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Duck / Mar 14, 2021
Happy Birthday Vanquish! We have been around since March of 2014 in Beta and still moving strong. We are one of the longest, original guilds and we continue to expand our family, make new friends, and have those shoulders to lean on with a drink in one hand. To celebrate, we are hosting a wide variety of events from OLD Vanquish Traditions to NEW on April 3rd. Clear those calendars. Grab your drinks. And join us!

11:30am – 1:00pm EST: SMS (Saturday Morning Smackdown) Join with Infi as he takes us through overland in three different zones to take down World Bosses.

1:30pm – 3:00pm EST: MNM (Monday Night Madness) With Cy taking over the lead, join us as we do another run of World Bosses through DLC’s for the daily coffers.

3:30pm – 4:30pm EST: Lawn Darts. It is an old Vanquish Tradition as we plummet to our deaths to land on the corpse of our fearless leader, Savina. (Prizes are yet to be determined.)

5:00pm – 6:30pm EST: Vanquish Dome! You have heard of Mad Max. Now be him as we meet in Stormhaven (at the Public Arena) to fight one on one Gladiator Style. Wearing only a Barbaric Helm (supplied) and a weapon (random), face your opponent using your weapon or skills that can fit on 1 bar. It is fun. It is glorious. It is Vanquish Dome! (Prizes are yet to be determined.)

7:00pm EST: VANQUISH ROLL CALL. Gather up at the Vanquish Bridge, Daggerfall bridge, near the Impresario, and wear your Guild Tabards. Show your Vanquish colors as Savina leads us forward. Guild meeting will be done in Guild Chat to prevent potential ‘spamming’. Please NO Pets of any kind. To get your guild tabard, go to any city banker and choose Guild Store. In the drop down, choose Vanquish and should be the generic option. If not, type Tabard in search box.

7:45pm – 8:30pm EST: Vanquish Murder Mystery. Another old favorite from the past. Join us as Duck leads us on an adventure to search for clues on where the assassin is hiding. Finish him/her off and avenge the attempted assassination of ONE of our Vanquish Members. (Prizes are yet to be determined.)

9:00pm – 11:00pm EST: FNF (Friday Night Fights) It’s Friday on Saturday! Head to Cyrodiil, standard 30-day Blackreach Campaign, as DanTheMan has a repeat performance of FNF. Fly your Lion Banners, wear your guild tabards, as we knock EP and AD back to their gates. There will be FNF BINGO! (Prizes are yet to be determined.)

11:30pm – 1:00am EST: Saturday Night Trials. Get geared! A few weeks ago, for New Year’s Eve, we had two full groups hitting 3 trials each. Refill those drinks and join Infi, Kildaan, and Duck as we lead multiple groups through several normal trials for everyone!

These events will not have individual ‘signups’ on the events Calendar. We will post a shout to everyone on Discord letting everyone know the next event will be starting within XX minutes.

And most important of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANQUISH! It’s been an incredible 7 years!

Those interested in donating prizes, please send them to the @vanquishguild account. Notes will be made, and credit given.


Party time folks!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANQUISH!!! There WILL be CAKE!
Happy Vanquish Day!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANQUISH!!!!!!!!!! Sav I will sit out on lawn darts so other people can win😊
🎂🎂 Happy Birthday Vanquish 🎂🎂

CONGRATULATIONS! Seven years of Vanquish is a fine testament to everyone here.

I salute you all, but especially the MEMBERS of the guild! Leaders may set the ethos and theme, but the members are the ones who make the guild what it is. You guys are just excellent. Hats off to all of you! I'm proud to be numbered with you.
Outstanding milestone.
I'm so happy to be part of this awesome family. I'll miss out on the celebration but will be there in spirit for sure!
Thank you Vanquish for a great 7th Birthday Bash!!!!

It was incredible, we'll post more tomorrow after we wake up! (I'm sleeping in for sure)
Thanks Sav, Duck, Dan, Cy and everyone else for putting this together. I had a total blast. I was so tired by the end of the night.
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