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Infidelux / Feb 22, 2022
Our Discord server was the target of a hack. All of our content was deleted and most of us were kicked from the server. If you have not been, you should leave it immediately. We have a new home we're working on setting up:

It may take us a bit of time to get your roles back the way they were. Messages & Members were the one thing we could not export before this happened. We did have time to get a snapshot of our channels and roles. So they are all there.


Oh I had wondered what had happened. Saw a pic of 'The Scream' all made with Peeps - so thought of Dan and all you guys and wanted to wish you a Happy Easter. Hope y'all are going well. My 'real life stuff' continues to happen but I remember you all fondly (especially those crazy times in Cyro :D )
Glad you stopped by and you can follow the link above to the Discord Information on the forums and join up anytime! Really good to hear from you Catmospher and we'll be around if/when you get back to gaming in ESO.
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