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Member Spotlight - Lytani!

Oakos / Jun 13, 2019
Tell us your Main characters name and any alts you have in Vanquish's ESO division?

Lytani the templar and one alt sorcerer I may level one day at level 3 called Lytini

What are your normal hours of play and what content do you enjoy most in ESO and with Vanquish?

Evenings mostly as its usually after kiddo goes to sleep.
I enjoy a combination of things - 4-man dungeons, trials, solo play - quests or gathering, crafting, pvp in cyrodil and in battlegrounds.
I do not enjoy decorating my villa. I pretty much have everything just dropped in random spots of my Summerset villa.

What is it that draws you to ESO and what about the game are finding you enjoy most?

ESO allows me to step away instead of being sucked into the hole that is a MMORPG. Once Strehf got me to try out the game, we both enjoyed the game play experience. Also, our first ever dungeon together at level 10 was Imperial City Prison and I had no idea how to regen my magicka...needless to say - we could not get past the first boss. We enjoyed the challenge.

Tell us a bit about your past MMO experience if any?

My first MMO was World of Warcraft - Spring 2005...Strehf and I were doing long distance after we finished college and it was our together time. And I am glad that I did not play during college, as I probably would have never passed.
I did a crapton of raiding in WoW. Strehf at one point was the number one restoration druid for US servers via warcraftlogs. We also were in a guild that required us to raid 16 hours a week. I also enjoyed doing pvp either doing rated battlegrounds or Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin,etc.
We tried Age of Conan and some other Korean game called Nine Dragons. I played WoW for a decade. I also saw the sunrise a few times because I did not have any self discipline at the time. Also, no homework... Oh, and my character of choice was a priest named Lyt. I rotated through holy, discipline and shadow spec.

When did you join Vanquish and why did you choose Vanquish as your main guild, what drew you to the guild?

Since I am an email whore, I still have the email that my application was approved on August 4, 2018. I joined the guild because Oakos was a sweet talker, because even though I found out that the guild was not battleground oriented, he was able to convince me to apply anyway. I suppose what seemed most charming about his characterization of the guild was that everyone had their own lives and there was no pressure to be totally involved with everything or anything.

What has been your most memorable moment in Vanquish so far?

Most memorable moment was my quest to get the restoration staff from vDSA. Chanel, Sabretusks, and Vetericus were my knights in shining armor that evening. And that vDSA was riddled with bobby traps. I was also demolished in my beam of light while I tried to get to the loot room by a vindictive flame atronarch. I found out Sabre looted my staff as I was suspended in air, dead.

If you had to chose one weapon what would it be? A sword, a bow, a staff or a rabid raccoon tied to a stick, or something...more creative?

As a kid who grew up watching Cantonese Kung Fu old school dramas with my dad, I was highly interested in the ribbon weapons. Totally unrealistic, but man, females who can create beautiful movements with them and then twist a guys head off with her ribbon was super amazing. This kung fu drama was my favorite growing up

If you enjoy the crafting side of ESO, what crafts have you spent the most time on?

Cloth, but only to make crafting sets that increase Strehf and I an our dps. I did complete the woodworking research first, but come on, its so short. I am at the last row of Nirhoned in my blacksmithing research! I also instantly learn any recipe I don't know even though it may be more advantageous to sell it :( Jewelcrafting is also all researched.

Finish this sentence: "You round the corner passing by the Officers barracks coming to a heavy wooden door, the sign posted above reads: - Commander Oakos, Leader of Vanquish - Upon opening the door you are surprised to find..."

Oakos, Duck, and Sabre in their birthday suits drinking beer.


Last Tono
If you want help, suggestion, or advice on decorating your villa give me a yell. BTW Oakos, Duck, and Sabre in their birthday suits drinking beer, who hasn't seen that? 😎
Yay Lyt!
Thank you for sharing Lytani! I love the "Member Spotlight" so much, it is always nice to get a look at players behind the character/keyboard. You've jumped in so many times at a moments notice to help with trials, dungeon runs or to answer questions in chat....THANK YOU for all you do for Vanquish.

***side note....Duck don't drink beer. But I totally believe that birthday suit thing!***
Thanks for sharing! Glad to have read it!
I recognize that staff! That vDSA is still one of my memorable moments in game. :D So fun, so ridiculous!
Awesome Lyt! Very enjoyable read and thank you so much with sharing.
Great to hear more about you Lytani! I'm so happy you and Strehf have stayed with the Guild, and that you two are a couple playing :D I know you are an awesome player, I've seen you in action lol!

Gratz Lytani, thank you for a fun and interesting read. I always learn new things about people from these.

I want the ribbons now too 😎!!! but the birthday suit thing...hopefully I can get that picture out of my head soon.....
Hehe - thanks yall! I am so glad to have found Vanquish! I also need to mention I did buy some swag from Zazzle! I bought the +Sanity coffee mugs and the tall glasses! Its perfect for my whiskey ginger ;)
I gotta say - Oakos took a flattering picture of me :)