters name and any alts you have in Vanquish's ESO division?

My main is Josien, a little red headed Breton Templar healer. I have a stamplar that is mostly used for crafting named Jodien and a dragon knight named Josien the 2nd who was originally going to be a tank but she gets lost in dungeons and wants a bow anyway, so she'll probably end up as dps.

What are your normal hours of play and what content do you enjoy most in ESO and with Vanquish?

I mostly play in the evenings and love doing the trials!! Probably because of the infinite patience of the people running them, but they're always fun. Alonara, Delk, Squid and I have also been working our way through the Vet dungeons and that's been a lot of fun too.

What is it that draws you to ESO and what about the game are finding you enjoy most?

I really like that so many of the NPC's have personalities and stories. I also enjoy looking around the dungeons and the world of ESO in general, the game designers did such an amazing job creating the atmosphere of the game, not to mention that there is so much content you can always find something to do. I love the fluidity of the combat too, although I didn't like it at all at first and it took me a while to get used to it.

Tell us a bit about your past MMO experience if any?

ESO is my fourth MMO. One day my son said "download and play Lineage II with me so we can hang out.." how could I say no to that?? (-: Then came Tera, which I played for about a year but it never really resonated with me so in Feb 2014 I started playing ESO, I had played for about 2 months when some of my guildmates from Tera suggested Final Fantasy XIV. I loved FFXIV and my Astrologian (a healer) will probably always be one of my favorite characters. During the four years I played FFXIV, I still logged into ESO every couple of months to gather and do random quests and very slowly my characters leveled. It also seemed that every time I logged in ESO was getting better and better, so when most of the people I played FFXIV with just faded away it was a very easy decision drop FFXIV and focus on ESO. I am so glad I did because I can see myself playing this game for a long time.

When did you join Vanquish and why did you chose Vanquish as your main guild, what drew you to the guild?

I joined Vanquish about 5 months ago. I saw a recruiting message so I stalked the website for probably two weeks (creepy, I know (-: ) and I loved the joking around in the shoutbox and I read through the public parts of the forums and the event calendar was just full of all kinds of stuff to do for everyone and didn't seem to cater to just the top players. This was during the time Vanquish did the world boss marathon which sounded like so much fun that I applied.

What has been your most memorable moment in Vanquish so far?

Most memorable is really hard to say. I've enjoyed everything I've done with Vanquish, but if I had to choose... Kidz Day was a blast, and FNF never fails to make me laugh a LOT (the peeps could have something to do with that though), and I love all the trials, but I think I'ld probably have to say the Christmas Party, Lenore did such a great job, and participation was absolutely amazing and then topping it off with a parade! ... well, who doesn't love a parade??

While in a dungeon with Oakos, he told me to jump off a cliff and I get would get an achievement. Dummy me….I know! Fell to my death and he cackles!

Damn it Oakos, did you have to bring this one up? I was hoping to keep my cliff jumping achievements to myself and now everyone knows!

If you had to chose one weapon what would it be? A sword, a bow, a staff or a rabid raccoon tied to a stick?

A bow, no no wait it would have to be a sword.. or maybe dual daggers ! YES!! no no, a staff, definitely a staff. But I would like to try the rabid racoon on a stick before making a final decision.

If you enjoy the crafting side of ESO, what crafts have you spent the most time on?

Crafting is strictly utilitarian for me...

Finish this sentence: "You round the corner passing by the Officers barracks coming to a heavy wooden door, the sign posted above reads: - Commander Oakos, Leader of Vanquish - Upon opening the door you are surprised to find..."

Sorry, but I honestly don't remember. I wandered around in a daze for several hours and once my senses returned there was just this big black void in my memory of the time between passing the officer's barracks and when I found myself standing on the docks in Glenumbra with absolutely no recollection of how I got there! When I try to remember I sometimes get a very vague impression of a pink fluffy dress, silver high heals and a tiara....but that can't be right, can it?


Thank you for sharing Josien! I love the Member Spotlights, it is so much fun to get a look into our fellow Vanquish members.

*Applause* this is great!
Congrats Josien!
Love reading this, thanks!
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Great write up. 😎
Yay Josien! :)
Congrats Josien, well done interview!
thanks all (-:
Congrats Josie! And nice answer. Nice to see this member spotlight to bring life to the people behind the characters.
Still trying to figure out how you didn't chose the rabid raccoon tied to a stick as a favorite weapon.