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FEATURED HOME by Lady_Rosabella

Duck / Jun 01, 2021
Welcome to the June edition of the Vanquish Featured Homes! This month, we look at the what Lady Rosabella has done with the Moonsugar Meadow. And once you port in, you will think you were in Greenshade rather than the sandboxes of Khajiit. If you have been to our Guild Hall, you will get an idea of what the layout was, and what Lady_Rosabella turned it in to. Astonishing!

We asked Lady_Rosabella 10 questions about her home, her vision, and tips for those aspiring to be home decorators.

1) The featured home this month is at your Moonsugar Meadow. Could you tell us how you came up with the vision you used to decorate?

Since ESO Housing was released I have always tried making all my homes uniquely themed. A good friend of mine, @JHartEllis does a regular Housing Hike stream on Twitch and I get most of my inspirations from those. About 5 months ago he did a "Top 10 Treehouses from Tamriel" stream and I fell in love with the concept of making a tree house, but I wanted mine to actually be a house 'inside'a giant tree sort of the way Elden Root is inside a giant tree. I wanted the outside of the house to have the appearance of huge round tree but have the inside divided into separate floors and rooms.

2) How long did it take you to fulfill your vision?

About 2 months of working on the house, on and off. I would work on the house an average of 2-4 hours per day.

3) How many item slots have you currently used?

All 700 slots!
The actual Tree House itself took:
124 Ancient Fig and Towering Ancient Fig trees combined.
62 Vines
46 Misc. Building Components
30 Wooden Platforms and Stone Walkways
30 Solitude Pillar Base, Wood
23 Hedges
14 Wood Elf Union Trellis
5 Doorways

So essentially to build the Tree House I used 334/700 slots leaving me only 366 to decorate the house and do the landscaping!!

4) Which room, or area, do you feel the proudest of and why?

Aside from the actual Tree House itself, I would say the kitchen as I was able to create a customized stove/oven and kitchen sink with running water. Oh and I love the Sauna I created on the second floor.

5) What is the main “style” that you used to decorate?

Not really a "main style" as I tried to decorate each room in a separate 'wood' theme because, as of now, the game doesn't offer every piece of furniture I really needed in one particular style.

6) Is you house dedicated to certain characters/races? And if so, why?

This house is dedicated to my two Bosmer (Wood Elf) characters, Sÿlvìa Wìllõwrün and Dúlinnil because I wanted to make them feel more at home by creating them a romantic, simple retreat that's more in line with their beliefs of achieving harmony with nature. After all, they call themselves the "Tree-Sap people" and is there really any better place for them to live but inside a Tree House?

7) When you figured out what you wanted to do, how did you find what you were looking for to complete that look?

I knew I needed the largest trees in the game to achieve my vision of creating this massive Tree House, unfortunately the largest trees can only be purchased from the Crown Store. Fortunately, I have been subscribing to ESO Plus since launch and also do the yearly renewal which meant I had a bunch of Crowns to spend on trees. Almost everything else to finish the house and decorate I had either stored in one of my five storage houses or I could make from furniture recipes I already knew or was able to purchase from Home Furnisher merchants all over Tamriel.

8) Have you used any unique items in an incredibly unique way?

I enjoy using random furnishings in the game to create the look of something I can't actually find in game. For instance, the oven/stove cooking area I created basically used Clockwork Crates and Crank, Indoril Footlocker, Dwarven Pots (burners), and misc. items to create the look of a real oven/stove.

Same with creating the kitchen sink area with faucets, running water, and the appearance of water in the sink.

9) Do you have a favorite housing item that you use in several of your homes?

Elsweyr Platform, Wooden Large. Those can be used for anything from floors to walls to ceilings, and even fencing.

10) Housing can be an expensive hobby. What advice would you give to others looking to make their first homes and which home would you recommend?

Read every furniture recipe you can get! Regardless of if you like the furnishing style or not, you might need that piece of furniture one day to create a look that has nothing to do with the recipe style.

I think I would recommend Ravenhurst as someone's first home. It's located in Fell's Run in Rivenspire, close to a wayshrine and offers a nice cozy inside with two floors to decorate as well as a small private outside courtyard. The furniture cap is 200 (400 for Plus) which allows for someone making their first home to decorate without being overwhelmed with a large inside and outside area and not having enough furniture to fill it with.

Thank you Lady_Rosabella! And now, for the screenshots of what WAS, and what IS....

To see more of this wonderful TreeHome, be sure to visit @Lady_Rosabella PC/NA server. This home will be set as her PRIMARY for the month of June.


Absolutely breathtaking!! I love treehouses and gardens! And your's is spectacular!
Thank you so much! Looking for idea for my next housing project if you have any, let me know.😀
Awesome!!!! Duck love the work you did with this on the website and I know all about her house, I helped her out with some ideas
Yes you did and I bet you got sick of me asking you to travel to my house to help me when I was stuck on something! 😋
What I really liked was how she took an open area and make it like that. The entire atmosphere was changed, from Kahjit to a Bosmer look. And the sauna! I mean come on... a place for all of Vanquish to be naked in a hot room? Lol
Wow! Love it! Inspiring!
Thank you!! 😀
This is absolutely amazing! I had no idea you could do this sort of thing! I'll be visiting tonight when I log on.
Thank you! Let me know what you think after you visit in game! 😃
It was amazing! I can't believe you created all that. I think the sauna is my favorite part.
Duck, Not sure how we would fit all of (naked) Vanquish in that hot room but, I think that would make for a great time and a awesome pic lol
Amazing very nice work!
Absolutely fantastic! Housing is one of my favorite parts about this game!
Thank you! I love the housing in ESO as well, I own 18 houses now, not as much as some people in the game, but I'm picky on the houses I buy and when I preview one it has to really wow me and I have to be able to envision what I can do with it.
What a beautiful house! Fantastic work. Thank you for sharing it!
That is an awesome idea and looks great! I love it. Aannd I am going to (borrow) some ideas. :)
Thank you! Aannd you're more than welcome to (borrow) some ideas and let me know if you need any information on the items I used in making anything, I've had several people asking about the stove/oven and the working sink.
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