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PVP THEMED Housing Contest from Aireal

Duck / Aug 27, 2022
First, I want to thank all those that participated in my PvP-themed housing contest! With a big congratulations to Morrigain who got the top points and won the contest! You all make hosting these contests fun! A special thank you to Agravane for entering so that we would have 5 houses! Big thank you to all the Judges and here are some things they had to say about the houses!

Here are how the points were added.

1. Creativity:
A. 1-5 for Uniqueness of the Idea of the build
B. 1-5 for eh creative use of items for the build

2. Contruction 1-5
How well it's put together and how well that construction fits the theme

3. Theme 1-10
Does it stay on theme.

4. Aesthetics 1-5
How it feels overall

MORRIGAIN'S - Contest Winner

Morrigain's Moonsugar Meadow, All of the judges thought that her Build could had been dropped via Anchor strait from Cyrodiil! "A perfect redndition Nickel outpost" is what Smithsylvian said! With so many details to look at! A great use of the various building materials to make a great whole!


Mionikoi's Mournoth Keep, From Amphian

The invasion of the mushroom men via a siege tower was a creative idea well executed. And from Smithsylvian:
Loved the AD poison mushroom cupcakes! A tasty (and deadly) distraction for the tower humpers of Cyrodiil. We all got a giggle as Mionikoi told us what made him decide to make 'mushroom men' as the AD attackers, during the house tour.


Our visit to Hai'en's Panther Fang on the housing tour brought many ooohs and awwwes! Shell and Savina loved the Temple area with the beautiful statue and stained glass windows. I loved the 'torture' area with the stocks and guillotine! Amphian thought the prison a nice touch but wondered what Prince Irnskar did to deserve to be tortured, ummm locked up with, a mime?!

Hai'en said about his build..It was difficult to choose one photo to sum up my PVP house, but I choose the outside because I was able to angle in the armory with all of the oil siege, flags, the transitus shrine made to resemble Southern High Rock, the Volendrung Hammer replica, as well as the guillotine for AD and EP war criminals.


During our tour, all of us agreed that the arena floor needed some blood and a dead body! Of course, we all had to pull levers aaaaand someone may have died on the arena floor. Smithsylvian said that if the Ritz-Carlton designed a dueling arena in Tamriel, this would be it! Amphian and I agree that the lighting is superb and gives the arena a very decadent Imperial feel.


I want to thank Agravane again for entering this build in the contest as an 'honorary' house. He said that it was never really meant for anything except as a place to show the proper placement of siege while taking down a Keep's front doors. I think everyone on the tour agreed that it was a great training tool and very well done. Though Smithsylvian said that a couple dead AD strewn around would have made it feel a bit more cozy!

More images of the house from our contest winner.



Thank you for posting the news letter Duck!!

And again thank you to everyone that participated !!
Happy to help =)
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