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We are going to look at some addon’s, break them down into categories, as well as some definitions on what they do.  Addon’s can make your life easier, help with combat mechanics, automate crafting, change your user interface, and help with saving different builds.  There are so many addon’s but the biggest question we hear is “What Addon’s should I use?”  This list is not a definite “should use” list but a recommended list from what we have gathered in discord, experience, and in game.  First, let us tackle “How to Install Addon’s”.




Addon’s can be found at ESO UI.  Once you found the addon of your choice, simple download and then extract the folder.  Let us say for example you downloaded an addon named “’”.  Once extracted you will want to copy the file to your addon folder which is found at C:\Users\<YOUR NAME>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\Live\Addons.  Now look at your folder.  You should see BlueFish and then some folders within.  If you see BlueFish, and then another folder Bluefish, you have it wrong.  Simply copy/paste the contents into the main BlueFish folder.

NOTE: Updating addon’s using the Manual method is quite time consuming.  You will have to check consistently to see if addon’s have updated and then repeat the process repeatedly.  A simpler method to installing add-ons is by using the Minon Addon Manager.





You can find the file here to DOWNLOAD.  With Minion, it is a program to easily find, install, and update your addon’s in one click.  We could go overstep by step instructions on the install, but it is well explained at this LINK.

Once you have minion installed, we highly recommend that you do not install all the add-ons in one sitting.  Simply grab a handful, or few, install and then load the game to be sure you do not have any issues.  It is an easy way to determine which add-ons are giving you troubles when you have a few at a time instead of 60.  Once you have everything up and running, I advise running Minion at least a few times a week just to check to see if any add-ons are needed updated.




We are going to break down add-ons into categories like mentioned above.  These, again, are not “necessities” but recommendations from chat and experience.  Certain add-ons have their dependencies which will require additional add-ons to work properly.  You will know those dependencies by either reading the addon description or when in game, the add-on will show “red” with which dependencies are missing. Each section is divided into categories and those are:

UI Graphic Overhaul

Quality of Life

Champion Point 2.0




Class / Role Specific




This list was compiled and updated in June 2021.




What is a Graphic Overhaul? These add-ons host several different add-ons all compiled in one. Each have their own Group/Party frames, combat elements such as scrolling text damage, buffs, debuffs. Are these necessary? Absolutely not. Actually, many use them for the Group/Party Frames only to replace the game default ones. The biggest thing to know is that things included, like a mini-map, is NOT by the original author but their own version. In many cases, original add-ons offer more than what is compiled in a UI Graphic Overhaul. Though each offers a compilation, you can turn off the ones you do not wish to use. Below, I'll try to give a quick description of each.


AUI (Advanced UI): (Over 3.7 million downloads) AUI is by far the favorite among the overhauls. The only problem is that sometimes it takes a little to update but they have done better lately. AUI offers; Mini-map, Action Bar, Unit Frames, Combat Statistics, Scrolling Combat Text, Buffs and Debuffs, Quick Slot Manager, Frames Movement.


Bandits User Interface: (Over 2.9 million downloads) Bandits was the 3rd UI Interface that joined ESO and quickly surpassed LUI. With Bandits, there are some 'naughty' add-ons that it can conflict with especially if you are doing PVE and then load add-ons for PVP. If using Bandits, highly recommend to use the Circonians Addon Selector and make a profile for PVP. Bandits UI offers: Different UI styles and themes, Group/Party Frames, Death Counter, Regrouper, Combat Statistics, Buffs, Mini-map, Combat reticle, Quick Slot Manager, Healer Helper.


Lui Extended: (Over 1.7 million downloads) The one thing about LUI is that it's consistently updated. I believe the only reason why it is #3 on the list is because it doesn't offer a mini-map nor a quick slot manager. Otherwise, it is a solid overhaul. LUI offers: Better tooltips for abilities, Buff and Debuff tracking, Chat announcements, GCD tracker, Combat Text, Unit frames, Slash commands, Ability Cast/Channel Bar, Tracks hots/dots with animated arrows.





Quality of Life Add-ons are to make your life easier in Elder Scrolls Online.


Alpha Gear 2 / Dressing Room: Both add-ons allow you save multiple gear/skill layouts for each of your characters and switch with a click of a button. Of the two, Alpha Gear is the preferred with 550k + downloads while Dressing Room has 360k +. Each offers the ability to recharge weapons. My personal experiences, I have had several issues with Dressing Room spontaneously changing skills in the set profiles. Example, all skills were Warden skills though I was on a Sorc. After the 3rd time, I switched to Alpha and never had a problem. Though those issues may have been fixed, I would suggest trying them both to see which layout you prefer.


Auto Category: Adds categories to your inventory, bank, guild bank, craft bag, and crating stations and completely customizable.  Show all your Mother’s Sorrow sets in one area, your Research in another, Bind on Equip in another and even Low Level.  If you do not want your BOE on the top of the list, simply change the priority in the settings. A must if you like a little organization in your bank and inventory.


BugEater: Annoying Pop-Up UI errors?  This will eat them.  Digest them.  And then poop them out on an EP.  =)


Circonians Addon Selector: Highly recommend. It allows you to save a list of add-ons you wish to use for a certain profile. You can make account wide profiles for PVE, Trials, Farming, PVP, etc.... While doing Trials and PVP, you want the minimum add-ons possible to increase performance. With a quick change of a profile, you can load only those add-ons you wish to use. Instead of deselecting each one individually.


Display Leads: If you do not have Skyrim or plan on doing the antiquities system, probably not for you.  But because it makes your life easier, it is on this list.  Any lead you have, it shows with expiration date and location to scry.  Any lead you wish to look up, you can.  Show all, show only those you can scry.  All at your fingertips.


Easy Travel / BeamMeUp – Teleporter: Easy Travel is noticeably light weight. Instead of going through guild rosters to see who is in what area and then traveling to them, simply right click on the zone you wish to travel to.  If anyone in any of your guilds is in that zone, you will be automatically being travel.  BeamMeUp, does more.  In addition to what is listed above, the biggest draw to this addon is the “Unlock new Wayshrines.”  Based on who in your guild is in that zone, you can automatically unlock all the Wayshrines he/she has in about 10 seconds.   If you like adventuring, Easy Travel is the better choice.  If you are thinking “Gawd, it’s all the way over there!”  Then, the second option is probably more to your liking.


FCO Item Saver: If you are using Inventory Insight, you might not need this one. FCO gives you the ability to mark all things account wide.  If you are collecting Mother’s Sorrow, any piece of that will have a small asterisk showing “collecting”.  Any set you wish to always decon (ex: Splunker), that will display an asterisk for easy reference when cleaning/decon inventory.  Create your own with sets geared for PVP, Trials, or even Selling.  A little organizational tool.


Greymind Quickslot Bar: This addon exists in some UI add-ons like AUI but those are not the full edition.  The addon by itself does much more.  Customizable for size, length, and transparency is one feature, but the huge bonus is the ability to create profiles.  If want different quickslots for Trials, PVE, or PVP, with a single click you can change your entire quickslot.  Set hotkeys instead of using a wheel. Really nice instead of having to consistently drag/drop things into the quickslot for different events.


Guild Hall Button: This is for convenience.  Tired of going through the roster to find @vanquishguild, then right click and travel to Primary Residence?  Simply add a button to your “G” page and you will travel directly there in a click.  No more searching or sorting through the roster.



Harven’s Improved Skills Window: Gives you more info regarding your skills and displays optional morphs.


Item Set Browser: Think of it as an encyclopedia of sets in the game.  Set it to a hotkey, or type command, to bring up the window.  Looking for where Zaan’s comes from?  What Undaunted NPC that has that shoulder?  Which world boss has that set?  Also works together with your sticker book to show which pieces you are missing.


Loot Log: Quickly link in group chat items that you do NOT need for your sticker book with a simple "/lt" command. Also displays a + and "request" link to send a tell to a group member for items you do not have. Makes linking items in your group a breeze.


Map Pins: Add pins to your map that can include Dungeon Bosses, Skyshard, Lore books, Fishing nodes, Treasure Maps, Surveys, Achievement Quests, Relics, Time Rifts, etc... Using the Filter option you can select which you want, and do not want.


No, thank you: This addon allows you to block or redirect unwanted messages, notifications to the chat or silent. Block those random guild invites, turn off the automatic spin of your character when looking at inventory or character window, and disable the "Leave Guild" option so you don't accidentally leave your Vanquish family!


OdySupportIcons: Want an icon directly over your tank?  Or healer? Or just a weird one over your pal? Really helpful during raids/trials when having multiple healers and tanks. Also includes different icons for your fallen comrades. Customizable.



pChat / rChat: Overhaul the way text is displayed in the chatbox.  Have your chat session restored if you change characters, add timestamps, show @names along with the character names.  You can also copy/paste messages and even click hyper-links within. Both offer quite a bit of options including different fonts, guild channels, color control. The more commonly used is pChat. rChat is the new kid on the block and worth looking into.


Personal Assistant: This add-on is a time saver. Automatically control your currency, sell your junk items, specify to sell your 'white' items, deposit your maps, writs, surveys, deposit your intricates, and so much more!


Ravalox' Quest Tracker: Provides a more intuitive Quest Tracker than the in-game provided tracker interface. The interface can be moved anywhere on the screen or hidden via settings or /slash commands.


Set Collection Marker: Adds an icon in your inventories next to items that are not in your set collection / sticker book. This allows you to easily see which items you can bind for your collection instead of selling/trading it. The icon works in player inventories, banks, guild banks, crafting stations, transmute stations, guild stores, trading, and selling to merchants. Supports GridList, and minimally InventoryGridView. NOTE: Before installing, may want to check to see if you really need it. Many other add-ons have something like this included.



Set Tracker / Inventory Insight: Both these add-ons offer you to view all your sets between your inventory, bank, and even storage chests. Set Tracker is extremely light weight and what is listed, is all that it does. You right click on a set piece, choose "Show Set items" and view the window. However, Set Tracker is outdated so do NOT download from Minion. Instead you will want to install the addon manually with this link: Inventory Insight, besides what is listed above, tracks items in houses, gold, AP, Telvar, Writ Vouchers, allows filtering your inventory by type, and search by name.


Urich’s Skill Point Finder: Need more skill points?  Bring the window up and know exactly which dungeon, region, quest line, public dungeon that you can acquire more skill points.

Votan’s Keybinder: Adds check boxes to keybind dialog per character or account wide. Upon first load, choose your main, all your keybindings are marked as shared.


Voltan’s MiniMap, Minimap by Fyrakin: A smaller version of the in-game map for quick reference with resize options.  Voltan’s is a little lighter weight while Fyrakin’s has more options like Wheel Mode.






Caro's Skill and Champion Point Saver: Creates and manages profiles for the new CP 2.0 system. Import presets from Skinny Cheeks (damage), Tanks (the Tank Club), and Healer (ESO University). Profiles can be saved per character or whole account.


Dynamic CP: Allows to save, load, delete champion point presets. Presets can be saved per tree with ability to specify classes or roles. Comes with Default presets like Caro's.



Jack of all Trades: Automatically adjusts your Green Champion bar depending on what you want to achieve. Automatically slot Master Gatherer and Plentiful Harvest when harvesting. Loads Meticulous Disassembly when crafting or deconstructing. Loads Treasure Hunter and Homemaker when in dungeons or trials. Can do Fishing, Thieving and even Riding.





CraftStore: Craftstore tracks all known traits, styles, recipes, and blueprints.  Custom enchanting and provisioning station UI.  Has research and mount timers and overview of all characters.  Research is important.


Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter: Doing your daily writs has never been easier. Click the board, and head to stations.  This addon will automatically craft your Wood, Ore, Jewelry, and Enchanting.  For Alchemy and Provisioning, see the addon description for the link.   Since most people will store some potion and provisioning in their banks, daily crafting is not needed.  This addon will, however, withdrawal the items automatically from your bank.  Then simply turn it in.  Takes less time to do your writs than change characters.


ESO Master Recipe List Adds filters to only show known/unknown recipes in results lists including showing which characters know, and do not know, the recipe. The recipe list shows all cooking and furniture recipes in ESO. Works at guild banks as well. Grab your alts, head to the Vanquish Guild Hall, and take those recipes your character does not know and learn them.


Potion Maker Allows you to search for potions to make, and It can be set up to discover new traits for you.  Save favorites for fast brewing.


WritWorthy: If you are a master crafter and you are going through your writ inventory to see what you can make, and then which motifs you know, you are doing it wrong.  Set a hotkey to bring up the window (or use command), and it will show you which writs (on that character), you can do based on knowledge, research, and motif known.  Check all that you can and simply head to the tables.   The addon will do the rest for you.





Action Duration Reminder: Action Duration Reminder is almost a must even if you are remotely thinking about damage dealing.  Adds a phantom bar that tracks your slotted actions that have duration attributes or over time effects, reminds you to re-invoke your actions, and makes you good at performing rotations. NOTE: Soon to be added to base game UI with release of Blackwood.


BuffTimers: With this you can make completely stand-alone timer bars for one specific spell each. Go in settings, choose how many bars you want, and then choose for every bar what spell it should show, also the size, colors, and optional notifications (sound+text) can be customized.  Helpful when you have that one skill that you want a 100% uptime in.


Code’s Combat Alerts: Provides notifications and alerts for a selection of PvE mechanics.


Combat Metrics: Combat Metrics is an addon to track your fights. You can use it to measure your DPS, you can analyze which skills make your DPS or who caused your incoming damage. You can also analyze the heals you received or cast. You can check which buffs and debuffs were running, how much magicka or stamina per second you used and regenerated. You can Analyze the Combat log, filter it to analyze specific issues.


Global Cooldown (GCD) Bar / Global Cooldown Monitor: These two add-ons can help with timing when working on parsing. Global Cooldown Bar does two things: A horizontal bar that times with the GCD (can be turned off) or a Radial Dial on your skill bar that shows when a skill is ready. Global Cooldown Monitor has a small green box with a Radial timer that lets you know when to start the next Light Attack + Skill. This allows you to get a better idea of when your game is ready to take the next action input, even when you may not be able to see your character's animation clearly.


Light Attack Helper: When you start light attacks normally, you either do it too fast or too slow. The ideal is going fast as possible but still having the light attacks to register. Light attacks is one of the highest damage abilities you can do. To better improve your dps is to get better at Light Attack Weaving; Light Attack then Skill with the Skill canceling the animation of the Light Attack. This addon helps by displaying the LA/S when fighting.


Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker: If you do not like, or not using the Buff/Debuff trackers with any of the UI Graphic Overhauls but want something more specific, give this a try. You can just show your Mundus and food, or certain Debuffs/Buffs that matter to you. Includes cast timers, buffs and debuffs on targets, etc....


Xynode's All About Mechanics: All About Mechanics gives you guides on the mechanics of all the bosses in all Dungeons. When you are near a boss, the boss button will highlight, open it to see the mechanics for that boss.



Blackrose Prison Helper: Notifications for mobs, Taking Aim, Important Spawn Points.


RaidNotifier Updated: Alerts certain mechanics in Trials that will save your lief. Also works well with Code’s Combat Alerts. A requirement, and life saver, for all trials with Vanquish.

Trial Asylum - Asylum Tracker: Provides pre-emptive warnings for the mechanics in Vet. Asylum Sanctorum.


Trial Cloudrest - Open Glaza: Tracks Roaring Flare, Debuffed Player Groups, Portal Group numbers, Malevolent Cores.

Trial Rockgrove - Qcell's Rockgrove Helper: Qcell's Rockgrove Helper is a collection of alerts for different mechanics. This is supplementary to using Code's Combat Alerts (CCA), and in fact you will need CCA to be able to use this addon.


Trial Sunspire - HowToSunspire: Tracks heavies, Jumps, Shield charges, Meteors and Comets, Lava Geyser, Tomb Spawns





Bound Armaments Counter: (Sorcerer) Addon that displays an icon with a countdown bar when bound Armaments procs.  Customizable for different icon notifications.


Grim Focus Counter: (Nightblade) Tracks Grim Focus, Merciless Resolve, and Relentless Focus stacks.


Shalk Tracker: (Warden) Tracks your Shalks from Scorch, Subterranean Assault and Deep Fissure.


Tank - Updated / Untaunted: This is a tank must.  Both add-ons keep track of your taunt timer but in different ways.  “Tank” adds a number in your targeting reticle starting with 15 and counting down.  If you have 5 mobs in a row, targeting each would show a different timer. Pretty easy recognition.  “Untaunted”, instead of adding a number in your reticle, you will have UI bars that show the mobs name, and reminder taunt.  It comes down to personal preference.  I would recommend trying both to see which one you prefer.






AP MeterThis add on has a couple of helpful features.  The first is that it displays your current AP total for the current PvP session (it will reset if you port out and back in or if you reload UI).  The next is that it displays the % complete toward your next Alliance Rank (not the Alliance War Skill line level, but your rank, ie. Volunteer, Corporal, General, Grand Warlord, etc.).  If you click on the “i” in the top, right corner, it will even tell you how much AP you need to get there.  Lastly, it will tell you if you are in range of an objective.  This will tell you if you are close enough to get the “tick” or far enough to use a stone to teleport somewhere. In the picture below you can see I have 55,211 AP in this Cyrodill session, I am 19% of the way to my next rank, and I am in range of Fort Ash.




CyrHUDthis add-on gives similar information to Miat’s, but in a summary list you on your screen.


CyroSiege"This is a MUST have. Seriously, I don’t know how I lived without it!!" Sarah.   With this add-on you set how much of each type of siege you want to keep in your bag.  When you open the siege merchant, it automatically and instantaneously completes the transaction to bring you up to the desired levels of siege.  Open, close, done!


Papa Crown / Crown Customizer /Provinatus/ Exterminatus Group Leader / Lights of Meridia: All 5 of these help with locating and staying with Crown, your Group Leader. You do not need all of them as some share the same goal. NOTE: You cannot use Papa Crown AND Crown Customizer active at the same time. When porting to Cyrodiil, you will crash. So please keep that in mind. Let's look at all 4 and what they do.

Papa Crown: This add-on places a large crown above your group leaders head. You have some options for size.(Do Not run with Crown Customizer)

Crown Customizer: Allows you to choose an icon to hover above the crown's head. You can also choose the size of the icon. Comes in handy in big groups and bigger fights because the icon sits well above the other players making it easier to see. (Do NOT run with Papa Crown)


Provinatus: Like Crown Customizer, this will help you know where crown is. This add-on gives you an arrow that always points towards crown. It will be green if crown is ahead of you, and red if behind.


Exterminatus Group Leader: Very similar to Porvinatus as it gives you the option of an arrow pointing to crown.



Lights of Meridia: This makes large groups easy to stay with.  Places a beam of light on either the Crown, or your entire party.  Change the beam to make it wider and/or brighter.  See expired teammates with ease.  And customizable with colors.  Can be seen from long distances away.


Miat’s PvP AlertsThis add-on gives you a bit more information right on your screen.  It will show you the flag status of the keep you are near along with its resources.  You can also set it up to show you objectives in the distance.  If you put your reticle over those objectives, you can see the flag status of those as well.  You can see in the first screenshot below that Fort Ash is under attack, that there are 6 AD and 12 DC siege on it and that all flags are 100% blue! In the second one, you can see that Rayles is under attack.  This is another one that has assembly required, so it you need help, just ask!


Piece of CandyThis add-on helps Crown with group coordination.  The main things we use this for are 1. who is in combat, 2. who has what ultimate slotted, and 3. who’s ultimate is up.  This is very useful and Dan uses it to help determine what the next move should be in a fight.  Getting it set up can take a few minutes, and we’d be happy to walk you through it.  You can put it wherever you like on your screen and there are large and compact options.  The screenshot below is the compact option.  Please note, when you set it up, you should choose you main damage ult, and not let the add-on pick it; the add-on will usually choose poorly.



Yet Another Compass: This is a nice add on to have that will quickly tell you the directions.  In PvP, it is very important to communicate accurate information and to know where to go when given and instruction with a cardinal direction.  Yet another compass has a choice of compass style, color, and size to make it easy for you to use. 





Awesome Guild Store:  Awesome Guild Store used to be the only way to search between vendors within ESO.  In the past couple years, ESO has updated their traders to allow that as well, but not to the extent of what this add-on can do like sliders to select sell quantity and unit price, Multi stack slider, Reset Buttons, Countless Filters to refine and more.


Tamriel Trade Centre / Master Merchant: Tamriel Trade Centre and Master Merchant are the 2 go to for buying/selling on guild traders.  Each have their good and bad.  Starting with Tamriel Trade Center, aka TTC, to take full advantage of the addon you must download and the client and run the .exe to get an updated price sheet.  It is quick and simple.  Though no virus, or anything, has ever been reported with it, peeps still shun the idea about running an executable file.  You do no need to run it every day.  Only when doing your store management.  The plus side, it is Tamriel wide.  Anyone running the executable who visits a store, the data is sent to the server giving you on overall on who is selling what, anywhere.  Even those lonely trade centers out in nowhere.   You can also right click on an item to see an option, see website, and that item will come up with the most up to date pricing.

Master Merchant works a little differently.  If you are in many trade guilds, this may be the better option for you.  If you are in just 1 or 2, TTC might be the better.  While Tamriel works globally, Master Merchant scans all the sales within your trade guilds.  You can see how the prices have risen, or fallen, for the past 30 days (default) or longer.  Grabbing sales within your own trade guilds, especially if you are in some of the most popular, gives you a better idea what to set your prices at.  The downside, it is resource heavy.  If going this route, it is recommended to use the Addon-Selector (top of this list) to change from Traders to Play.





Rare Fish Tracker: Keep track of the rare fish you have caught in your pursuit of the fishing achievements.  Gives you a handy display window that automatically detects your current zone.


Votan’s Fisherman: Shows the type of fishing hole once a specific fish or bait was caught.

Votan’s Fish Fillet: You have 1000 fish.  You can click a fish, wait for it to fillet, click, wait for it to fillet, click, wait for it to fillet… you get the picture.  Or you can have the addon, click it once, and turn on the football game.   Save a mouse!