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Code of Conduct


Welcome to Vanquish


We have a simple focus here at Vanquish and that is to do more with less. We are a guild focused on bringing the utmost level of support to its members and in turn expectations are high for those wishing to call us home. Joining our ranks, you will find a focused group of people who above all else enjoy the worlds we play in to the fullest. We strive to have fun and more so, enable the fun of others in a no pressure, mature environment. As a guild, we cater to the player that is confident, cool headed, selfless and controlled, while a ballsy sense of humor is a must! Our guild is designed from the ground up to be drama free, helpful and positive. While we focus on getting our team through content and on to group/pvp and end game work, we also recognize that the journey to this point is half the fun. As such you will find our members to be driven yet understanding, patient and utmost helpful.


Code of Conduct


Don't be an ass but don't take yourself too seriously either! Common sense reigns supreme. Mutual respect not only for your guild but also the community at large is a must.

Remember, carry yourself well in game, from how you name your character (Names directly referencing pop culture or that are vulgar/offensive in nature will be denied membership, again, common sense.) to how you chat and present yourself to the community as a whole while wearing the Vanquish guild tag. Regarding names, we will not be overly strict, again use common sense...if you question your choice in the least then perhaps another name would be a better option. Names that are obviously for attention or prone to start drama may be asked to be changed or have applications denied. Vanquish Guild and Discord chat is to be kept "R" rated and for the most part, game related. Niche conversations or topics that alienate the guild will be asked to be taken to tells or a private channel.

You represent something more than just yourself now, do us proud and remember... YOU are the face of Vanquish.


Cross Guilding


Cross guilding and representing other guilds is taken case by case, but for all intents and purposes, we ask that our members represent Vanquish alone and call Vanquish their only home. The reason behind this is to ensure a close knit and cohesive community of players that know both the goings on within the guild and with their fellow members of Vanquish. Some games may contain mechanics that lend themselves to cross guilding such as "Trader" guilds in ESO, this is acceptable as are guilds focused on VERY specific objectives such as a PvP alliance designed to organize and help with the overall flow of world PvP or guilds that focus entirely on Trials/Raids. Guilds that are for storage or specifically for family players (children or younger members) are also acceptable.




This is a fantastic tool for analyzing your performance and measuring it. Vanquish will use it for the purposes of improving performance and helping each other. Our Vet trials lead will use the logs to help their groups understand how they can improve as they progress through end game content.

The Vanquish Guild ESOLogs is set to private. You can find the join link on our Discord server. By applying to and joining the guild on ESOLogs you agree to not share any information contained in the logs with anyone other than Vanquish members. These logs will not be used for exclusion or 'dps shaming' by or against any Vanquish member.


Streaming or recording of Vanquish Members


It should go without saying that not everyone wishes to be streamed or recorded while gaming. Please gain their consent FIRST if you intend to stream/record while playing. Make all Vanquish members that you are grouped with or running with aware that you are recording/streaming game and/or voice activities. If you are not the leader or organizer of the group/event you are streaming, please make sure the organizer has also given permission.


The Guild Bank


The ESO guild bank is an open access, no strings attached, no expectations system. It is not monitored, and should you donate anything to the bank, understand you do so freely. This means folks (Member and above) can take items from the bank they may find use out of; be that for research, equipping, deconstruction and even personal sales. We ask that you use common sense when removing items however and think of others first and how those items may be of use to them. When donating items of value stop and ask in guild chat first, if you have an idea of HOW you want your donated item used, then seek out the individual that would benefit the most and give your items the home you intended.


Using Vanquish to Buy or Sell Items (including Crowns)


Vanquish is not a trade guild, you have many other options to sell and buy items or crowns in guilds designed from the ground up for such. While we would never expect someone to not be compensated for an item or for others to EXPECT such, at this time we do not condone the active buying and selling of items or crowns within Vanquish's guild chat. Take it to tells or better yet, a Trade guild.


Names and account changes


If you decide, for any reason, to change your @name in The Elder Scrolls Online (or any title utilizing global account handles) contact an Officer and provide both new and old account name. This will help us a great deal in terms of roster management. Not doing so may result in your removal (we have no idea who you are!)


Voice Coms Display Name


Set your nick for the Discord server to reflect your @name/account name or your main character name. Needs to be something we will associate with you being a member of Vanquish. The name you display in Voice Coms will undoubtedly become the name we call you by.


5 Ways To Get Yourself Removed From Vanquish


There are a few things to be aware of while a member of Vanquish and should you wish the guild to remain your home please avoid any of the following:

  • Whining in chat or over Discord. Vanquish definition of whining - "Complaining about something over and over again to the same people and those people can do nothing about it."

  • Be the source of drama. We know tiffs and disappointment will happen. We are human after all, but should you go out of your way to cause drama within the guild, you will be warned and then removed. Drama comes in many forms, from actively causing issues and strife amongst the members and community to posting topics and/or chat that is a source of unease within the guild. Again, common sense reigns.

  • Ask to be removed or go inactive without notice for over 20 days. Hey, we are not for everyone and that's okay! If you ask to be removed from the guild, we will do so and do so respectfully as we shake hands and part ways as friends who see things differently. Also, should you go MIA on us for a period of 20 days+ WITHOUT a heads-up as to why, you will be removed from the guild. We will be adamant about this. Remember, removal due to inactivity is far from being BOOTED from the guild, your re-invite will be sent when you post or contact an officer upon return to the game!

  • Making an ass of yourself and in turn the guild. You are the face of Vanquish. Your actions are our actions. Joining the ranks, you no longer play just for yourself. I know MMO players can be notorious for "striking a nerve" but we ask that you turn the other way. Maybe you can turn off that /ooc chat for a bit or solo and blow off some steam but losing your cool while wearing our tag is not acceptable. I do NOT mean that I would not expect you to stand up for or defend something you firmly believe in, but ask yourself if an MMO is really the best forum for such before you do.

  • Cheat or exploit in ANY way. Self-explanatory and not flexible; zero tolerance. The Vanquish definition as written by Lt. Belgaram and endorsed by the guild founder and current leadership! "If the dev's are working toward a way to make it so you can't use a certain strategy or tactic, then it's, in my eyes, an exploit. If for example, you use the environment to circumvent a mechanic as it was intended and the dev's implement (and it is posted on enough in forums etc.) some sort of "fix" or post that they are working on a fix. It is an exploit. If, however, the questionable strategy goes unaddressed, then who are we to call it an exploit? It may be a tactic that we don't condone. It may violate your ideas of what a strategy is, it may even be against every fiber of your gaming belief! But that doesn't necessarily make it an exploit."


Guild Style, Direction, and Culture


Guild Style: Here in Vanquish, we care little for what class you are, how leet you may be, or what your past experience is and how you rank in MMO "X's" raid system. We put the player behind the keyboard first and foremost and encourage you to play how you like and pursue what is fun for you within the game so long as it falls within the circle set up by our guild culture and style.

Direction: The direction we choose to take Vanquish will be dynamic and fluid, and while the overall drive of the guild will be end game and PvP, we have no concern as to just how fast we reach such. Instead we prefer to let such game mechanics come naturally as we explore the world before us.

Culture: The overall culture in the guild is that of mutual respect combined with a slight military theme in terms of ranks, how we greet one another, day to day chat and guild hierarchy. Vanquish will foster a member base that exemplifies its core values of: RESPECT, ATTITUDE, LOYALTY, ACTIVITY and CONFIDENCE. This is accomplished by maintaining an organized membership that emphasizes common sense in all things.

Moderation: Last but not least, we are a guild of moderation. This means if you are a hardcore ANYTHING you will not find Vanquish a good fit. We aim to explore every aspect the world has to offer from RPing to Raiding, Crafting to PvPing. Members of Vanquish enjoy the parts that make up the whole equally without being over focused on any one area of the game.

If at any time you wish to discuss the above or challenge a rule, please feel free to do so by contacting Savina or Duck.