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Duck / Jul 24, 2022
Welcome to this edition of Member Spotlight as we introduce everyone here at Vanquish to Scotchy! The member spotlight goes a little more in depth about the person behind the keyboard with some questions both ESO/Vanquish related and humorous. To read past Spotlight interviews, you can catch them all HERE on our forums!

Scotchy has been with Vanquish since 2016 and can usually be found somewhere in Cyrodiil flying the Daggerfall banner and participating in the Warzone Wednesday group with an occasional FNF. We'd like to thank Scotchy for taking the time for this interview. And now, for the questions...

1) Tell us about your main characters Name, Class and what you particularly enjoy about this character?

Scotchy Mcbinge, sorcerer. I have played tanks and mele, but enjoy the ranged pewpew

2) Does your @name have any special meaning or reasoning behind it?

I like me some scotch :)

3) How do you come up with your characters names?

All are takes on Scotchy Mcbinge

4) Scotchy, you joined Vanquish back in January, 2016. Why did you choose Vanquish and what drew you to the guild?

I had been in raid guilds in wow before coming to ESO (which i could never do again). I was looking for a laid back guild that accomplished feats as well. Vanquish has been perfect.

5) In Vanquish, is there any one thing, or multiple, that you look forward to each week?

I primarily prefer pvp, would have to say War Zone Wednesday.

6) What has been your most memorable moment in ESO, or Vanquish?

The level our PVP group has attained. We have grown to do quite well.

7) Some say Fashion is the end game. Do you have a go-to color combination or certain motif? What do you consider with your character? What are your favorite looks?

I am pretty lazy on the fashion game & primarily go with costumes.

8) Others argue that Housing is the true end game. Do you have a favorite home you would like to share? If there was one thing that could be added to housing, besides increased item count, what would you want added?

I have made it to the point of having a house and dumping all my furnishing in the how, but that has been it.

9) Do you have any suggestions for a new family member joining Vanquish?

I have enjoyed the environment & camaraderie. I would say speak up if you need help, most in Vanquish will off a hand.

10) Alright, some fun questions. If ESO was “real life,” what Race and occupation would you hold? Would you be strictly PVE or engage in PVP knowing that death, could be real?

I would be in PVP to the death. Daggerfall Covenant must maintain dominance in Cyrodiil

11) If Santa Lambert came to you personally and asked, “Scotchy, if you can have any one thing added to ESO, what would that be?”

I think Santa Lambert did come a little early with the hardware update. Cyrodiil performs better than it has in the past. I would be interested to see if any in gamge tweaks to Cryo would mix it up a bit.

12) Is there anything you would like to share, about you, to your family here at Vanquish?

I beleive the main reason Vanquish has to so well is the people. Hanging out, gaming, being on discord has been fantastic

13) Do you have any hobbies outside of ESO?

I am a Seattle Seahawk fan, enjoy hiking.


WOOT SCOTCHY!!!! Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself, nice to get a inside glance.
SCOTCHY!!!!!! Congrats thanks for sharing. You are AWESOME!!!
Glad to see Scotchy featured. 100% class act and one of the coolest people I have met.

Gratz dude!
Scotchy rocks! <--- see what I did there =P
So cool to run with Scotchy in Cyro. If you haven't had the chance to, you haven't PVP'd.
Hey Scotchy, as another Seahawks fan here, it may be a rough season for us lol
Also, I live in Denver so yeah gonna be reeeaaaaal interesting here!
Great read bud!
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