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@Tuatha'an (Josien) / Nov 23, 2019
Please tell us your main character’s name and class and any alts you enjoy playing: My main character is Fairy Pipe she is a Warden/Redguard I have a couple of alts I play around with one is Fairy Doll she is a Temlar/Orc and Fairy Shell is a Sorcerer/High Elf.

Is there anything specific about your favorite character that you particularly enjoy? I love my Warden she is the one I take in Trials with me. She is much better than my other toons.

Does your @ name and/or character names have any special meaning? Why did you choose them? My @ name is a nickname I got from my niece she couldn't say Michelle she called me Shell I kept it and use it now. my characters name is Fairy because I love fairies.

What are your normal hours of play and what content do you enjoy most in ESO and with Vanquish? I'm usually on before and after work depends on my work hours. I enjoy doing quest and running trials with Vanquish.

What is it that drew you to ESO and what about the game do you enjoy the most? The guy I live with downloaded it on my computer one day for me to try it I wasn't sure if I would like it but I got hooked on it. I love all the effects Like Summerset it looks so beautiful there.

Tell us a bit about your past MMO experience including who and what was your favorite character ever. This is my first MMO. I'm really enjoy playing it

When did you join Vanquish and why did you choose Vanquish, what drew you to the guild? I joined Vanquished 10/28/17. My roommate was in it at the time and when I joined I thought it was the most amazing guild to be in everyone helps everyone.

Do you enjoy housing in ESO? If so, please tell us a little about your favorite house. I have the big house in Summerset but never got around to doing anything with it.

What has been your most memorable moment in Vanquish so far? Most memorable moment would be when Duck dragged me into do trials one night and when we finished he told me I just did it in Vet mode. He forgot to mention at the start of it.

If you enjoy the crafting side of ESO, what crafts have you spent the most time on? I only do the crafting writs everyday.

If you had to choose one weapon what would it be? A sword, a bow, a staff, a rabid raccoon tied to a stick, or something...more creative? I love my bow I'm attached to it.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? I really enjoy helping everyone out when they need stuff. I live with a guy and girl we are all roommates.I'm the kind of person that puts everyone else happiness before mine.

Finish this sentence: "You round the corner passing by the Officers barracks and come upon a heavy wooden door, the sign posted above reads “Savina, Guild Leader of Vanquish”, upon opening the door you are surprised to find..."Duck behind the door telling me get out of the pink and Cy telling me "Shell, your other left!" .😬

I'm so happy to be part of Vanquish I love helping everyone out it makes me feel good. I'm here for good not going anywhere. Y'all are stuck with me forever.❤️


First !
Zomg… Hail and well met !
Last Tono
Ya know Shell, I could help ya with that empty house. 😎
Thanks Tono!! I will get with you soon and you can help me sweetie💋
Shell thank you for participating in the Member Spotlight.

Also thank you for always stepping-up to help where needed. I can't think of anyone so willing to help fill a group, help members get the items they need, or just chat with folks for company. You do some amazing things for Vanquish and we really can't thank you enough for the time and effort you've put forth for so many of us.
I'm just really happy to be part of this guild. Y'all have helped me so much. I'm always happy to help anyone that needs help.

I'm honored that y'all choose me for the Member Spotlight.

I love everyone in this guild even Duck. LOL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Always a pleasure to play with and always an awesome attitude. I really enjoy our time in game! You're family forever!!!!!!!! Big Hugs!
Thanks Lenore. I love playing with you and everyone else. I'm not going anywhere. Y'all stuck with me forever!!!!💋❤️❤️💞
Shell, it's always an adventure! And thank you so much for sharing. Our most recent endeavor was in BC2 on the 2nd boss. LOL. The big fire daedroth.

Regardless of fire, or big pink circles, Shell has a huge heart.
That night was a big adventure!! As many times we all died we never gave up and finally killed it. Thanks Duck I'm glad something thinks I have a big heart.
Hey Shell! Just wanted to say thanks for being so sweet as I get to know the guild and try to figure out how exactly ESO works.


It's my pleasure to help everyone out. I'm happy to have you part of this guild it's the best guild around. Duck can be sneaky at times as you found out when we did the pledges that night on vet mode. That was an adventure. I'm blessed to be part of this awesome family my life would be empty without all y'all.
Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself! Glad to have you aboard, and glad you are enjoying your first MMO!
I'm blessed to be part of this guild. Everyone in this guild is amazing. I love all of y'all.❤️
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