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@Tuatha'an (Josien) / Feb 13, 2021
You will never believe that you are in the Ample Domicile when you step into this amazing house! If you're not familiar with the Ample Domicile, I strongly suggest you do a preview before visiting Aireal's house, you won't believe they're the same house. Aireal will have this house set as her primary residence for a couple of weeks.

1. Please tell us what house you will be showing today. The house you are visiting today is the Ample Domicile.

2. Is there any particular reason you love this house? With Mosquito netting it's the house I'd love to live in.

3. Is there a theme? I guess the theme is simple, "Tree house home away from home. How/why did you decide to decorate it like you have? * I was watching some ESO housing video's and... I loved all the tree I wanted one of my own.*

4. Have you used any items in a unique/unusual way? ummm no, I don't think so, the only really odd thing is the Banyan tree's that are upside down, that I use as the base for the House, but I stole that idea. (when you go up the mushroom stairs to look at the house check the floor and you will see the bottom of the tree
5. Do you have a favorite housing item(s)? specifically? Not any one thing, in general... plants, you can see that in all my houses ( not so much the apartments though).
6. How many slots have you used? Regular slots 297/400, 4/20 collectible, 4/6 special collectible (I DO plan on putting in the other frog I have ).
7. Do you tend to redecorate a house once it's finished? I'll add things as I see them and go "OOOOOhhh that would look good there"... is a house ever finished? No, never!
8. How long did it take you? The Idea percolated for about 2 months, but once I started on it less than a month.
9. What is your favorite thing about ESO housing? My favorite things are how diverse the items that you can use are... and the wacky things people actually do. My least favorite thing? The limited number of slots for large places!

I wanted the entry way to make a statement and day or night I think it does!

A kinda cozy seating area, though really I'd sit on the ground before stone chairs! (hmmm pillows, I can add pillows!)

Another view of the seating area that Josie threw in because Aireal and I just look good sitting there!! 😎

The pond was the main reason I chose this particular house, I wanted a water feature.

A view from the pond.

Go across the little bridge and up the Mushroom Stairs to get to the main house (it's easier to do in first person)

The house part of the tree house, I struggled with either creating my own or using something pre-built. I went with the pre-built because I didn't want to run out of slots!

The entrance to the secret Mushroom Garden is to the left of the big tree directly across from the seating area

The guest house.. aka Mushroom garden.. It's kinda hidden, but look for the torch!

A big THANK YOU to Aireal for sharing this gem of a house with us!



Just visited and WOW Aireal that place is so unique and fun! I love the walk up to the top, the view is great. The atmosphere is calming and peaceful. Thanks for sharing this home with all of us.
Thank you Sav.. I'm glad you enjoyed the house and yeah that view is awesome. I'm not 100% done with it, but then, I never am!
Very nice...
Lush and unrecognizable! Beautiful!
I took a visit last night and must say it’s very colorful. The mushroom staircase up to the secluded cottage was kinda neat.
Love this place Aireal! You did a fabulous job decorating here!!!!!!! I love treehouses!!
Thank you! ( it won't be my last treehouse )
Wow! Very cool. Love the ambiance of this home. Nice work.
Rose Mackie
So Creative! A wonderful job.
Thank you Josien for featuring one of my homes! I appreciate all the positive feedback from all my guildies ( the ones in chat too!). I am going to change my Primary on Monday to my newest completed house, but guild mates can always use PTF to port in on your own.... to any of my houses.
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