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Duck / Jul 02, 2022
Welcome to this month's Member Spotlight as we introduce everyone here at Vanquish to DantheMann! The member spotlight goes a little more in depth about the person behind the keyboard with some questions both ESO/Vanquish related and humorous. To read past Spotlight interviews, you can catch them all HERE on our forums!

1) Tell us about your main characters Name, Class and what you particularly enjoy about this character?

Rhal Oakley, Dragon Knight. What I like about DK isn't a simple or short answer. At the lowest level, I like the strong survivability and the massive damage output. Leap is, quite simply, the most satisfying ult in the game. In a more esoteric sense, I liked the challenge of playing DK when it was trash tier. Being good on a bad class and overcoming the disadvantages is rewarding. Now that DK is in a much better place, it's fun to smash elves and pity fools.

2) Does your @name have any special meaning or reasoning behind it?

@danthemann5 - I am Dan. I am also the man. My last name ends with two 'n's. 1, 2, 3, and 4 were already taken, hence danthemann5

3) How do you come up with your characters names?

Most of my character names date back a decade, in some cases almost two. The older ones were created by selecting either 4 or 5 random letters with a reasonable mix of consonants and vowels and arranging them in a way which resembled a first name. Oakley comes from "oak leaf", a representation of the oak tree, signifying strength. Also, sunglasses. Sunglasses are cool, as am I.

4) Dan, you joined Vanquish back in August 2017. Why did you choose Vanquish and what drew you to the guild?

Funny story. I was looking for a PvP guild, and I asked in the guild recruitment forum for a PvP guild friendly to beginners, specifically for DC. I picked DC because elves are disgusting and Nords look weird. I forget who responded to my forum post from Vanquish, but I put in an application and here I am. I guess that story wasn't particularly funny.

5) In Vanquish, is there any one thing, or multiple, that you look forward to each week?

Is this a serious question? PvP, of course. I love the challenge of fighting other players and groups. In PvE, everything is scripted. It's like line dancing at a country bar but with less boobs. That's not interesting for me. When dealing with other players, you have a lot more unknowns, a lot to think about and consider, all kinds of surprises. That's what makes it interesting on a personal level. In addition to that is the team aspect. It's incredibly gratifying to help the group be successful and to watch people and the group as a whole improve day after day.

6) What has been your most memorable moment in ESO, or Vanquish?

Easy. FNF when we rolled up on that stealthed group of 40 AD at Warden and proceeded to wreck them. Post the video, no further explanation is required.

7) Some say Fashion is the end game. Do you have a go-to color combination or certain motif? What do you consider with your character? What are your favorite looks?

“When you look sexy, you feel sexy, and when you feel sexy, you play sexy.” – Me

The reason I use the outfit I do is for visibility. I tried to put together something that could be easily seen during PvP fights so people could stay together. I actually have other outfits that I never get to wear because if I don’t wear the golden wings outfit, people immediately begin bitching that they can’t see me.

8) Others argue that Housing is the true end game. Do you have a favorite home you would like to share? If there was one thing that could be added to housing, besides increased item count, what would you want added?

I couldn’t care less about housing. Well, that’s not completely true. I care a tiny little bit. There are some people that have created truly spectacular houses, but it’s not for me. They need to add a goddamn PvP training dummy with high resists and mitigation and such that actually hits you back to proc your procs that proc on taking damage. Maybe a customizable training dummy? That would be pretty sweet.

9) Do you have any suggestions for a new family member joining Vanquish?

Pants and sobriety are strongly discouraged. Also, come PvP with us, we’ll help you.

10) Alright, some fun questions. If ESO was “real life,” what Race and occupation would you hold? Would you be strictly PVE or engage in PVP knowing that death, could be real?

I would be an Imperial Dragon Knight of course.

“Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge.” – Patton

11) If Santa Lambert came to you personally and asked, “___, if you can have any one thing added to ESO, what would that be?”

See the aforementioned PvP training dummy. But can we make it look like Rich Lambert? Or better yet, Granny Lambert?

12) Do you have any hobbies outside of ESO?

I’m a musician, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I’m a world class equestrian and fox hunter. I own one shitty pony, named Otto von Bismarck (also frequently referred to as “Fuckweasel”, “Jackass”, “Moron”, or “Goddammitotto”). I used to shoot a lot, but I lost all my guns in a tragic boating accident.

13) Lastly you enter the Guild Hall and pass the office of the Guild Leader, Savina. The door is closed but as you walk by you hear her say to you “Come in. I’ve been waiting for you.” You slowly turn the door handle and open the door to find her sitting at her desk with a quest marker above her head. Her eye pierce you with a sense of urgency. What is the quest?

"Capture Chalman Keep."



Congrats Dan. That was awesome. I love that last one "Capture Chalman Keep"
Lol "It's like line dancing at a country bar but with less boobs."

That last one was also great but I wouldn't have known. If the quest giver isn't at Southern High Rock, I ignore it and keep moving.
Great interview. Loved it. "Capture Chalman Keep "
Thank you Dan for all you do with cryo groups !!! Funny thing your not into Housing but I would die for the Volendrung Replica ! Hint hint, I ask for Christmas but it never happened =(

P.S. ATM I haven't been going to cryo, cause I'm enjoying myself with High Isle......
This is brilliant!
Thank you Dan for sharing! The AD in that video btw was Loreseekers. They were getting ready to pounce on the smaller DC guild sieging the keep.
Thanks for the spotlight. As a general rule, my policy is to never talk to the press. I made an exception in this case. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: You guys are awesome!
Need a correction on #9. 'Pants' should be 'Panths'.
LMAO. you had it there but when I thought I copied it I made a typo.