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@Thimblewearer Joins Leadership Core

Savina / Apr 10, 2022
The Vanquish Leadership Core proudly announces @Thimblewearer has agreed to accept the rank of Officer!!! We look forward to Taeve bringing new ideas and fresh opinions to the Leadership Core.

Taeve has always stepped up when needed, to help run events, as well as hosting some of her own such as the Star-Gazing event in Craglorn. Taeve has also been learning the role of Raid Leader during our Sunday Raid Leader edition nTrials.

Taeve actively attends many events each week and she is active in all content. We are excited to have her on the Leadership Team as we know her to be honorable and loyal to the Vanquish member above all else.

Join us in celebrating Taeve as Vanquish’s newest Officer! Congratulations Vanquish, you have gained an outstanding representative in Taeve



Congrats? Condolences? Either way I'm happy to have you as part of the Leadership Team. Welcome aboard, super glad that Kildaan's bears will have your bears to entertain them now. Warden bears are mean when they are bored.

Congrats Vanquish on gaining a outstanding officer!
Huge Congrats ! 😃
Huge Congrats Teave and really looking forward having you as part of leadership to make Vanquish the best it can be.
Absolutely delighted! Grats to Taeve and Vanquish! Heart, warmth, balance, insight, fairmindedness, generosity, patience, kindness. Glad there's more of that! Thanks Taeve for bringing more than a thimblefull of all of that!
Congratulations - well deserved.
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