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A Vanquish Christmas and New Year!

Duck / Dec 28, 2021

I hope everyone had a memorable Christmas and looking forward to a kick-arse New Year! Vanquish is closing out the 2021 year with a BANG!

Let us start off with what is yet to come. This Friday, after our glorious stomp through Cyrodiil we bring in the New Year with our Baby New Year Naked Trials. That’s right, nekkid! Wearing only jewelry and your weapons, we will tackle trials like Hel-Ra, Sanctum, Kyne’s, Cloudrest, etc… It doesn’t matter your experience, your level, or if you’re new or a vet player. We will start at 11:30pm EST and continue until the West Coast, PST, brings in theirs. So, stock your fridge, grab those drinks, and sign up here: BABY NEW YEAR TRIALS

As the New Life festivities continue and you’re grinding for that XP or simply enjoying throwing mudballs at strangers, the New Life ends on January 4th. This also means the Vanquish Christmas Home Decorating contest ends at the same time. There is 2 MILLION gold to be handed out and Crown Crates for the top 3 Votes! If you have a home decorated in the Christmas Theme, post up to 5 screen shots in the #Christmas_home_contest channel on discord. If you don’t have a home yet, you still have a week to get one decorated!

For everyone, don’t forget to VOTE on your favorite! That little Christmas Tree, if you likey like Mikey.. give it a click.

Over the past few weeks Vanquish put on an ESO Christmas Play that attracted thousands! This past week, we hit the top of the News thread of Elder Scrolls Online, the top news on the ESO Launcher, spammed through many discords through the dwemer bot, and retweeted many times through Twitter. When Rich Lambert did a live stream of an ESO Christmas Carol and Trial of the Ages, he streamed to over 400 individuals across all the platforms. After, his stream was watched 3.1k times. When Nefas, from ESO University, streamed the show another 400 watched live with over 5K views after. Afterwards, Nefas edited his stream to put up a dedicated YouTube video that collected another 2.9K views and 132 likes. The Vanquish YouTube has currently over 3.2K views and 167 likes. That’s 15,000 views with nearly 300 likes.

You can read our write-up on the official Elder Scrolls website here: COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT—AN ESO CHRISTMAS CAROL BY VANQUISH GUILD

At our Christmas Party on the 23rd of December, Vanquish flooded Daggerfall, Eastmarch, and Stormhaven handing out Christmas Trees, gold, goodies, to random stranger with the wish of a Merry Christmas. While all this was going on, Vanquish got a treat that nobody would have ever expected. The one, the only Wes Johnson (actor for Sheogorath, the Mad God) had a little personal message for Vanquish. If you have not seen the video yet, you can see it here:

It’s been an amazing year Vanquish and really hoping to see 2022 flourish. Especially with Trials.


It has been a wonderful holiday season around the guild! Can't wait to see what next year brings.
That is incredible y'all! Way to go!
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