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Vanquish Holiday Outfit Contest

@DeSyreni / Dec 06, 2021
Hello peoples! I am throwing an outfit contest to help us all get into the holiday spirit! To enter, merely take a screen of your character in their holiday themed garb, enter it into the comments of this thread, and profit.


-Obviously must be holiday themed (no dressing your character like Spiderman or whatever).
-One entry per account.
-Pic must be posted before the deadline of December 20th, 2021 at 1pm est. Anything posted after will not count.
-Costumes, armor, adornments, body markings, skins, personalities are all allowed.
-You can do scenes/backdrops for your character, but it will not affect judging.
-There will be 2 winners, one with most likes(anybody/everybody can vote, and should) and one picked from judges.
-The winner of the likes/votes is disqualified from winning the judged, and vice versa.
-Judges will give each outfit a rating from 1-10, most points wins.

The sooner you get your pic in, the sooner you can start receiving votes! Winner of likes, and the judged will both receive 300k.


Nnamrak as Krampus
Jordi Jasek
It's Krampus! I love it
Brett Notoff
Father New Life, AKA St. Ticklish, and his trusty deer companion, Cluedo the black-nosed Indrik.
Virlyn Black
Prosophant as the Christmas Angel
Tavistock decorating for the holidays!!! Yes indeed, that is Mistletoe!!!! (hint hint)
And contest is closed! Thanks for participating everybody, prizes will go out Tuesday/Wednesday!
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