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Duck / Aug 08, 2021
Welcome to the August edition of the Vanquish Featured Homes! This month we are taking you to one of the base game homes that is a favorite to many. Residing in Stros M'kai, the Hundings Palatial Hall has a very nice Redguard Theme, spacious quarters and plenty of beach front property. Moy (@Moyria) did an incredible job enhancing that theme by using Quest Reward items, Achievement Housing items, Trophies from dungeons and trials, Luxury items from the vendor, and of course your crafted items. Many of her decorations are achievable and unique with very little items, if any, purchased from crown store. This means any person wanting to get into housing can do what Moy did without breaking the bank. From bedroom, studies, beach front, crafting areas, it's all here. A place where her family of Alts can call home. The Hunding's Palatial Hall can be purchased for 1,295,000 gold or 6500 crowns.

Like our previous Featured Home artists, we presented Moy with 10 questions about her home.

1) The featured home this month is at your Hunding's Palatial Hall. Could you tell us how you came up with the vision you used to decorate?

I didn't really have any real inspiration. It was my favorite of the initial home releases and I just kept putting things in and taking things out as I gained new or unique ideas from other people. It was kind of a painstaking process for a couple of years because it was all trial and error and I had never had any real housing in a game before.

2) How long did it take you to fulfill your vision?

I still fiddle with it actually. But originally it took over a year.

3) How many item slots have you currently used?

Yes. All of them, all the time. (that's 600/600)

4) Which room, or area, do you feel the proudest of and why?

I like the bathing room, I wanted it to feel spa-like and relaxing. I think I am the most happy with that room because it's the first time I went at decorating a room with a clear idea of what I wanted. It ended up being the turning point for me to start looking at things with a more "themed" idea.

5) What is the main β€œstyle” that you used to decorate?

Ooof. I don't think I really have one. I have a hard time going out of my comfort zone. Just like IRL. Things have to make sense, be practical and be somewhat organized. There's no "chic" hiding inside this chick unfortunately.

6) Is you house dedicated to certain characters/races? And if so, why?

No, not really, I have a mix of all kinds of styles in there. And in all my other homes as well. I just like playing with the different items and seeing what looks good together.

7) When you figured out what you wanted to do, how did you find what you were looking for to complete that look?

I bought every housing furnishing recipe I could find that I could afford and then I went and made more gold to buy more. This circle is constant for me. I also look at the different furnishing & achievement vendors because often times they have a lot of basic pieces at very inexpensive prices.

8) Have you used any unique items in an incredibly unique way?

I would say no, not compared to others I've seen. But I like to see what people come up with and then try to flip items around and try and use it in a unique way - something it wasn't intended for... like a rug on the ceiling in a staggered pattern, to look like tiles, etc..

9) Do you have a favorite housing item that you use in several of your homes?

Yes! Two things I have used in a lot of my homes: Dark Elf Column Lantern & candles - all of them, I love candles. Actually I love lighting and I'd be willing to bet that between candles and vegetation, they take up 40% of my slots.

10) Housing can be an expensive hobby. What advice would you give to others looking to make their first homes and which home would you recommend?

I think the best thing to do to start out would be to get a couple of the free apartments and decide on a theme. Something like, "Luxury Spa Room" or "Weapons Cache" or "Alchemist's Cave" or "Game Room"... anything to get some direction in order to go shopping at one of Tono's many emporiums of furnishings. It's a great place to take your ideas and pick out items to start with and build around. Once you have a handful of things picked out, it's easier to determine how much gold or resources you need to farm for. Small chunks at a time. πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you Moy! Please be sure to visit @Moyria on the PC/NA server. This home will be set as her PRIMARY for the month of August and into September. And now, a small presentation of the Hundings.



That's amazing Moy!
Gorgeous! I love the boats! and the bath!.. and the crafting area!
Very nice home Moy. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. The bathroom/spa area is very nice but I totally love the way you have placed the crafting area on the roof!
Last Tono
Beautifully done. Especially like the planters on the beachwalk and the rooftop crafting area. 😎
Gorgeous decorative work there Moy! Really beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!!
Rose Mackie
Absolutely Beautiful! Well Done!
Moy (@Moyria)
Thank you all very much! Appreciate all your kind words. 😍
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