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Duck / Aug 15, 2020

Grab those drinks and get your alts ready for a day to conquer all 151 world bosses in the land of Tamriel. That’s right! All 151 world bosses.

We will starting off at 11am EST on September 5th, 2020 and expecting a 17.5 hour stint to achieve our objective. An awesome opportunity to grab those Alts (or your mains) and complete those achievements.

Are Sign ups necessary?
We are asking you to sign up if you are planning on attending just so we can plan our routes. No, it is not required but helpful for organization. See our Events Calendar for September 5th or click HERE.

Discord is required for communication. Only listening. If you do not have a mic, that’s fine. The other requirement is for Vvardenfell (Morrowind). If you are planning on doing the world bosses in this region, you MUST do the pre-requisite quests (about 10-15 min solo) before joining. You can find how to do it HERE. We will not wait for individuals to complete this for the daily quests. You can still join, but you won’t get the coffers for quest completion.

Do I need to do it all?
Absolutely not! But if you have the stamina….

I have [zone] complete. Can I join for the next [zone]?
Absolutely. Before the start of every other zone we will be taking a short 10 minute break. At this time, we will be making an announcement in discord using the @everyone command. This will give those who wish to start the next zone a heads up as well as give those in the party a chance to change characters. If you have notifications turned off in Discord, you may want to enable it for this event.

I don’t have all the DLC’s.
As mentioned, we will notify when the next zone starts. If you do not have Wrothgarr (for example), simply leave the party and await the notification when we are setting up for the next and rejoin us.

Can we use skills/pets?
Pending on the number of players in that group. If you have a group that is more than 12, then NO skills. Only LIGHT attacks will be permitted (without psijic skills too!) And no pets, merchants, cosmetic pets. Keep is simple. If the group has less than 12, skills will be permitted but still NO PETS.

Will we be doing the dailies as well?
YES! For lands like Wrothgar, Vvardenfell, Clockwork, Gold Coast, Summerset, Murkmire and Elsweyr, Skyrim we will take the time to collect and share quests for the dailies.

Anything special if I do the entire thing?
Fresh underwear provided by your spouse =)

If any other questions, please feel free to reply to this news article.

(10 min break after each 2ND zone)

Glenumbra (6)
Auridon (6)
Craglorn Magical Anomaly (5)
Stonefalls (6)
Stormhaven (6)
Clockwork City (2)
Grahtwood (6)
Craglorn Iron Orc Nirncrux Mine (5)
Deshaan (6)
Craglorn Anka-Ra’s Avowal (5)
Rivenspire (6)
Hew’s Bane (2)
Gold Coast (2)
Greenshade (6)
Summerset (6)
Shadowfen (6)
Murkmire (2) 6 quests
Alikir (6)
Coldharbor (6)
Malabal Tor (6)
Northern Elsweyr (6)
Eastmarch (6)
Wrothgar (6)
Bangkorai (6)
Western Skyrim/Blackreach (6)
Reaper’s March (6)
Southern Elweyr (2) 6 quests
The Rift (6)
Vvrandenfell (6) (has requirements for quest)



omg, maybe THIS IS MY YEAR!!! (-:

will the Vanquish Gang be invited?
Sure. We just need to know when they are joining so we can make everyone aware.
I would LOVE to do this, but I will be road trippin' from Cali to Idaho that weekend.
Even though I did not last the whole duration, it was a great time. Thanks to Duck and Savina for organizing and hosting this and to Infi, Lenore, and Sav and anyone else who contributed the prizes and time to make this happen.
This one -wanted- to come back, but his sewer line engaged in pvp and won. This round. :(
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