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We did it! WBM4 complete!

Duck / Sep 06, 2021
This past Saturday, the 4th of September, marked the 4th World Boss Marathon with the objective of destroying all 171 World Bosses and Dailies throughout the land of Tamriel.

At 11am EST, we met in the Daggerfall City of Glenumbra. Jumping over the wall down to our first target started a timer that would last to the final show in Vvrandenfell, a tradition to mark our 1st Marathon. With the new system that only 12 can be in a party at once, getting a grand total of how many members participated is impossible to tally. Especially since this was a ‘come and go’ event. However, we did average between 33-35 members all night with 3 groups running (sometimes 4) for the 34 zones to complete.

19 HOURS later…. With all 171 quests done, all coffers in every DLC zone, we celebrated in the city of Vvrandenfell as we took down the very last World Boss, the Consort Killer in the Missir-Dadalit Egg mine.

We wanted to thank all Vanquish members that made this event run so well. With everyone sticking with crown, not having pets of any kind up, keeping with Light and Heavy attacks, exercising patience, and especially those that jumped groups to share the quests. We made a path, a destination, but it was all of you that exercised it beautifully. So, thank you Vanquish, from us.

Of everyone that attended, a very special shout out to those individuals that attended the entire length of the event:
Shell, Summerlexus, Rosemackie, FreePineland, Wererabbit, Taeve, Scone, Evolvedbullet, Gratoby, Xtenebrific (Melandra), and of course your hosts, Duck and Sav.

We also wanted to give a shout out to Prize donors. 11,200,000 in gold was donated by Infidelux, Sarah, Nuke, DeSyreni, Shell, Kapp, and Kildaan. Other prizes like the Gold Jewelry (DeSyreni), Gold Recipes (DeSyreni, Vanquish Guild Account, Savina), Array of Motifs (Shell, Savina), Gold Style Pages (DeSyreni, Savina), Gold Food (DeSyreni), Gold Crafting improvement materials (Kildaan)

Overall, the event was a blast, and we cannot wait to see what hold for next year. For some, this was their first time. We laughed, we drank, we ate what we could and stretched when we were able.

Thank you ALL for such a wonderful, memorable time!

Below are some comments that were made before this news thread was posted:

“Thanks again Savina and Duck for your hard work and time putting this together and keeping it going for so long. Really had fun today/yesterday. Looking forward to next time and other upcoming events.” – Jordi

“Great job all! Super fun time :thumbsup:” – Lapuaboy

“Thanks for the awesome event I had a blast. I was very good didn't get Sassy once the whole time.” -- Shell

“Also @Duck and @Savina for how well organized the event was. Was not expecting prizes of any kind in the whole thing and it kept us on our toes. In other words, who was going to break Nuke's winning spree from the last Boss Marathon lol. I am extremely lucky to of been a part of all of this and it will be one of the few feathers in my cap that I can say I've actually done. Very few folks can ever say they've done something like this in MMOs. Alot of players I've known in MMOs to boot can't shine a light on how kind and generous their guildmates are to others, I feel it's important to bring up because so many organizations, clans, kinships, etc. do not have what Vanquish has. Too tired to say anything else lol. I took a mess of pictures along the way, will be an experience I'll never forget :grin:” – Evolvedbullet

“Awesome event! Congrats to everyone who stayed for the entire 19 hours and a big thank you to @Duck and @Savina for organizing the event. I had a great time. :slight_smile:” – Scrubbrush

“Many thanks to Duck and Savina for the Monster Marathon yesterday! Great run! I was in and out all day because fecal matter sometimes occurs, but enjoyed the parts I got to play. Great Job!” – Pawpie

“Thanks for the event. It was awesome. :slight_smile:” – Burner

“Thanks! This was absolutely amazing! Otechious and myself are already planning festivities around next years!!! :)” – Glucoseivan



Thank you for hosting this event!! I had a blast in the time that I could make it!
Yay Vanquish! We be the champions.
Thanks for putting this together and all the work to organize it. It was a great time!
Super special thanks to Duck and Sav for being dedicated and crazy enough to put on this event for the 4th time. Shout out to group crowns for keeping track of their charges and guiding the wayward (including me!). For those that didn't take part/dip a toe into the pond a sincere suggestion to give it a try next year. Our Christmas play and WBM are wonderful events that bring us together and are frankly projects that no other guild has the leadership and members to pull off. Super, super stuff! And yes, the WBM got me thinking of getting back into ESO 😀
Congrats everyone! Such a great event!
I was just telling Bralth......

That is one of my favorite events. I love it because we get to spend all day with the members and really get to know those that turn out for the majority of it. WB Marathon, Birthday Celebration and Naked New Years Trials are all very long days/nights....but it is worth it! They are the days that friendships are forged and grown. The days that memories are made and the heart of Vanquish shines the brightest!

Thank you to all of YOU!~

It is the members that make Vanquish special!
This was a lot of fun. I can't wait for more big events!
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