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Savina / Oct 17, 2021
I hope a great time was had by all last night during Roll Call and Lawn Darts! We don't believe we broke any attendance records, but it was a strong showing indeed. We had over 88 people on line and from our best count over 75 of them stood with me beside the Daggerfall bridge! Counting everyone in attendance has become more difficult with the decreased group size and the addition of companions. Oh yes the companions....please be sure to thank your companions also for attending and showing their support for Vanquish!

Thank you to all that attended! The comradery, dedication, and enthusiasm you exhibit for Vanquish is always refreshing. I hope everyone enjoyed the evening, and I am already looking forward to the next Roll Call!

A copy/paste of the official Roll Call Text. Typo's and all are included.......


Hello Vanquish!!! Welcome to the Vanquish ROLL CALL October 2021 edition!! We are gathered on Discord in the PvE 1 voice channel. As always, the Roll Call text will be here in Guild Chat.

A special welcome to all our newer members, we are glad that you have chosen Vanquish as your home. New members with fresh opinions and outlooks is always welcome and one of the main factors in Vanquish’s success. Also, welcome to a time-honored tradition here…the Vanquish Roll Call!

I hope you have your favorite adult beverage close at hand, I know I do, we have lots to cover this evening. Following Roll Call we attempt a parade into Daggerfall and then we are off to the highest of heights for some LAWN DARTS!!

First order of business - Website and Discord::::

The website… It is the glue that binds us as a family, it brings a level of cohesion and organization that is part of any long-term guild. Everything you contribute to the website becomes part of Vanquish’s history. It is the first thing possible recruits and new members see. Please do your part to keep the website active and engaging.

Yes, I know, I always say that don’t I? Well, it is true, and I do wish more of you visited the website on a regular basis. Add a character to the roster, set your time zone in your profile so the Events show in your time. Browse the Vanquish Highlights section to learn more about our history.

I want to remind you that the GUIDES section was added earlier this year. There are currently 10 guides: Guild Hall, ESO+, Races, Addons, Antiquities, Companions, Main Story, DLC Story, Crafting 1 & 2. Keep your eye on the Guides section as more will be added as they are completed.

This GUIDES section of the website is public, please share the links with your friends and on-line places you think the links can be helpful. Increased website traffic often leads to new recruits!!

We have also added a TRIALS header at the top of the website, between GUIDES and ROSTER for you to learn how you can become involved in Vet Trials with Vanquish. Don’t forget to use the Shout Box to shout hello or share words of wisdom.

Contact myself, Duck or Infidelux if you have suggestions about the website, or if you are interested in submitting News Articles. There are many things going on here in Vanquish and if you’d like to bring something into the public eye on the front page of the website let us know.

The Vanquish Discord has been undergoing a renovation or make-over these last few months. Text and voice channels of the same category have been moved closer together. There is now a #role-assign channel where you can click the corresponding icon to the get updates and notifications regarding Trials, PvP, and FnF.

These 3 categories often have time sensitive information that changes more often than other things. If you participate or have an interest in Trials, PvP, or FnF be sure to stop by the #role-assign channel and sign-up for notifications.

The Trials Category had channels no longer in use removed and the #parses and achievements channel added. We will continue to grow the Discord with additional channels as needed. Infi is continually improving the Vnq bot with updates and additions as needed also.

Discord is a great tool for fluid conversations and fast answers, yet there is so much more there for you to explore. We have dedicated text channels that include “looking for group, antiquities, housing hub, crafting hub, tech help, addons, class discussions and many more!

Now some general information that I always include for our newer members. (Additional details and more topics can be found on the website under the “New Members Start Here” forum) …..

GUILD BANK:: Items in the guild bank are FREE! Guild banks work the same way as your personal bank space; however, the guild has the right to set permission by rank. All members of Vanquish can view, deposit, and withdraw items from the guild bank. All members can deposit gold in the guild bank, an Officer rank or higher is required for coin withdraw.

The bank is stacked full of items for new members, alts, and veterans alike! If you have items that you want to insure, go to someone that can use them offer them up in guild chat and mail to a member in need of them. Shell does this all the time, and it works great! If you make something for a specific member of the guild mail it to that person.

If you put gold in the guild bank by accident, this happens when folks are paying dues to trade guilds and select the wrong guild bank, contact an officer they will return your gold to you. Items in the guild bank are FREE! Please use common sense when making deposits/withdraws is all that we ask.

GUILD HALL::: To get to the Guild Hall press “G” to bring up the Guild home page>move to Roster(the second tab)>locate @vanquishguild on the Roster page >right click @vanquishguild>select “Visit Primary Residence”. BOOM you are there.

The easiest way to do this is sort the Roster page by rank and look for the treasure chest icon to the right of @vanquishguild should be 3rd on the list make sure you uncheck hide off-line.

The Vanquish guild hall is a great big place with lots of cool things in it! You can find all the normal crafting station, every world crafting station. There is a dye/outfit station, transmute station, banker, merchant, and numerous target dummies, all mundus stones, and the Vanquish Vamps can enjoy a willing thrall or drink at the ancient basin!

EVENTS::: It is amazing the number of long running static events we have on our calendar. Members love MnM, UDT/SP’zoneD, WzW, TTP, FnF, SmS, SnS, SFF, morning PvP with Lenore, and the many normal trials offered each week. These static events range from new player to veteran content, there is something for everyone! Visit the Events page for all the details.

In late June ESO introduced daily and weekly endeavors, and Cyfrinair stepped up and added the Saturday Night Seals at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST to help ensure our members had support in getting the weekly endeavor done. When 7 dungeons seem like a lot or 15 World Bosses seems impossible … join Cyf and other Vanquish members to see those weekly endeavors get done done!

Currently DeSyreni and Duck are hosting HELM RUNS at 11 PM EST/ 8 PM PST or 7:30 PM EST/ 4:30 PM PST on alternating Tuesdays so they can cover more time zones. Please read the event description in full and add your helm of interest to the comments section. Sign-ups are locked 15 minutes prior to the event to allow time for the groups to be organized.

Once Upon a Dungeon has almost completed the base game dungeons. I believe we have 3 more to go and then we will start working our way through the DLC dungeons. These are slow dungeon crawls on normal for enjoying the quest story and exploring the entire dungeon.

Thimbleweaver has recently put Stargazing in Craglorn on Wednesday evenings at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST, giving our members the opportunity to complete the Craglorn story quest and group delves. If you are interested, please message @Thimblewearer so she can explain where they are in the story line and advise you on the best way to catch up.

The newest Event on the calendar just started this month and it is much like an event our members already enjoy! Creakinator add SPD in the DLC at 4:40 PM EST / 1:30 PM PST on the first and third Sunday each month.

SPD in the DLC is clearing DLC zones of skyshards, delves, public dungeons and other points of interest. There will be no world boss killing since we already have MnM for that. The public dungeons will be done on the first Sunday. Skyshards and Delves will be done on the third Sunday.

Visit the events page for which DLC is being done each month and a link to the Google Spreadsheet that shows what is in each zone.

I wish that the daytime and late-night members had the same opportunity to attend these events during their normal play hours. If there is anyone during the daytime or late-night that would like to host a WB, Undaunted, PvP, Pledge, Helm Run or trial event, post it at a time that works for you and have fun!

If you need help getting started, our current event hosts would be happy to explain the schedules and/or way they run the events. Just ask if you are interested in hosting, we would love to bring these events to as many members as possible.

REMINDER ::: You must be logged into the website and added at least one character to the roster to sign up for events. Be sure to set your time-zone under your profile so the events start time is your time! You can find more detailed information and directions in the “New Members Start Here” forum.

It's the Halloween season again! More_Tono's favorite holiday. Tono is famous for his 6 large Super Display Stores, and his lovely and creatively decorated homes. But nothing can compare to a Holloween at More_Tono’s homes of horror, torture, screams and scares!!

Starting today Tono is sharing his Wraithhome, now set as primary residence (@More_Tono), with the guild for the remainder of the month. If you missed "Tono's Halloween Horror Hall" during the first 15 days of October….be sure to ask him for a tour!

The holidays are just around the corner, we all know how busy this time of year can be. Vanquish has plans for celebrations and events around the holidays again this year. Expect to see the “Kindness Changes Everything” challenge, “A Vanquish Christmas Party”, “An ESO Christmas Carol”, and what will be the “3nd Annual Naked Trials New Year”!!

Duck and the “An ESO Christmas Carol” returning cast members are making plans for this year’s performances in early Dec. This play has been a HUGE hit for the last 2 years, not only among our members but the entire ESO community.

Many of last year’s cast are returning this year, yet there are a few roles that are still in need of actors. If you are interested in possibly becoming a cast member contact Duck ASAP, practice will be starting soon.

Next up State of the Guild::::

The guild is as strong, dynamic, and spirited as it has ever been. Simply put- you folks are…..REMARKABLE!!! As I look around the guild, roster, website, discord, and sneak into your homes and peek in your chest and under your beds, I’ve discovered that you all have a few things in common. Vanquish members are kind, patient, generous, tolerant, and above all else they are caring.

You, the members, empower and inspire your guildmates every day. You continue to be the most selfless, kind-hearted, helpful, and supportive group of people I have ever known.

Your unwavering support of Vanquish’s Core Values - Respect, Attitude, Loyalty, Activity, and Confidence is what sets Vanquish apart from other guilds. It is YOU the members that continue to open your hearts and welcome new recruits with open arms.

The Leadership Core keeps things running around here on the administrative and recruitment side of the guild. However, it is ALL OF YOU, the members that continue to grow this guild, and make a place for new members to call home.

September 2020, we had 351 active members, in April 2021 our active roster was 390 members. At the beginning of July 2021 Vanquish reached a record high of 432 active members. Recently we have seen a decline in active members, I believe this was to be expected.

Our numbers grew rapidly through the COVID pandemic lockdowns and work from home days. However, the world is opening back up and people are getting out more and enjoying time away from their homes and computers.

Our roster currently has 385 active members that have logged in over the last 30 days. Of those 385 active members 339 logged in over the last 7 days. In the last 3 days 309 members have been logged in!

As the fall months arrive and more and more people are forced in doors to stay warm, they will return to their computers, and I believe we will start seeing our numbers increase again. Which brings us to……

RECRUITMENT! Vanquish has always been a guild that believes in quality over quantity, we keep our roster active and our proud of the number of members we see log in daily. Recruitment pushes just are not our thing as we prefer to grow our numbers slowly and steadily with like minded players looking for a home.

I will continue to monitor our recruitment thread on the Official ESO Forums. Nuke will continue to add the recruitment post to the ESO SubReddit Guild Fridays. Testimonials from you about your experience with Vanquish could certainly impress potential recruits. If you would like to add your Vanquish experiences to the recruitment post, contact me and I will get you a link to the Recruitment thread!

|H1:guild:2707|hVanquish|h is also listed in the in-game guild finder. Members can share the link in tells or group chats with potential recruits from the bottom of the recruitment tab on the Guild Home Page <G> key.

The |H1:guild:2707|hVanquish|h link clearly states that all applicants through the guild finder will be declined and that they MUST apply via the application on the website. So be sure to draw attention to this fact when chatting with potential recruits, they will have to visit the website!

DO NOT spam the |H1:guild:2707|hVanquish|h link in zone chat! (exceptions will only be made during special events such as Roll Call, Xmas party, and other special events when there is a large Vanquish group together in a zone)

Word of mouth from our members continues to be the best forms of recruitment. While adventuring or PUG’ing if you happen to cross paths with someone you feel may be a good fit for Vanquish, simply provide them with the |H1:guild:2707|hVanquish|h and send them to the site to have a look around and fill out an application if they like what they see.

Overall Guild Direction:::

Vanquish is a guild of moderation first and foremost. As a guild of "moderation" we choose to explore every bit of content the game throws our way from PvP to PvE, End Game to Crafting and light RP without pigeonholing ourselves into saying we focus on any one aspect.

We will continue our focus on being supportive of all areas of the game. We will continue to bring all levels of content to our members with events and support that range from beginner to endgame content. If you identify a need we are not meeting bring it to the attention of the Core Leadership Team.

Vanquish’s overall direction is not changing, our long-term goal has always been to see our members through all the content ESO has to offer. The following statement from our Code of Conduct is and always has been the overall direction of the guild…….

“The direction we choose to take Vanquish will be dynamic and fluid, and while the overall drive of the guild will be end game PvE and PvP, we have no concern as to just how fast we reach such.”

The Leadership Core has built an incredible foundation and structure for all Vanquish Members. They always have and always will strive to provide Vanquish members with the support, structure, and knowledge needed to advance and enhance members game play.

Which brings us to Current Guild Direction and Future Goals:::

We remain focused and committed to the Daggerfall Covenant and the 3-banner war in Cyrodiil. Lenore is moving the morning edition of PvP back to Blackreach on Monday. Be sure to reset your home campaign morning edition!

Vanquish has become a very well-known and respected Guild in PvP. We have officers and members alike out on the battlefield throughout the day making a difference and winning battles. I’m extremely proud of what you all have accomplished.

A special thank you to those members stepping up to run Vanquish groups and to those members stepping out of Vanquish groups to help the Puggles and lead them to victory also. You all are awesome, and I commend you for your commitment to not only Vanquish but the Daggerfall Covenent in general.

Dan is leading the charge in PvP on Grey host every evening. There have been some recent changes to the group requirements we want to bring to your attention.

Every evening wzw group is always running with the Warzone Wednesday requirements in place. Please be sure to check out the updated requirements on the forums. You can also find a link to them in the pinned posts in the pvp-chat channel on discord. This is not to be exclusive but for the health of the group.

The bar is not that high and can be met with craftable sets we can make for new to pvp players and monster helms from easy dungeons we will run with anyone to get. If anyone is unsure if their build qualifies, needs help putting a build together, needs help getting gear, or even help with the best ways to level, they should Reach out to Dan,. Fripp, or Sarah. They can also post in the PvP-chat channel or PvP-builds channel in discord.

Bottom line here for PvP is ….IF you want to be involved all you need to do is speak up! We have the resources to help we just need to know you are interested.
Friday night Fights has historically been one of our members favorite and most attended events. FnF’s relaxed nature and fun atmosphere are a great way to start the weekend. PvP’ers and PvE’ers alike love to sit back and enjoy the ride as their AP meters rise, and Dan keeps them entertained in what can only be described as “Dan’s Greatest Show on Earth”.

If you have never attended a FnF event with Vanquish, I recommend you do. You don’t have to be a PvP’er, you don’t need any special gear, you don’t need a fast pony. And if you are a PvP virgin don’t worry, I can guarantee you…’ll never forget your first time with Dan!

Now for the PvE side of things…..

Our Events Page tells the success story with all the static event mention earlier. We will continue to support our event host and promote our members character development by offering you content every day!

Guild leadership IS hard folks and sometimes hard decisions must be made. I know when I halted our Veteran Trials program for re-evaluation in August it upset many of you. Especially since the latest version of the program had been very successful.

Over the last 5 years Vanquish has had many different events, programs, and groups to help further our vet content abilities. Result of each attempt has been success in furthering our members ability to run this content. Ironically our success in furthering our ability to do the content is what always leads to us having to re-evaluate and change our approach.

Burn out is real, hard-core achievement itches are real and both led to the deterioration of the program. Honestly after losing 5 Raid Leaders in 5 months, and a general decline in the members participating I was questioning if it was time to pull the plug totally on Vet Trials within Vanquish.

We opened discussion among the Leadership Core and Raid Leaders. Duck contacted several of our veteran raiders to get their opinions and perspectives. Ten forum pages (yes pages) later we believe we have solved our ongoing Vet Trial Programs problems.

The things that always comes up in the re-evaluation process for vet trials is that we are not a trials guild and don’t want strict trial guilds requirements. We are a social guild; therefore, vet trials should be fun and social within Vanquish.

We now have a TRIALS section of the website, as I said earlier you can find it across the top of the home page between GUIDES and ROSTER. I encourage all of you to visit the website and read through the Trial information. We will be adding Raid Leader Guides and Trial information under this TRIALS section in the future.

We will continue to offer open normal trials and open vet trials on the Events Page for all Vanquish members to sign up and participate in. The requirements for open normal trials are the same as they have always been CP 160 recommended. The requirement for open veteran trials is now CP 450.

Introduction to Veteran Trials will be offered when an Officer or Raid Leader is available. It will most likely be broken into 2 parts. We plan to move the date and times around so more of you will be able to participate.

All other Veteran Trials will now be set up under what we have coined the “Trial Point System”. To participate you’ll need to download the addon “"Pithka's Dungeon and Trial Tracker" and read the TRIALS page on the website for details on submitting requirements, parses and such.

Along with this “Trial Point System” comes some Discord changes. We are very excited to announce new Discord Roles have been added along with the #parse-achievement channel under the Trials category.

There are a total of 9 Unique roles that are used to define the Level a player can participate in based on their Points, Gear, and DPS Levels. These unique roles will be added to your discord profile and allow 'sign-ups' when that Level Trial is listed.

Several people have submitted tickets and been assigned roles already. You can click on myself or Duck’s name in Discord to get an idea of what these assigned roles look like. We currently have members meeting requirements in all 3 levels of the “Trial Point System”.

We do need more of you to read the information and submit your own parses and achievements to get this “Trial Point System” off the ground. These roles allow the creation of Raid groups with compatible experience.

With this new “Trial Point System” we are putting Veteran Trials in the hands of you the members. As I said Guild Leadership is hard and we will no longer have an actual progression trial team. In the future you, the member, are going to be in control of your own progression.

This new system has very attainable requirements, we’ve put together a system that allows you to easily submit screen shots and get your Discord Roles. Then all that needs to happen is someone needs to schedule a trail and members with the corresponding tags can sign up.

We are opening the ability to organize Trials guild wide. In the past, trial times were always determined by the available times of an Officer or Raid Lead. This practice locked many willing and capable players out of participating. Now you the member can schedule a trail of your level or below at a time of your choosing.

Again, I want to encourage all of you to look at the TRIALS section of the website. Submit screens shots for the roles you are qualified for. The role tags are pretty, and a nice way to display your accomplishments. And you might be that one person that can help fill a raid group someday and the tag is how the organizer can find you!

As I said visit the website, read, collect the screenshots, and submit! This is different from the past programs, and anyone can participate or work toward participating. You do not need to wait for a raid team spot to open, you can get started today!

Next subject is our Guild Trader! Folks we have successfully had a guild trader since April except for 2 times we lost it for a week. We told you in April that we would attempt this and see how it goes. This is where I tell you that “we are not a Trade Guild”

Vanquish is not going to venture into the world of dues, fees, raffles, bookkeeping or any of those other things Trade Guilds do daily. However, we also will not be able to continue bidding on a trader unless more members start using it. Sometime in the next few months Duck will be deciding if we can continue to support a guild trader or not.

If we do not see more trading activity among the membership, we will have to give up the trader. So please do your part by listing items

Vanquish Guard:::

The Vanquish Guard is comprised of senior members who have dedicated their time and effort for the benefit of the guild. These sentries of Vanquish stand guard and protect our core values through their ability to teach, lead, and guide other members. They are exemplary members who deserve to be recognized for their loyalty to Vanquish, honorable actions and noble deeds.

Joining the ranks of the Vanquish Guard today are @bralth @DreamPuppet, @Nobaudee, @Smithsylvian.!!! Thank you for all that you do for Vanquish!

Thank you, Vanquish Guard (both new and currently active), for helping to enrich and grow our community. Your contributions to Vanquish include but are not limited to willingness to help with anything, advice and knowledge shared, leading and/or running events, crafting services, a sense of humor and ability to bring laughter to us all. The things you do every day are the things that help Vanquish stay strong and healthy.

*** You can find all current members of the Vanquish Guard on the in-game Guild Roster when you sort by rank. And on Discord their names appear in orange. ***

Current Leadership Core or meeting the officers …….

Guild leaders:::

Vanquish is led by the husband-and-wife team of Duck and Savina. Savina is the in-game Guild Commander, Duck holds the in-game rank of Commander. Make no mistake leading this guild is a team effort and we have total confidence and faith in our Vanquish Leadership Core.

I am Savina and who I am and what I do is…. I carry a big stick and keep all Vanquish members informed with spammy walls of text.

Seriously, my job is guild direction, guild and member management and overall director of Vanquish.

Duck keeps all of you entertained and informed with his famous “ducksplations” as he leads you through various content. He hosts several events and comes up with new ideas regularly to enhance your gaming experience.

Duck keeps things running around here, literally…. he manages the events page, website, discord, message of the day, officers, and on top of that he also covers day to day operations of Vanquish!

I am honored to stand with Duck as your Guild Leaders. We consider ourselves blessed to be leading such an incredible group of people.

Guild Captains

Infidelux is Guild Captain. He is dedicated to Vanquish in all regards; he is here every day driving the guild forward by being involved in each aspect of our community. “Block! Or don’t, he’s not your Mom.”

Truth is Infi has spent years grooming and nurturing our members, helping them grow and improve. Infi is there in everything we do as a guild, from beginner to end game we can count on him to be right beside us helping and guiding us.

Infi hosts SmS, and Saturday Night Tials every week, while also attending many other events. He helps with recruitment, applications, and guild direction. He is usually soft spoken, and sometimes taken for granted but trust me he is one of the champions of our guild.

Infi is always looking out for every member when it comes to the big picture of things around here. Infi is a website and Discord administrator, and creator of the VnqBot.

Infi’s roles also include officer management, member management, and overall guild cohesion. He is an end game PvE specialist. He wears a lot of hats folks!!

Dan (the man) is our PvP Captain and expert on all things PvP related. He is a skilled leader and motivator that when not engaged in active battle will make you laugh and enjoy PvP on an entirely different level than ever before.

When not leading a PvP event or group Dan devotes time to teaching and mentoring members looking to learn or hone their PvP skills. Dan pours his heart and soul into making Vanquish the best we can be in the 3-banner war.

Dan hosts FnF and WzW each week and runs PvP groups most evenings at varying times. If Dan is in the PvP 1 Channel in discord anyone can jump in and join him. If you have questions about PvP, he will provide you with the answers or the resources to get the answers.

Dan’s role includes advisor, teacher, and leader of PvP content, guild PvP direction, and guild cohesion among our PvP focused members.

Current officers and their specialties::

Christopher (Xrist04) is possibly the Vanquish member with the deepest roots here in Vanquish. He comes from the parent guild of the Vanquish founders. Christopher’s loyalties have never faltered, he always has and always will be the living embodiment of Vanquish.

Christopher is a full content officer, by his own admission in his Member Spotlight he loves it all! Trials, dungeons, PvP, and solo play. He loves the questing, exploring, lore, story-modes, speed runs, normal and vet content.

Christopher’s long standing Vanquish membership and continued activity in ESO makes him a knowledge bank beyond compare in guild and game related topics. He’s a true representation of the Vanquish membership and assist the Leader Core is lucky to have.

Christophers role include member management, new player orientation, community adviser and full content officer.

DeSyreni, (Sparkles, Shai) is the Officer with the most nicknames and she answers to all of them! Shai contributes so many things here at Vanquish I can’t even keep up with all the things she is doing. She is currently hosting Normal Trials and Helm Runs.
Shai is one of our 9 trait crafters that helps with crafted gear, a vet content achievement hunter, a dps mentor, a PvP queen and the list goes on and on. She is a full vet content officer who specializes in making the impossible happen!
Personally, I’ve never meet anyone like Shai before and I’m proud to call her friend. She is humble and kind, and her knowledge of the ESO covers all content. She is a funny, helpful, adorable, and tough as they come.
DeSyreni’s role include Event and Raid Lead, member management, new player orientation, community adviser and vet content officer.

Fripplethorn is levelheaded and calm in the face of battle in Cyrodiil. He is creative in strategies, he is creative in his music, and in his builds. He has an open mind and is willing to consider anything and try anything. Fripp steps up to see the dirty deeds done and he will be there to help you celebrate the win!

Since Fripp joined Vanquish, he has continued to bring fun times in PvP to many. He teaches, he listens, he learns, and he shares. And guess what? I found out he knows things……outside of PvP! Who knew right?
I have discovered that Fripp is a full content officer. When least expected you’ll find him answering questions about crafting and PvE…..(ShHHH don’t tell Dan) He even run in dungeon groups!

Fripplethorn’s role includes community adviser, full content officer, PvP lead, PvP content officer.

Kildaan has been told repeatedly “Kildaan you had ONE job”! However, no one has told him what that ONE job is. This works in our favor of course because we find Kildaan everywhere, trying to do everything, because he wants to do his ONE job the best he can.

He will take you anywhere you want to go! The guy knows no boundaries, he is good at everything, and he has a bear for every occasion. He leads us and inspires us to think outside the box. If you want to try something crazy, he’ll be right there with you, and generally finds a way to make it successful.

Kildaan host drunken trials on Fri., and he is the creator of the “Da Bears”, “Pet Sorc Only”, and several other “just for fun” Events. He has awesome ideas and has brought a lot of good times and laughs to Vanquish. (Although, we are still waiting for the day he brings donuts to the officer’s lounge)

Kildaan’s role includes Event and Raid Lead, full vet content officer, master of “ALL PET” Events and Raids.

Nuke is filled with determination and a bit of sass to be sure, and he always amazes us with the knowledge he holds. He soaks up information like a sponge, and he loves to share what he learns. Nuke is a true diplomat who brings peace and harmony to all everything he does.

Nuke actively runs all content in the game and is a regular on the PvP scene. Nuke helps with recruitment by post on Reddit Guild Fridays and interacting with potential recruits that have questions about Vanquish.

Nuke’s role includes recruitment, community adviser and delegate, member management, PvP lead PvP and PVE content officer.

Sarah (@Kamali’i) is the generous host of PvP 101 every other Friday. She helps our members that have never stepped into Cyrodiil before and those that just want to learn more about PvP become familiar with the basics of PvP.

Sarah guides our new members and veterans along the path from PvP noob to end game PvP contender. Sharing advice, builds, knowledge and always making sure everyone has what they need to be successful in one of the most competitive areas of the game is what Sarah does for us.

Sarah also ventures into the PvE (carebear) realm with us for pledges, World Boss events, and if you are in the right place at the right time, you’ll even find her farming resource nodes and doing daily writs.

Sarah’s role includes PvP lead, member management, new player orientation, community advisor and PvP content officer.

That is your Core Leadership Team folks!! I want to thank you all for coming out tonight! As always forward we go, making our own way with Loyalty, Honor, Excellence and Booze!


It was nice to see approx 70 people attend Roll Call this past Saturday. And thank you Sav for posting your notes for those that may have missed it.
I had fun seeing all the guildies out and about.. .Thank you for another great Roll Call!
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