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@Tuatha'an (Josien) / Aug 05, 2020
This members spotlight shines on Hemlock! She probably needs no introduction as you can frequently find her participating in a wide variety of the activities the guild offers. Hemlock is an active, helpful and friendly member of Vanquish who is always a fun to party with.

-Please tell us your main character’s name and class and any alts you enjoy playing regularly.
My main is a Dunmer magicka nightblade named Mardrömmen, which means 'the nightmare' in Swedish. I also like playing my Bosmer stamina warden, Cierni. All my character slots are filled with alts but those two are my favorites.

-Is there anything specific about your favorite character that you particularly enjoy?
I like dark elves, so I just deal with the sustain issues Magblade is a ton of fun with a lot of mobility and self healing, it's been my favorite for several years now.

-Does your @ name and/or character names have any special meaning? Why did you choose them?
Hemlock is a nickname I've been using since high school Dungeons & Dragons, it stuck and most people just call me that. The N7 part of my @ name is a Mass Effect reference, which is my absolute favorite game series. (if my Discord pic didn't tip you off!)

-We all know fashion is the true endgame, so please tell us a little about the outfit your character is wearing.
I've been wearing Welkynar since that motif's release - I love the wings, and Bloodroot Wine is one of my favorite dyes.

-What are your normal hours of play and what content do you enjoy most in ESO and with Vanquish?
I'm PST and am usually on as much as possible between the hours of 8am and 10pm. During the day I like to farm some mats (gotta pay for that furniture somehow) or take one of my alts to quest in a favorite zone I haven't visited in a while. My favorite VNQ activities are trials, working on achievements and all of the social activities, I love to just kick back and hang out with guildmates while smacking something.

-What is it that drew you to ESO and what about the game do you enjoy the most?
I initially beta'd ESO and played a bit at release but wasn't really into the combat and controls at the time. I'm a huge Elder Scrolls fan and kept picking ESO back up here and there, and when the Morrowind chapter came out (which was my favorite ES game) I made myself stick with it. What I enjoy the most is the world and the storytelling.

-Tell us a bit about your past MMO experience including who and what was your favorite character ever.
My MMO addiction started off with EverQuest at release, I played a wood elf druid on Innoruuk. I did the raid-guild-as-second-job, pushing server firsts thing for a while but eventually threw in the towel midway through college. Most of my EQ guild was in the WoW beta so I hopped over with them at that point, and raided until partway through MoP. In addition to those, over the years I've spent a ridiculous amount of time in Ultima Online, GW2, SWTOR, FFXIV (2.0), EQ again (P1999) and of course ESO. I'm also a Star Citizen backer with a weakness for Origin ships. It's honestly all kind of a blur! It's hard to pick a singular favorite character - my EQ druid and WoW Holy Priest are pretty close to my heart, as is my White Mage/Red Mage in FFXIV.

-When did you join Vanquish and why did you choose Vanquish, what drew you to the guild?
I joined in October 2018, was tired of playing mostly by myself and wanted to find a real home. I saw a Vanquish recruitment post on Reddit and did some recon on the website, and was wowed by the guild culture, the Roll Call screenshots, the world boss marathon, the X-Up program and was like...YES please, I wanna hang out with these guys! I still have my application accepted email, lol. I think the first thing I did with the guild was DSA with Bella. Now she's stuck with me.

-What has been your most memorable moment in Vanquish so far?
Vanquish Day! It is so much fun and Duck and Sav and everyone else who contributes work so hard on it. It makes my heart smile to see everyone show up and have fun with each other. Also, FNF Bingo, I like peeps.

-Do you enjoy housing in ESO? If so, please tell us a little about your favorite house.
I'm a housing nut. My latest project is completely covering up all the fleshy bits in Tel Galen Tower inside AND out, you guys are the first to see it! All of my currently open houses are in my guild note and I love visitors, visiting other people and talking about housing.

Do you enjoy the crafting in ESO? what crafts have you spent the most time on?
Yes! I enjoy being self sufficient as well as being able to help others out. ESO's crafting system is so easy to use which is kind of a nice break compared to other games. One of my long term goals is collecting every furniture pattern in the game, which has probably been the biggest time/money sink so far.

-If you had to choose one weapon what would it be? A sword, a bow, a staff, a rabid raccoon tied to a stick, or something...more creative?
I loved my druid Epic weapon in Everquest. Floaty leaves!

-Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?]
I live in San Diego but hate the sun and want to move somewhere cold, work in security engineering and have the posture to show for it. I have two English Bulldogs named Thor and Odin as well as one husband named Grimm who comes to FNF sometimes - if I'm not online it can be assumed I'm tanking one or more of the three. I also like to collect action figures and go to metal shows.

-Finish this sentence: "You round the corner passing by the Officers barracks and come upon a heavy wooden door, the sign posted above reads “Savina, Guild Leader of Vanquish”, upon opening the door you are surprised to find..."
Nothing but mudballs, floor to ceiling...just waiting to be thrown.


Great post Hemlock! So that's where the icon came from.. huh. Thanks so much for sharing and glad to see you in the spotlight!
Thank you for taking the time to share a bit about yourself with us Hem! I always enjoy these Member Spotlights.

**these days I throw both mudballs and snowballs!(so look out)
Hi Hemlock, great interview! Turns out we may have more than a few things in common. Always enjoy adventures with you. See you in game!
A Sassy Fairy
Awesome post Hemlock!!! I love reading the Member Spotlight.
Daggerfall Quarians unite!

Last Tono
Great interview. Love what you've done with the house. You're going to love all the new housing bells & whistles coming in the next build. Many new ways to empty your wallet.

Quote : "One of my long term goals is collecting every furniture pattern in the game, which has probably been the biggest time/money sink so far"

You have no idea, we should talk sometime. 😎
Thanks for sharing Hemlock, nice post. I love english bulldogs.
Enjoyed the interview!

Your houses are amazing. The Christmas house is so cool. I dragged my wife to look at it during the house tours.
My favorite POISON to group with! Thanks for a great interview! (Love that house!)
Karthrag Inak
Very nice house! :)
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