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Duck / Aug 15, 2022
Welcome to this edition of Member Spotlight as we introduce everyone here at Vanquish to the man behind Monday Night Madness, SP'zoneD Tuesdays, and Scrooge in the Vanquish Christmas Carol Production... Cyfrinair! The member spotlight goes a little more in depth about the person behind the keyboard with some questions both ESO/Vanquish related and humorous. To read past Spotlight interviews, you can catch them all HERE on our forums!

1) Tell us about your main characters Name, Class and what you particularly enjoy about this character?

I believe that would be... my nightblade, Parbreak. Yes, a class that should be relegated to damaging opponents with stamina-based skills but mine uses magicka to heal themselves & friendly targets. What can I say? Sometimes I enjoy rolling builds away from the bandwagon.

2) Does your @name have any special meaning or reasoning behind it?

I'm not really sure. Guess I just gravitate heavily towards compound words since my nickname is a welsh translation of 'password' because... well... all the English words I used were taken & I'm loathe to use numbers in a handle.

3) How do you come up with your characters names?

It's the same with all my aliases; compound words.

4) Cy, you joined Vanquish back in January 2017. Why did you choose Vanquish and what drew you to the guild?

I truly don't remember. Maybe it was my belief that Vanquish was a clique for senior citizens suffering from mental illness. What was the topic again?

5) In Vanquish, is there any one thing, or multiple, that you look forward to each week?

Dailies, dailies and even more repeatable dailies. Oh! Mustn't forget about the scheduled events that I host/attend. Y'all a riot to hang out with.

6) What has been your most memorable moment in ESO, or Vanquish?

Being a Scrooge for the in-house play 'An ESO Christmas Carol', no?

7) Some say Fashion is the end game. Others argue that it is Housing. Do you have a favorite house you would like to share or screenshots of your characters?

It is most assuredly the latter! Although one can stumble across any fashion statement anywhere & anytime across the face of Nirn I think the home is far more expressive & appealing to the populace (if owners allow others access naturally). A real shame how little there is in the way of Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys & whatnot for me to get the creative juices flowing. That's why I'll stick with the inn rooms & apartments until such Crown Store items appear in the near future.

8) Do you have any suggestions for a new family member joining Vanquish?

"Redrum, redrum, redrum..."

9) Alright, some fun questions. If ESO was “real life,” what Race and occupation would you hold? Would you be strictly PVE or engage in PVP knowing that death, could be real?

An Argonian gynecologist! And I would be strictly PvE-oriented since I'd already be dealing with deadly diseases in my aforementioned profession.

10) If Santa Lambert came to you personally and asked, “___, if you can have any one thing added to ESO, what would that be?”

Let's see now. I'm curious as to why mannequins & weapon racks to display the gear we've accrued over the years has yet to be introduced to the Homestead. Even generic armor & weapons to make residences seem lived-in would be welcomed. And how about boards, beams & pillars made from timber? All that scaffolding one comes across in mines, ruins & whatnot throughout all of Tamriel... none of it is available for players. Lincoln Logs & Tinker Toys ZOS... Lincoln Logs & Tinker Toys. Oh, right! Mustn't forget about furnishing packs for barnyard animals and farm crops. Most important!

11) Is there anything you would like to share, about you, to your family here at Vanquish?

Well... if everyone is curious why I'm stir-crazy is probably because of the encephalitis I caught when I was young. Other than that instance... nope, my life has truly been very mundane.

12) Do you have any hobbies outside of ESO?

Wine, women & song! I'm pulling your leg of course. No, anything related to science fiction (i.e., horror, fantasy, etc.) is my cup of tea. Primarily in the medium of graphic illustration, cinematic animation & creative writing of course.

13) Lastly you enter the Guild Hall and pass the office of the Guild Leader, Savina. The door is closed but as you walk by you hear her say to you “Come in. I’ve been waiting for you.” You slowly turn the door handle and open the door to find her sitting at her desk with a quest marker above her head. Her eye pierce you with a sense of urgency. What is the quest?

"Got any grapes?", she says to which I reply with, "No." With a quizzical arch of an eyebrow she asks, "Why not?" "Raisins.", I say before producing a hammer & a handful of nails from my backpack before asking her, "Have you seen Duck of late?"



In true Cy form, you brighten my day with your humor.
Thanks for sharing Cyf!! Your humor, kindnesss, and knowledge incredible parts of what makes Vanquish so great. Thanks for all you do for us around the guild.
Love the humor!! and I agree 1000% that we need Lincoln logs and Tinker toys!! more! ( good thing this next quarter will bring more stuff.. though not wood)
Last Tono
Cy is a true joy to be around and will always make you smile. 😍
I am delighted to be a member in the same guild as Cyfrinair. Your deep knowledge of the game is only matched by your sense of humor and your facility with wordplay, all of which endear you to my heart. Seriously, who else would know that “cyfrinair” is Welsh for “password?”

Thanks for sticking with us in Vanquish! You are a frequent bright spot in our many days of adventuring.
Thanks for sharing Cy! I always enjoy hearing from you and am super glad you have been recognized for all you do for us. :)
Every time I join an event that Cy is also a part of, I look forward to the jokes as much as I do the actual gameplay. Always a pleasure.

"An Argonian gynecologist!" Had doubts but I looked it up and apparently it could be a thing.

You are the man Cy. I salute you with "Bah Humbug!"
Wonderful writeup. This guild is the best in the game by far.
Cy thanks for sharing!! Your humor makes me smile. You are amazing person. Love Ya ❤️