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VANQUISH Halloween Homes

Duck / Oct 17, 2021
Enter at your own risk and leave your soul at the door!

Turn off your UI, move in to first person, and walk slowly through the minds of some Halloween Themed homes from Vanquish members. What’s that on the left? It’s not there. Or was it ever? Is the rub on your neck something hanging from the ceiling? Walk carefully to step between the corpses. Beware of the plants that have a deadly bite. Brush the spider webs from your hair and continue down the stairs, below, to the darker parts of their homes. Just don’t leave your mark because they will know your presence.

Tono, Sir Xalvador, Jordi, and Aireal have put together some creations for you to embark on. Below you will see some images taken and the location at which to venture. Not all are set to their Primary Homes so you will need the Port to Friends addon to visit.

@More_Tono: Travel to Wraithome via Port to Friends Addon.

@Sir_Xalvador: Set as Primary

@Jordiane: Travel to Coldharbour via Port to Friends addon.

@Aireal: Set as Primary (Black Vine Villa)

@Aireal: Travel to Rosy Lion via Port to Friends addon.

@More_Tono: Set as Primary



These are amazing!
I was blown away with Xal's when I went to it and cant wait to explore the others!!!!!
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