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Savina / Apr 05, 2021
My apologizes to all for the lack of screenshots and the transcript never got past the rough draft. Posting it with all of the typo's, bad spacing and nastiest grammar ever!!!

Thank you to all that attended! The comradery, dedication, and enthusiasm you exhibit for Vanquish is always refreshing. I hope everyone enjoyed the Vanquish 7th Birthday Celebration!

**When I can get the exact Roster numbers I will add in an edit with them**


Welcome to the Vanquish 7th Birthday Celebration Roll Call! We are gathered on Discord in the PvE 1 voice channel, as always, the Roll Call text will be here in Guild Chat.

To our newest members: WELCOME to Vanquish, we are glad you have joined our family. Fresh viewpoints and perspectives are what keeps Vanquish lively and moving forward. Also, welcome to a time-honored tradition…the Vanquish Roll Call! We are honored you have chosen Vanquish as your home here in ESO.

I hope everyone is enjoying our 7th Birthday Celebration! There are still more events this evening…..Don’t miss a special Saturday edition of Friday night Fights with Dantheman, followed by Saturday night Trials!

Seven years and still clearing content and achieving our goals! You, the members of Vanquish, still surprise and amaze me with your generosity and hospitality. Today’s birthday gifts and prizes show how generous our members are. And our continued growth and success is fueled by your hospitality.

It has always been and will continue to be your honorable actions, respect and loyalty to each other, that makes Vanquish different from other guilds. Duck and I are honored to lead such a wonderful group of people. Thank you ALL for making Vanquish your home and joining us on this awesome adventure.

First order of business the Website and Discord::::

First order of business the Website and Discord::::

THE WEBSITE, has undergone a few changes. New background that reflects the “Gates of Oblivion” theme for this year. The Vanquish Store link is now found on the top of the page between Roster and Media. You can visit the store for Vanquish themed t-shirts, hats, facemask, and mugs.

New to the website is the GUIDES section that can be found between Events and Roster. There are currently 9 guides: Guild Hall, ESO+, Races, Addons, Antiquities, Main Story, DLC Story, Crafting 1 & 2. Keep your eye on this new Guides section as more will be added as they are completed.

This Guides section of the website is public, please share the links with anyone or anywhere you think they can be helpful.

The website is the glue that binds us as a family, it brings a level of cohesion and organization that is part of any long-term guild. Everything you contribute to the website becomes part of Vanquish’s history. It is the first thing possible recruits and new members see. Please do your part to keep the website active and engaging.

OUR DISCORD is continuously growing with the guild, we are adding more text and voice channels as needed. Duck has been working to remove some of the redundant bots. Infi continues to improve the vnqbot as the need arises.

Discord is a great tool for fluid conversations and fast answers, yet there is so much more there for you to explore. We have dedicated text channels that include “looking for group, antiquities, housing hub, crafting hub, tech help, addons, class discussions and many more!

The website and Discord are overflowing with, information, and engaging conversations. If you are not taking advantage of these resources, please consider doing so. You do not know what you are missing if you are not utilizing what is offered!

General Information

Now some general information that I always include for our newer members. (Additional details and more topics can be found on the website under the “New Members Start Here” forum) …..

GUILD BANK:: Items in the guild bank are FREE! Guild banks work the same way as your personal bank space; however, the guild has the right to set permission by rank. All members of Vanquish can view, deposit and withdraw items from the guild bank. All members can deposit gold in the guild bank, an Officer rank or higher is required for $ withdraw.

The bank is stacked full of items for new members, alts, and veterans alike! If you have items that you want to insure go to someone that can use them offer them up in guild chat and mail to a member in need of them. Shell does this all the time, and it works great! If you make something for a specific member of the guild mail it to that person.

If you put gold in the guild bank by accident, this happens when folks are paying dues to trade guilds and select the wrong guild bank, contact an officer they will return your gold to you. Items in the guild bank are FREE! Please use common sense when making deposits/withdraws is all that we ask.

GUILD HALL::: To get to the Guild Hall press “G” to bring up the Guild home page>move to Roster(the second tab)>locate @vanquishguild on the Roster page >right click @vanquishguild>select “Visit Primary Residence”. BOOM you are there.

The easiest way to do this is sort the Roster page by rank and look for the treasure chest icon to the right of @vanquishguild should be 3rd on the list make sure hide-offline isn’t checked!!

The Vanquish guild hall is a great big place with lots of cool things in it! You can find all the normal crafting station, every world crafting station. There is a dye/outfit station, transmute station, banker, merchant, and numerous target dummies, all mundus stones, and the Vanquish Vamps can enjoy a willing thrall or drink at the ancient basin!

EVENTS::: It is amazing the number of long running static events we have on our calendar. Members love RAD, MnM, UDT/SP’zoneD, WzW, TTP, FnF, SmS, SFF, and the many normal and veteran trials offered each week. These static events range from new player to veteran content, there is something for all visit the Events page for all the details.

DeSyreni just recently added HELM RUNS to the calendar every other Tuesday evening @ 11:30 EST/ 8:30 PST for the next 6 months!!! Please read the event description in full and add your helm of interest to the comments section. Sign-ups are locked 15 minutes prior to the event to allow time for the groups to be organized.

I do wish that the daytime and late-night members had the same opportunity to attend these events during their normal play hours. If there is anyone on during the daytime or late-night that would like to host a WB, Undaunted, PvP, Pledge, Helm Run or trial event, post it at a time that works for you and have fun!

If you need help getting started, our current event hosts would be happy to explain the schedules and/or way they run the events. Just ask if you are interested in hosting, we would love to bring these events to as many members as possible.

REMINDER ::: You must be logged into the website and added at least one character to the roster to sign up for events. Be sure to set your time-zone under your profile so the events start time is your time! As I said you can find more detailed information and directions in the “New Members Start Here” forum.

Next up State of the Guild::::

Today is Vanquish’s 7th Birthday Celebration and I would say the state of this guild is DAMN GOOD!! Most guilds do not make it 6 months, some guilds make it a year or two. Seven years later here we are still going strong, still clearing content, still enjoying each other’s company.

You, the members, empower and inspire your guildmates every day. You continue to be the most selfless, kind-hearted, helpful, and supportive group of people I have ever known.

Your unwavering support of Vanquish’s Core Values - Respect, Attitude, Loyalty, Activity, and Confidence is what sets Vanquish apart from other guilds. It is YOU the members that continue to open your hearts and welcome new recruits with open arms.

This is when I usually WOW you all with some awesome roster numbers and give you exact totals of our growth and activity. While impressive, the numbers are not exact this time. Since update 29 the guild history and guild roster have a few issues that prevent me from giving the exact totals.

Our roster currently has 412 members that have logged in at some point in the last 50 days. No members have been kicked for inactivity since Update 29 and will not be until the “last online” info is fixed.

With the help of addons I can tell you for sure that 339 members have been active in the last 13 days. The addons only record activity of people online when my account is log in.

Looking over the 73 accounts that do not show activity I am confident that more than ¾ of them have been active just not while I’m online. My rough estimate is that we have had 390-395 active members in the last 30 days.

Edit****ROSTER UPDATE 4/6/21 (Guild history semi-fixed and allowed for actul #'s)

Our roster currently has 390 active members that have logged in over the last 30 days. Of those 390 members 353 logged in over the last 7 days. In the last 3 days 327 members have logged in! ****End Edit

Those are incredible #’s, most mid-size and large social guild keep inactive accounts on their rosters to inflate their numbers. Not here at Vanquish, when you look at the number of people on the guild roster, those are active accounts that are logging in, not dead accounts just boosting our numbers.

WE are 390+ members strong! That is 390+ quality members strong, and steadily growing which brings us to……

RECRUITMENT! It seems what we are doing is working, and if it isn’t broke let’s not fix it. As always, our doors are open to family and friends of current members. Continue to direct your friends and family to the site to fill out an application.

I will continue to monitor our recruitment thread on the Official ESO Forums. Nuke will continue to add the recruitment post to the ESO SubReddit Guild Fridays. Testimonials from you about your experience with Vanquish continue to impress potential recruits reading these posts and in turn they become applicants and new members.

If you would like to add your Vanquish testimonial to the recruitment post contact me and I can get you a link to the Recruitment thread!

Guild Direction and Future Goals:::

Vanquish is a guild of moderation first and foremost. As a guild of "moderation" we choose to explore every bit of content the game throws our way from PvP to PvE, End Game to Crafting and light RP without pigeonholing ourselves into saying we focus on any one aspect.

Vanquish’s overall direction is not changing, our long-term goal has always been to see our members through all the content ESO has to offer. ZoS continues to add content and Vanquish members continue to strive forward and progress through the content.

Dan has assured me that our continued support and promotion of Vanquish PvP activities for the Daggerfall Covenant are paying off in Cyrodiil. Vanquish has become very well know in the 3-banner war!
Dan’s words “Our PvP group is one of, if not, THE best guild PvP groups running right now. And thats’ not an exaggeration we are one of the best, most respected PvP guild on PC/NA”

Our daily PvP groups home the alliance locked Grey Host Campaign. RaD runs every weekday morning with Lenore and focuses on quest objectives and getting our members to tier 1 rewards per character for the transmutation crystals at the end of each campaign.

Dan and Sarah are out there leading PvP every night of the week. When they are off-line or unavailable the PvP crew starts the auto-invite and charges forward in their absence. Anytime you see someone in the PvP 1 channel on Discord, there are some elf faces being smashed! Jump in and join the fun.

Speaking of PvP fun, Friday night Fights relaxed nature and fun atmosphere is a great way to start the weekend. PvP’ers and PvE’ers alike love to just sit back and enjoy the ride as their AP meters rise, and Dan keeps them entertained in what can only be described as “Dan’s Greatest Show on Earth”.

If you have never attended a FnF event with Vanquish, I recommend you do. You don’t have to be a PvP’er, you don’t need any special gear, you don’t need a fast pony. And if you are a PvP virgin don’t worry, I can guarantee you…’ll never forget your first time with Dan!

Last September I announced a new “vTrials Program” was being introduced for our members interested in PvE endgame content. The raid leaders have provided the following information they would like to share with you about the program……

- If you’re unaware of the Vet Trial Progression Program, we are established raid teams that meet weekly to tackle the most challenging veteran trial content in the game, including hard modes and achievements.

- The events are divided into “Tiers” based on difficulty ranging from Tier 1: the Veteran Craglorn trials, through the hardest Tier 4 instances such as Veteran Sunspire hard modes and Veteran Cloudrest+3.

- The program is unique compared to other guild-sponsored events in that it is a competitive program: spots on the teams’ rosters are qualified and demand a long-term, weekly commitment.

- We officially kicked off the most recent version of the program last September and it’s been a great success.

- Since that time, we’ve had anywhere between 36-42 members participating, and the program is always expanding: we’re looking for qualified players who are interested in the challenge and who are able to make the weekly commitment.

- We’ve achieved several guild first hard-mode clears and cultivated amazing teamwork at every tier level.

- A detailed description of the program and the process for signing up is thoroughly described on the website under the forum title, “VNQ Veteran Trials and Progression” – follow the Steps in the pinned threads at the top of the forum.

- Please note that some of the prerequisites will be changing due to the new CP system; these updates will be posted in a few weeks after we’ve all had a better chance to gauge the impact the new CPs have had.

- If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Santaniko, Bella or Kapp any time in game or through discord.

I want to thank our Vanquish Raid Leaders for their time and effort. I believe the vTrials Program has been a fantastic addition to our guild and I appreciate the dedication and perseverance in helping Vanquish members achieve their endgame goals.

We will continue our focus on being supportive of all areas of the game. We will continue to bring all levels of content to our members with events and support that range from beginner to endgame content.

If you see a need we are not meeting bring it to the attention of the Core Leadership Team. With that said, I want you to know your Core Leadership Team is committed to meeting the needs of Vanquish members, and we continually strive to enhance your guild experience here.

Please give your attention to Duck, he is going to fill you in on some exciting new that could turn out to be a positive direction for Vanquish as we prepare to venture into new territory.


As Sav has said, we try to bring things to all levels and interest here at Vanquish. From newer players to the well-seasoned. From your Undaunted Tuesday, Friday Night Fights, to Veteran Progression Trials and all events in between. We have done Helm Runs, Story Mode Dungeons, Harrowstorms, Naked Trials and All Bear Trials. The list is actually quite long and we so wish there was more time in a day. Or even a week.

With everything we try to offer, there is something missing and we feel that there is one more thing we can offer to you, our family, here at Vanquish.

Starting next week, Vanquish is going to venture into a Public Guild Trader.

We are excited to be able to offer this to you, and the members here at Vanquish.

There are a few things I would like to go over.
1) This is for Vanquish members only.
2) There will be NO DUES, NO FEES, NO RAFFLES, PAPERWORK, or any of that.
3) We are hoping that the taxes that are implemented will pay for itself.
4) We are not looking for a high-market location but a more laid-back station. With the use of TTC, we feel that we can still provide if we are somewhat near a Wayshrine. Not in an instance like the Outlaw Refuge.
5) The Vanquish Store will be operated by our own officer, Glitter! Glitter, if you did not know, manages our guild bank and spends countless hours taking things in and out, stacking, getting rid of junk. Glitter will be scouting several areas in the DC Covenant lands and putting in bids.
6) With bids, we are unsure exactly what the going rate is. There isn’t a ‘source’ to view what people pay so we will be experimenting. We may not get a trader at first until we hit the right price. But we will be trying.
7) This also means there may be times we lose the trader. We cannot promise that it won’t happen but will do our best to make sure we gain another quickly.
8) Each day, we will be scanning the store with the TTC Addon. If you use that addon, please help all of us by updating the database to bring more customers.
And lastly, we are going to try our best to offer this to all of you. As mentioned, we are expecting the taxes alone to pay for the trader. We do not want donations. If you want to help, SELL.
***END DUCK***

I told you it was exciting news!! I am sure there will be more information to share in the coming week regarding the guild trader endeavor.

This is totally new for Vanquish, in the past we have been associated with other trade guilds but we have never before embarked on the adventure of bidding on our very own trader. Stayed toned for updates and as Duck said SELL!

Vanquish Guard:::

The Vanquish Guard is comprised of senior members who have dedicated their time and effort for the benefit of the guild. These sentries of Vanquish stand guard and protect our core values through their ability to teach, lead, and guide other members. They are exemplary members who deserve to be recognized for their loyalty to Vanquish, honorable actions and noble deeds.

DeSyreni joined the ranks of the Vanquish Guard in January. Joining the ranks of the Vanquish Guard today is @Fripplethorn!! Thank you both for all that you do for Vanquish!

Thank you, Vanquish Guard (both new and currently active), for helping to enrich and grow our community. Your contributions to Vanquish include but are not limited to willingness to help with anything, advice and knowledge shared, leading and/or running events, crafting services, a sense of humor and ability to bring laughter to us all. The things you do every day are the things that help Vanquish stay strong and healthy.

*** You can find all current members of the Vanquish Guard on the in-game Guild Roster when you sort by rank. And on Discord their names appear in orange. ***

Current Leadership Core or meeting the officers …….


Vanquish is led by the husband-and-wife team of Duck and Savina. Savina is the in-game Guild Commander, Duck holds the in-game rank of Commander. Make no mistake leading this guild is a team effort and we have total confidence and faith in our Vanquish Leadership Core.

I am Savina and who I am and what I do is…. I carry a big stick and keep all Vanquish members informed with spammy walls of text.

Seriously, my job is guild direction, guild and member management and overall director of Vanquish.

Duck keeps all of you entertained and informed with his famous “ducksplations” as he leads you through various content. He hosts several events and comes up with new ideas regularly to enhance your gaming experience.

Duck keeps things running around here, literally…. he manages the events page, website, discord, message of the day, officers, and on top of that he also covers day to day operations of Vanquish!

I am honored to stand with Duck as your Guild Leaders. We consider ourselves blessed to be leading such an incredible group of people.

Guild Captains

Infidelux is Guild Captain. He is dedicated to Vanquish in all regards; he is here every day driving the guild forward by being involved in each aspect of our community. “Block! Or don’t, he’s not your Mom.”

Truth is Infi has spent years grooming and nurturing our members, helping them grow and improve. Infi is there in everything we do as a guild, from beginner to end game we can count on him to be right beside us helping and guiding us.

Infi hosts SmS, and BC trials every week, while also attending many other events. He helps with recruitment, applications and guild direction. He is usually soft spoken, and sometimes taken for granted but trust me he is one of the champions of our guild.

Infi is always looking out for every member when it comes to the big picture of things around here. Infi is a website and Discord administrator, and creator of the VnqBot.

Infi’s roles also include officer management, member management, and overall guild cohesion. He is an end game PvE specialist. He wears a lot of hats folks!!

Dan (the man) is our PvP Captain and expert on all things PvP related. He is a skilled leader and motivator that when not engaged in active battle will make you laugh and enjoy PvP on an entirely different level than ever before.

When not leading a PvP event or group Dan devotes time to teaching and mentoring members looking to learn or hone their PvP skills. Dan pours his heart and soul into making Vanquish the best we can be in the 3-banner war.

Dan hosts FnF and WzW each week and runs PvP groups most evenings at varying times. If Dan is in the PvP 1 Channel in discord anyone can jump in and join him. If you have questions about PvP, he will provide you with the answers or the resources to get the answers.

Dan’s role includes advisor, teacher, and leader of PvP content, guild PvP direction, and guild cohesion among our PvP focused members.

Current officers::::

Bella host DayTrial, and is the Raid Leader for T3 Progression Trials. Bella is amazing in all things ESO, she is a resource that we are lucky to have. She never gives up; she is the living definition of spunk.

There was a need for trial content during the day, Bella stepped up and brought us BOTH normal and vet trials with her DayTrials event. When she sees a need Bella fills it, and she does so with style and grace!

Bella’s role includes full Content specialist, trial lead, PvP and PvE expert, and Raid Leader for T3 Progression

Christopher (Xrist04) is possibly the Vanquish member with the deepest roots here in Vanquish. He comes from the parent guild of the Vanquish founders. Christopher’s loyalties have never faltered, he always has and always will be the living embodiment of Vanquish.

Christopher is a full content officer, by his own admission in his Member Spotlight he loves it all! Trials, dungeons, PvP, and solo play. He loves the questing, exploring, lore, story-modes, speed runs, normal and vet content.

Christopher’s long standing Vanquish membership and continued activity in ESO makes him a knowledge bank beyond compare in guild and game related topics. He’s a true representation of the Vanquish membership and assist the Leader Core is lucky to have.

Christophers role include member management, new player orientation, community adviser and full content officer.

Glitter has always been the one that jumps in to help everyone and run any content members need. He can make us laugh and he always represent Vanquish with honor and integrity. Glitter hears the unspoken, his empathy and kindness allow him to recognize when someone is in need. He helps quietly and calmly but the things he does speak volumes.

Glitter is that guy! The one doing the things that go unnoticed because he does them so well. He is cleaning up and organizing the guild bank when no one is looking. Glitter is crafting gear, answering questions, and bidding on Traders. Make no mistake about it, he is doing more than we know!

Glitters role includes member management, new player orientation, activities manager, community adviser and bidding on Traders

Kapp is a patient, kind, and confident vet content leader whose knowledge of dungeon and trial mechanics has helped our members through some of the toughest PvE content in the game. His knowledge is by no means limited to vet content, Kapp is a PvE expert of the highest quality.

No matter the challenge or wall a group faces, Kapp is the leader that can motivate, and empower his team with the confidence to overcome any obstacle. Anyone of us that has tackled content with Kapp has come away more knowledgeable and better prepared for the next time.

Kapp’s role includes Veteran Trial Raid Leader, Member management, progression guide , veteran content lead and Raid Leader for T2 Progression

Kildaan has been told repeatedly “Kildaan you had ONE job”! However, no one has told him what that ONE job is. This works in our favor of course because we find Kildaan everywhere, trying to do everything, because he wants to do his ONE job the best he can.

He will take you anywhere you want to go! The guy knows no boundaries, he is good at everything and he has a bear for every occasion. He leads us and inspires us to think outside the box. If you want to try something crazy, he’ll be right there with you, and generally finds a way to make it successful.

Kildaan host drunken trials on Fri., and he is the creator of the “Da Bears”, “Pet Sorc Only”, and several other “just for fun” Events. He has awesome ideas and has brought a lot of good times and laughs to Vanquish. (Although, we are still waiting for the day he brings donuts to the officer’s lounge)

Kildaan’s role includes Event and Raid Lead, full vet content officer, master of “ALL PET” Events and Raid Leader for T1 Progression

Lenore is….. well “bless her heart” she is LENORE! Lenore is a full content officer that can offer you help in anything and everything. Trust me on this her specialty is knowing a little bit about everything from new player orientation, member management, housing, PvE and PvP.

I want to share with you something Lenore said to me. I was thanking Lenore for being so awesome when she said to me……..

“Sav, you're very welcome. I love the guild and all the members dearly. If I can no longer deliver my nurse kind of love on the job anymore, then I certainly can spread that kind of care amongst us. It is my pleasure, and my honor.” Honestly, that statement says everything, and we are thankful to be blessed with and by Lenore!

Lenore’s role includes member management, new player orientation, housing specialist, community adviser and full content officer.

Nuke is filled with determination and a bit of sass to be sure, and he always amazes us with the knowledge he holds. He soaks up information like a sponge, and he loves to share what he learns. Nuke is a true diplomat who brings peace and harmony to all everything he does.

Nuke actively runs all content in the game and is a regular on the PvP scene. Nuke helps with recruitment by post on Reddit Guild Fridays and interacting with potential recruits that have questions about Vanquish.

Nuke’s role includes recruitment, community adviser and delegate, member management, PvP lead PvP and PVE content officer.

Santaniko is something special! Cool and levelheaded, soft spoken, understanding, content driven, and a all-around nice guy. He has taken on vTrial Management for the Vet Progression Trials Program.

Santaniko is a genuine leader of leaders, he works enthusiastically with the raid leaders to organize and provide vet trials, progression groups, and achievement groups to those members that enjoy the challenge of endgame content.

Santaniko’s role includes Veteran Trial Raid Leader, Member management, Trial management, veteran content lead and Raid Leader for T4 Progression

Sarah (@Kamali’i) is the generous host of PvP 101 every other Friday. She helps our members that have never stepped into Cyrodiil before and those that just want to learn more about PvP become familiar with the basics of PvP.

Sarah guides our new members and veterans along the path from PvP noob to end game PvP contender. Sharing advice, builds, knowledge and always making sure everyone has what they need to be successful in one of the most competitive areas of the game is what Sarah does for us.

Sarah also ventures into the PvE (carebear) realm with us for pledges, World Boss events, and if you are in the right place at the right time, you’ll even find her farming resource nodes and doing daily writs.

Sarah’s role includes PvP lead, member management, new player orientation, community advisor and PvP content officer.

That is your Core Leadership Team folks!! I want to thank you all for coming out tonight! As always forward we go, making our own way with Loyalty, Honor, Excellence and Booze!



As distracted as I was during role call, I didn't notice. Wouldn't have mattered, love you all anyway.. It was a very nice B-Day celebration and I thank you for all your hard work.
Thank you for the dictation of all this Sav. Gives members a chance to review what the Roll Call was about.
I'm very glad and lucky to have found this guild and to be able to call it home. All of you guys and gals are awesome. Thanks for all that you do to keep it running so smoothly.
I edited in the following:

ROSTER UPDATE 4/6/21 (Guild history semi-fixed and allowed for actul #'s)

Our roster currently has 390 active members that have logged in over the last 30 days. Of those 390 members 353 logged in over the last 7 days. In the last 3 days 327 members have logged in!

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