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@Tuatha'an (Josien) / Nov 29, 2020
This edition spotlights a long term member of Vanquish. A very friendly and helpful guy you will find regularly participating in many Vanquish events. It is my pleasure to introduce xrist04.

Please tell us your main character’s name and class and any alts you enjoy playing regularly.

Oh, there are so many! I’m an irredeemable altaholic, because I love figuring out how each class works and finding out their strengths and capabilities. As of now, I have magicka and stamina versions of each of the six classes along with a few health tanks, plus a few specialty weirdo characters that I enjoy playing just because they’re different. The character that’s gotten the most playtime in 2020 is Coffea Arabica, a Redguard stamina warden.

Is there anything specific about your favorite character that you particularly enjoy?

Coffea Arabica is spec’ed for bow/bow, so she’ll never be on the top of a DPS list. But she’s very mobile and very fast on her feet, and she’s able to do some utility group heals which has helped in more than a few pinches. She’s also maxed out for Antiquities, so she is always digging up something new and trying to drag it into the house!

Does your @ name and/or character names have any special meaning? Why did you choose them?

Lots of people have asked me about my @ name. It’s true, when I got started with ESO back in 2014 I didn’t realize how publicly visible the account name was going to be. I wanted an account name that was globally unique, and was easy to type, so I selected this one. The story behind “xrist04” is that it’s a representation of my real name (Christopher). If you pronounce the “X” like the Greek letter chi (think like “Xmas” for Christmas), and the “04” part as “oh-four,” then you get CH-rist-oh-four. It’s always pronounced as “Christopher,” instead of “Ex-wrist.”

We all know fashion is the true endgame, so please tell us a little about the outfit your character is wearing.

(Laughs) I’d have to ask, “which character?“ My ice witch Isertia Snøheksen is wearing Frostcaster, but dyed with the brightest white that I can find (Julianos). The vampiress Valencia de Balfieri (magcro) alternates between an Orc Wise woman costume for relaxing indoors and a Court of Bedlam costume for battle. I’m a big fan of using racial armors that match a character’s race or origin story. That’s why you’ll usually see my Argonian tank wearing Elder Argonian armor, or my Breton thief wearing Breton style clothing. For me, it helps to deepen the immersion when I’m playing.

What content do you enjoy most in ESO and with Vanquish?

I really love it all. I enjoy trials, dungeon runs, PVP (although I’m not very good at it!) and solo play. My Bartle profile is primarily Explorer, although I have some significant influences from Achiever and Socializer as well. (Bartle Taxonomy of Player Types)

What is it that drew you to ESO and what about the game do you enjoy the most?

Without a doubt, it’s the richness and the depth of the world which the developers have created in Tamriel. Like many other players, I’ve been a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls storyline, going back to Daggerfall and Morrowind. The amount of detail that’s been included in these virtual worlds is staggering. Politics, history, languages and religions are all included, and at significant depth. When I heard that Bethesda was entering the MMORPG market, I couldn’t wait to buy the game!

Tell us a bit about your past MMO experience including who and what was your favorite character ever.

First MMO was Ultima Online in 1997, then EverQuest in 2000, then EverQuest II in 2004. I played Dark Age of Camelot, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings: Online, RIFT and many others. Over all that time, the most memorable character was probably Radyn Truthsinger the bard, from EverQuest. I have a portrait of that character done by the fantasy artist Terese Nielsen. For me, the unifying theme from all of those games is Doing Things Together. You know, when you leave a game like these, the only things you can take with you are your memories and your friendships!

When did you join Vanquish and why did you choose Vanquish, what drew you to the guild?

I joined Vanquish back in 2015, not long after the game started in 2014. I had been a member of an excellent guild called Shadow Company (under Commander Bugbig) back in EverQuest, Warhammer and LOTR:O. I first met Oakos in Shadow Company, so when I found out that he was captaining an offshoot of SC in ESO, I applied to join. Best move I ever made in ESO!
Helvius di Medici - first character in ESO created in 2014

What has been your most memorable moment in Vanquish so far?

Oh, there are so many! First dungeon run, hitting VR14, first Trials win - all of these were significant for me, personally. But the most memorable moments are the times we spent Doing Things Together. I remember the first time Oakos jumped off a cliff, and challenged the rest of us to land on top of his corpse. Hilarious fun! It wasn’t until later that someone called it, “Lawn Darts.” I remember the drunken PVP. I remember the parades through town. I remember crashing the server with too many paraders! I remember Duck’s monumental labor on the first Christmas play. I remember Savina’s random acts of kindness. I remember during a holiday event someone in Zone chat trying to buy a Kuta rune, and Savina getting everyone on VNQ that was online each to send the guy a Kuta. I remember he was so blown away by this that he applied to join Vanquish. So many memories! I can’t wait to see what we make happen next.

If you had to choose one weapon what would it be? A sword, a bow, a staff, a rabid raccoon tied to a stick, or something...more creative?

For me, it would depend on the character being played. For example, i think it would be way cool to have a large, ornate, jeweled scepter that my Argonian tank could use as a two-handed mace. I’d like to have a visible representation of the Blade of Woe that assassins could carry on their hips. I’d like to have a telescoping, clockwork greatsword that expands when drawn (that’s what she said!). A dagger that drips poison? A warden staff that flowers?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

I’m in my early sixties, with kids who have kids who play the game. I’m married to a wise woman who’s a writer for two gaming companies, working on upcoming titles. I’m a former professional musician, now just a weekend warrior in a dance band. I’m a lover of puns and wordplay, and I will drop what I’m doing to help someone else out.

Finish this sentence: "You round the corner passing by the Officers barracks and come upon a heavy wooden door, the sign posted above reads “Savina, Guild Leader of Vanquish”, upon opening the door you are surprised to find..."

On opening the door I was surprised to find... the most massive collection of trophies and awards I’ve ever seen! Best Guild 2016, Best Guild 2017, Best Guild Leader 2019, Best Guild 2019, Best Guild 2020 and so many more! Savina is not normally one to brag, so I guess she needed some place to stash all these awards. I’m guessing she’s going to need a warehouse soon!


I love these "Member Spotlights"!!! Thank you Xrist04 for taking the time to open this window into yourself for all of us to enjoy.

Your dedication and loyalty to Vanquish members over the years been a contributing factor in making Vanquish what it is today. You are indeed a long standing pillar of the community that has stood the test of time!! In your early 60's?? Really?? This I never would have guessed, you are so very young at heart.
Great read and hello fellow UO/EQ'er! I'd love to see the portrait of your Bard.
Oh my gosh, that is fantastic. What a wonderful keepsake!
Yeah, It was a gift from some former players who became some of my best friends. I was thoroughly blown away.

Terese is pretty special. You can see more of her art at her official website.

T. Nielsen Art
Ah she did art for Magic the Gathering! That's where I know her name from. How special. I know what you mean, some of the folks I played EQ with 20 years ago are still some of my best friends to this day.
It's so much fun learning the little things about other players. Like I'll now start saying "Christopher" to myself when I see "xrist04". Also learning that my age (64) isn't so unusual.

It's good to know you, Christopher.
Thank you, Savina, for doing this.

Sandy - SMA (White-Willow)
Josie is the one that sends out and post these "Member Spotlights". I see them when Josie post them for the first time.
Rose Mackie
Thanks for sharing ... both here and in-world. So good to learn more about our guild family members. Big Thanks and virtual hugs to Josie and to xrist04. P.S. My grandma's name was Josie ... always a soft heart for that name.
Nice to know more about you.
Awesome read! Love learning more about our family members! I really enjoying playing with you. Thank you very much for all you do to make playing here fun!!!!!
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