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Savina / Apr 10, 2022
Vanquish Guard

The Vanquish Guard is comprised of senior members who have dedicated their time and effort for the benefit of the guild. These sentries of Vanquish stand guard and protect our core values through their ability to teach, lead, and guide other members. They are exemplary members who deserve to be recognized for their loyalty to Vanquish, honorable actions and noble deeds.

Requirements: Veteran member that promotes and strengthens our core values through their actions, or by Commander's, Captain, Officer's or Guild Commander's appointment

The roster is ever changing and as such so are the members that meet and exceed these requirements. Please join me in welcoming the exemplary members that are joining the rank of the Vanquish Guard today.

Our newest members of the Vanquish Guard:

@davedek - Dave

@Morrigain415 - Morri

@ScotchyMcbinge - Scotchy

Vanquish Guard names will be orange on Discord. This fancy new color comes with new permissions that include the ability to monitor, move, mute and kick, as well as dragging/dropping images into discord.

Thank you, Vanquish Guard (both new and currently active), for helping to enrich and grow our community. Your contributions to Vanquish include but are not limited to willingness to help with anything, advice and knowledge shared, leading and/or running events, crafting services, a sense of humor and ability to make us all laugh. The things you do are the things that help Vanquish stay strong and healthy.


*** You can find all current members of the Vanquish Guard on the in-game Guild Roster when you sort by rank. On Discord their names appear in orange. ***


Dave, Morri, and Scotchy,

All 3 of you are the embody of who and what Vanquish stands for. Thank you for the support, kindness, help, laughs, courage, honor, and integrity you bring to Vanquish!!! I’m proud to have each of you as our newest Sentries of Vanquish.

Yay! Glad to see these folks joining the Guards! Grats to all of you!
Great job to the three of you as you have represented Vanquish! Well earned.
Congrats to all three of you. Well deserved.
Oh no! now you three did it! Got yourselves noticed by the big wigs/ Well done and well deserved. Grats
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