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Savina / Mar 02, 2021

This Member Spotlight shines on Tono, as we get a look at the man behind "Tono's SuperDisplayStores"!!! Tono is a ESO housing oracle, that shares his knowledge and advice with any that seek it. If you haven't visited his many homes and housing item shops be sure to message @More_Tono and ask for a tour.

Please tell us your main character’s name, class and any alts you enjoy playing regularly.

"Last Tono" Sorcerer/Crafter/Antiquer, main toon for whatever. Then 17 other toons for extra storage and doing multiple dailies to keep pieces coming in that I can sell at my traders. A nice mix of Sorcerers, Templars, Dragon Knights, Nightblades, and Necros with all races represented, even Orcs. Includes a couple Vampires and a Werewolf. All my toons have the last name "Tono". Makes it easy to ID me.

Does your @ name and/or character names have any special meaning? Why did you choose them?

No special meaning. When I started playing EvE Online years ago and realized there would always be more to know about this complicated game. A light went on over my head and "More Tono" (more to know) was born. Been using a variation of "Tono" for the last 15 yrs on games.

What is it that drew you to ESO and what about the game do you enjoy the most?

When some Star Citizen friends and I realized we needed another game and I was dragged into this silly game I never heard of called ESO Online that I never knew I needed in 2017. Most of them are gone except me. I enjoy trading & housing of course.

When did you join Vanquish and why did you choose Vanquish, what drew you to the guild?

October 13, 2017 and yes it was a Friday. After wandering around for a couple months I joined a guild (mostly dead now) that looked good on paper but a few weeks in I make the unforgivable act of questioning a officer's action and was promptly removed. Got a lead on another guild, (Vanquish) joined, discovered the lack of elitism and settled in.

What has been your most memorable moment in Vanquish so far?

There have been many but the latest was being in the group that decorated/furnished the Christmas house last year. It was great fun working together with everyone.

What are your normal hours of play?

PST Appox: 1300 to 1700, 2000 to 0100 generally.

Do you enjoy housing in ESO? If so, please tell us a little about your favorite house.

Oh yea, LOL. My favorite is my first, "The Erstwhile Sanctuary" which took months because I kept restarting it till I was satisfied with the evil leaning it had. Also my only house where you can die.

We all know fashion is the true endgame, so please tell us a little about the outfit your character is wearing.

Do I! My Main is generally in a sharp business suits of which I have several. All my toons are well dressed and some very colorfully. Nobody wearing rags in my house.

Do you enjoy crafting in ESO? What crafts or craft related activities have you spent the most time on?

The 2000+ furniture patterns that I own say yes. My main purpose/activites are all focused on owning every housing pattern in the game so I can make anybody anything for their house. I'm 20 pieces away. Well until the next build which will bring new pieces. Keeps me busy.

If you had to choose one weapon what would it be? A sword, a bow, a staff, a rabid raccoon tied to a stick, or something...more creative?

It would be a staff. I prefer to do my killing from a distance so I don't get blood on my nice clothes.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

Just a fat old man living in a RV in a trailer park in rural Oregon waiting for the star fighter to land. (who gets that reference?) Blessed with surprisingly good internet.

Finish this sentence: "You round the corner passing by the Officers barracks and come upon a heavy wooden door, the sign posted above reads “Savina, Guild Leader of Vanquish”, upon opening the door you are surprised to find..."

Sav cranky as hell from being woken up from her nap. Old ppl need their naps.

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""""It would be a staff. I prefer to do my killing from a distance so I don't get blood on my nice clothes.""""

This has to be one of my favorite answers EVER!!! I totally get it, this is exactly why all my characters are magic based.

Thank you for the inside look Tono!!
LOL, yeah the blood spray can really make it hard to get out of clothes.

Tono does have a huge library of crafted things. The one pic here is just one of the homes where things are laid out. I believe he has 5 homes like that? I don’t know. It is a lot. So if you are looking for something, he has it.

Thanks for sharing Tono!
The Last Starfighter!!! Such an awesome blast from the past Tono!!! I loved reading about you in this player spotlight :)
Last Tono
Correct, I wondered if anyone would know.😎
Love how your name came into being. Every time I visit one of your houses I discover amazing items I never knew existed. For everyone reading this: If you ever get a chance to visit one of Tono's event houses, I highly recommend to check them out!
I always wondered about the name, like I do everyones...
Loved "Last Starfighter". One of my old faves! I enjoy every visit to your houses and really appreciate the warehouses you keep. It takes the guess work out of figuring out if certain things will fit where we want them! You're a Guild Treasure Tono! Thank you for all you do to make housing in the game fun and exciting!
Thanks for sharing, fellow Star Citizen backer! Great read.
Love the name story 😁. Nice interview, thank you Tono!
Always love walking the aisles of Tono Mart :-)

Shop smart, shop Tono Mart!
Love the read, thanks Tono!