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Savina / Oct 11, 2021
It's the Halloween season again! More_Tono's favorite holiday. First up will be the old favorite "Tono's Halloween Horror Hall" now set as primary residence (@More_Tono) till Oct. 15. You are invited to come and take a look. He has updated/added a few things since last year. It's classic old time spooky now with music and wandering (things). Best viewed in 1st person at a walk. Watch for details you won't notice at first glance. Visit this forum thread for a walkthru/guide. Visit prmary residence (@More_Tono) again after the 15th to view his Wraithhome.

Anyone else that has decorated a Halloween home and would like to set it as their primary residence for the guild to visit, leave a comment/invitation with your @name in the comments below!

You can find the usual static events on the Calendar this month that you all enjoy so much.

Mondays - Monday Night Madness and Totally Awesome Normal Trials
Tuesdays - Undaunted/SP'zoneD Tuesdays and Helm Runs
Wednesdays - Helm Runs, Warzone Wednesday, and Stargazing in Craglorn
Thursdays - Take the Pledge
Fridays - PvP 101, Friday Night Fights, and Drunken Friday Trials
Saturdays- Saturday Morning Smack Down, Saturday Night Seals, and Saturday Night Trials
Sundays - SPD in the DLC, Sunday Fishfest, and Once Upon a Dungeon

It is amazing the number of static events we run each week/month! Actually it is more than 3 or 4 guild put together usually have on their Calendars. We are truly blessed with some amazing host/leads that commit a great deal of time to bringing these events to us all. Please take a moment when attending these events to voice your appreciation to the host/leads and also the dedicated members that step up to lead the extra groups! Thank you to all of you hosting/leading!

Glad to have Stargazing in Craglorn and Once Upon a Dungeon back on the Events page. Both of these events come and go at different times of the year so be sure to join in while you can. New to the Calendar is the SPD in the DLC!! Stop by the Event page to read up on the new DLC zone clears event.

Special events coming up this Saturday October 15th....

Join Duck for a DPS class at 6 PM EST

Join Savina for Roll Call at 8 PM EST

Please stop by the October EVENTS PAGE for more information on all these upcoming events!!!



Hope to see our new and veteran members alike come out for Roll Call this Saturday! Lots of exciting and fun guild news followed by Lawn Darts!!
Looking forward to Roll Call and making Glenumbra our own. Again.
@Aireal My Primary is set to Black Vine Villa which is set up as a spooky garden.. I have also decorated Hammerdeath Bungalow and the Rosy Lion inn, they are open with either PTF or EHT or you can ask, if you see me online and I will go there and you can port to me.
Last Tono
Last chance to see the Sanctuary house. Rolls over to Wraithhome at midnight. 😈💀🎃
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