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Crafting is almost a necessity in Elder Scrolls Online. You could go without it, but that alternate road will be expensive especially when improving gear and weapons. In Crafting I, we are going to cover the basics.  For detailed, individual skill lines like Alchemy, you will want to see the guide Crafting II.  Here, we will discuss:

What is Refinement?

What is Inspiration?

Crafting Stations

Where to Begin: Research

Traits: What are they?



Crafting can be done on your main character or on an alternate. The choice is completely up to you but I would not recommend doing blacksmithing on one character and woodworking on another. To open all skills related to crafting, including Keen Eye and your Hireling, it's a total of 165 skill points. At first this may seem overwhelming but they do come over time. There are some points you can skip like the Hireling and Keen Eye but you will want those later to help bring in more material. Below you will find each profession, the total amount of skill points for everything related to the craft, and how many skill points are actually necessary.


Points Needed
Points Necessary
Alchemy The practice of binding two or more Reagents with a Solvent to make potions or poisons.
Blacksmithing The art of converting raw materials into and improving heavy armor and metallic weapons.
Clothing The art of converting raw materials into and improving light and medium armor.
Enchanting The practice of binding Runes into Glyphs used to enhance armor, weapon, and jewelry.
Jewelry The art of converting raw materials into and improving jewelry.
Provisioning The art of converting Ingredients into indigestible Foods and Drinks to improve stats.
Woodworking The art of converting raw materials into and improving Staves, Bows, and Shields.
Total Skill Points:




Out in the world of Tamriel you will come across resource nodes from the four different crafting professions; BlacksmithingClothingJewelry, and Woodworking. These raw materials you harvest may be refined, 10 at a time, into 7-10 refined craftable items averaging an 85% recovery rate. An example if you were to refine 10,000 raw clothing you could expect to get an average of 8,500 refined items. In addition to the raw materials you will also yield trait items and Tempers that are used to improve the quality of weapons and armor. You can refine at any level and no crafting experience is needed. However, according to UESP Wiki, your chances to acquire Tempers are increased at Max Level Crafting. Their table of research:


Temper/Tannin/Plating/Resin Quality
% of chance per Raw Material


Note: This is not a chance of getting single upgrading material or the chance of getting any number of upgrading materials but an average drop rate over a long period of time. (Top)




Inspiration is often confused with experience. It is not. Think of Inspiration like getting Experience but specifically for Crafting. Much like how Alliance Points is only from PVP. All seven crafting professions use Inspiration for leveling purposes and each profession uses the same amount. Inspiration is gained from performing activities such as creation, improvement, extraction, refinement as well as by completing writs. You gain more inspiration by crafting or deconstructing higher quality products. There are 3 ways to increase your amount of your inspiration:

• ESO Plus gives you a 10% Inspiration bonus.

• Crafting as an Orc gives a natural boost of 10% Inspiration bonus.

• Putting 30 Champion Points, CP's, into the Tower unlocks the passive that increases Inspiration by 20%. (Top)




Crafting Stations are places at which you can partake in the crafting professions. Each type of crafting station is most commonly found at a particular type of store: Alchemy are found at apothecariesBlacksmithing can be found at smithiesClothing at smithies or clothing shopsEnchanting are found at chironasia, and Woodworking are found at carpentersJewelry tables were introduced in the Summerset Expansion and do not have a designated area. You can find them sometimes in Alchemy shops, or Enchanting like in Daggerfall or even outside if you are in Western Skyrim.


Stations are also found at Crafting Sties all over Tamriel. Each Alliance's 5 districts contain 3 stations each for a total of 45 crafting sites. Neutral areas like Coldharbour, Craglorn and DLC's also contain crafting sites. In Cyrodiil you will find 6 different crafting sites. The Mages and Fighters Guild, as well as one in Wrothgaar and Northern Elsweyr, have some locked behind quest walls. Of course you can visit our Guild Hall that has every Crafting Table there for your convenience. Sort the guild roster by rank and travel to the primary residence of @vanquishguild. Along with all sets of tables, you will find all the Mundus stones, Banker, Merchant, several types of Training Dummies, Places to reduce or increase your Vampire Status, Transmutation Station or a place to relax near the water or dive deep in the Skooma Tent. (Top)




We are going to start with RESEARCH. Research is the most important aspect of crafting and the most time consuming. Four of the seven professions require research to obtain being a Master Crafter. Research is also important for doing Master Writs, but more importantly for retraiting a weapon or armor piece, or creating an item from scratch with the New Collection System introduced in the DLC Markarth also known as "Sticker Book". Without knowing a trait, it is impossible to retrait that item or re-create using geodes. The crafting sets also require knowledge of a certain amount of known traits of each piece in order to create.


Each profession; BlacksmithingClothingJewelry, and Woodworking have 9 traits to learn, PER ITEM. That means a Light Robe will have 9 traits associated to it and so will Light Boots. With each skill line you have Lapidary Research which reduces the amount of time traits items are learned. With Blacksmithing, Clothing and Woodworking, this skill line also allows you to research more than 1 item at a time, up to three. For Jewelry you can only research one item at a time but it still reduces your timer.


In short, anytime you have option to put another skill point into Lapidary Research, do so.

• Lapidary Research 1: Reduces research time by 5%

• Lapidary Research 2: Reduces research time by 10%

• Lapidary Research 3: Reduces research time by 20%

• Lapidary Research 4: Reduces research time by 25%, and limits research time to 30 days max.

Researching your first trait takes 6 hours to complete. Each time after that, in that item set, the time doubles. Without putting skill points into Lapidary Research, researching the final 9th trait can take up to 9 weeks and 1 day. 64 days. With Lapidary Research at 4, the max time for 9 traits is 30 days. With this in mind, you want to research the traits that are more useful first, and the least desirable last. For your convenience, we are including 2 images with a suggested order for research starting with the top, down. If the picutre link does not open the image in a new window, right click on the images and choose "Open in New Tab" for full view.


Getting the correct items for research can be found by doing quests, destroying beasts/NPC's overland, or even in treasure chests. If you plan to start at the top and work your way across, it could be a daunting task however, but if you wish to do it by yourself, you have a guide above to check things off. Another option is to ask your guild-mates either by using the Website Forum under Requests, or in Discord in the #Crafting-Hub channel. Most guild-mates will not charge to help another along. But due to the excessive items they may make, a tip is almost always welcomed and appreciated.


There is also an addon named "Craftstore" (See our Addons page) that will help track what traits you know, your motifs, recipes and furniture plans. It can also let you know that you have a certain item of that trait in your bank or in someone's inventory. A highly recommended addon.


In the list above, you will find the trait "Nirn" for either weapons or armor. Nirn, Potent for weapons and Fortified for armor, can only be found in Craglorn by harvesting either Blacksmithing, Clothing, Jewelry, or Woodworking nodes. If you do not have either potent or fortified in your inventory, you may skip it for now. Alternatively, you can purchase Potent Nirncrux at guild traders for approximately 30,000 gold a piece and Fortified Nirncrux for approximately 3,500 gold a piece.


Additionally, Jewelry traits with rare traits to research can be difficult. While the original Arcane, Robust, and Healthy are very common, the remaining ones are only acquired in certain, specific ways and not always guaranteed.


Trait Material Slaughterstone. High chance to be acquired in refined form from weekly Trial quest rewards.
Triat Material Dibellium. Chance to receive from daily Random Normals or Vet Dungeons.
Trait Material Aurbic Amber. Acquired from Psijic Portals, with a rare chance for a refined form. Note that Psijic Portals only appear if you have the new Psijic Order Skill Line. In order to create Aurbic Amber, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its pulverized (raw) form.
Trait Material Dawn-Prism. Acquired in refined form from the War Researcher vendor in Cyrodiil, and Battleground Camps, for Alliance Points
Trait Material Titanium. Acquired from Jewelry Crafting Nodes throughout Tamriel with a higher chance to be found in Summerset. In order to create Titanium, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its pulverized (raw) form.
Trait material Gilding Wax. Purchased from Master Writ Merchants for Writ Vouchers.


With the rarity of the Material stones listed above, when asking a guildmate to craft for research purposes, you will often be asked Do you have the mats?.  Simply they are asking for you to send the materials to craft the item for you. (Top)


Traits are a special property that can appear on all armor, weapons, and jewelry.  Each item can have a single trait, in addition to all the other properties an item can carry.  You may find some quest rewards, or overland equipment that does not have a trait associated to it.  This is somewhat common.  Traits may be researched in order to craft custom items with the respective properties.  An example would be transmuting a weapon from Powered to Sharpened or an armor piece from Well-Fit to Sturdy.  With the Sticker Book addition that came with Markarth, creating items from scratch, the knowledge of that trait is required.

Constructing an item with a specific trait requires a special tertiary (important) material.  These ingredients can be retrieved by deconstructing items with traits, or refining raw materials like ore, wood, leather, fibers, and dust will also commonly send all types of trait materials.  The magnitude of each trait depends on the quality of the item, improving the item will automatically increase the trait's magnitude.

For simplicity sake, all stats and numbers are based on a Level 50, CP 160 items.  Lower level items will have smaller values but are similar. (data provided by UESP)

Key Code: (N) Normal (F) Fine (S) Superior (E) Epic (L) Legendary


Armor Traits

Armor traits are available on all articles of light, medium, heavy armor and shields.

Trait Material Description Magnitude
Sturdy Large Quartz Reduce block cost by … 2% 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4%
Impenetrable Large Diamond Increase your Critical Resistance by … and this item takes 50% less durability damage. 116 118 121 124 127
Reinforced Large Sardonyx Increases this item's armor value by … 12% 13% 14% 15% 16%
Well-fitted Large Almandine Reduces the cost of sprinting and Roll Dodging by … 1.2% 2.4% 3.6% 4.8% 6%
Training Large Emerald Increase experience gained from kills by … 7% 8% 9% 10% 11%
Infused Large Bloodstone Increase armor enchantment effect by … 9% 13% 17% 21% 25%
Invigorating Large Garnet Increase Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by … 8 10 12 14 16
Divines Large Sapphire Increases Mundus Stone effects by … 5.1% 6.1% 7.1% 8.1% 9.1%
Nirnhoned Large Fortified Nirncrux Increases Physical and Spell Resistance by … 220 228 236 244 253



Weapon Traits

Weapon traits are available on all weapons; axes, swords, maces, daggers, greatswords, battle axes, mauls, bows, restoration staves, and destruction staves.


NOTE: For 2H (two-handed) weapons; greatswords, mauls, battle axes, mauls, bows, and staves, DOUBLE the Magnitude values except INFUSED

Trait Material Description Magnitude
Powered Large Chysolite Increase healing done by … 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% 4.5%
Charged Large Amethyst Increase your chance to apply status effects by … 70% 80% 90% 100% 110%
Precise Large Ruby Increases Weapon and Spell Critical values by … 1.5% 2% 2.5% 3% 3.5%
Infused Large Jade Increase weapon enchantment effect by … and reduces enchantment cool down by 50% 10% 15% 20% 25% 25%
Defending Large Turquoise Increases Physical and Spell Resistance by … 1200 1248 1296 1328 1376
Training Large Carnelian Increase experience gained from kills by … 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% 4.5%
Sharpened Large Fire Opal Increase Physical and Spell Penetration by … 1200 1248 1296 1328 1376
Decisive Large Citrine When you gain Ultimate you have a … chance to gain 1 additional ultimate. 12% 14% 16% 18% 20%
Nirnhoned Large Potent Nirncrux Increases Damage of this weapon by … 11% 12% 13% 14% 15%



Jewelry Traits

Jewelry traits are available on all Jewelry; rings and amulets..

Trait Material Description Magnitude
Healthy Large Antimony Increase Maximum Health by ... 844 877 910 932 965
Arcane Large Cobalt Increase Maximum Magicka by ... 767 797 827 847 877
Robust Large Zinc Increase Maximum Stamina by ... 767 797 827 847 877
Bloodthirsty Large Slaughterstone Increase Weapon and Spell Damage against enemies under 90% health by up to ... 70 140 210 280 350
Harmony Large Dibellium Increase the effectiveness of any Synergies by ... 12% 14% 16% 18% 20%
Infused Large Aurbic Amber Increases Jewelry enchantment effect by ... 24% 33% 42% 51% 60%
Triune Large Dawn-Prism Increases Maximum Magicka, Stamina, and Health by ... 384 399 414 424 439
422 438h 455h 466h 482
Protective Large Titanium Increase Spell and Physical Resistance by ... 1053 1091 1128 1153 1190
Swift Large Gliding Wax Increase Movement Speed by... 3% 4% 5% 6% 7%



Common Traits

Available on FOUND armor, weapons, and jewelry.

Trait Description Magnitude
Ornate This item sells to merchants for ... % more 280% 285% 290% 295% 300%
Intricate Increases Inspiration gained from deconstructing Armor and Weapons by ... 280% 285% 290% 295% 300%
Intricate Increases Inspiration gained from deconstructing Jewelry by ... 280% 285% 290% 295% 300%




Transmutation was added to Elder Scrolls Online with the DLC Clockwork City at the end of 2017. Transmutation requires a Transmutation Station and only one can be found in the world of Tamriel inside the Clockwork City's Brass Fortress. However, stations can also be purchased as furnishing items from the Master Writ merchant for 1,250 Writ Vouchers, or from the Crown Store for 4,500 crowns. There is also one located at the Vanquish Guild Hall, travel to primary residence of @vanquishguild in the guild roster.


Transmutation is a system that allows you to change the Trait on armor, weapons, and jewelry. And with the latest update of Markarth in 2020, you can also use the station to create gear from scratch with the new "Sticker Book" system.


To Transmute a trait of an item, or to create an item from scratch, there are two (2) things that are necessary for you to have:

Research of the desired trait of that item.

Transmute Crystals


Research of the desired trait:


When you use a Transmutation Station, you will notice 2 icons on the top right. The Icon on the left is for Transmuting an item from one trait to another. The Icon on the right, will bring up your "sticker book" and allow you create items from scratch, from the items you have bound to you. Items that are overland, you must either equip, research, or deconstruct for them to be added to your sticker book. Items from dungeons, trials, reward coffers are automatically bound to you upon pickup.


As discussed in the beginning of this guide, research is almost a necessity. And if you follow the sheet examples listed, the most common ones you will use, you would have done first. Let's look at an example of how research is necessary. You just got the piece of armor you have been wanting and it has the trait "Invigorating" on it. As a Damage Dealer, an Invigorating trait is not ideal. With your Mundus Stone, the more Divine Traits you have, the more effective your Mundus Stone will be. So you want to make it Divine. You head to the Transmutation Station, you find your new piece of armor (either in bank, inventory, or currently wearing) and you scroll through the traits but it's RED. Oh no! That means you never learned the Trait of that Item and you cannot transmute it. But scrolling through you see the Infused is GREEN which means you do know that trait. You could transmute it to Infused, but you hold off and try to learn the Divine trait as soon as you can.


Creating items from scratch is the same process. Clicking on the Right Icon, you will see your sticker book collection. Let's take a common Magicka DPS set known as Mother's Sorrow. You click on the lands for Ebonheart Pact and then choose Deshaan. The item set for Mother's Sorrow will show on the right plane. For this example, you have 1 Robe of Mother's Sorrow in the sticker book. Double Clicking on the robe will bring up the Create Menu. Cycling through, you notice from the Trait Selection that you have not researched any trait for the Light Armor Robe/Jerkin line. Everything is grayed out. This is why research is important. If you knew the traits, you could create the Robe of Mother's Sorrow in any trait that you desire.


Transmutation Crystals:


Transmutation Crystals are a type of currency and 50 Transmute Crystals allow you to change the trait of any armor, weapon, or jewelry to a trait that you know. An ESO Plus member can store up to 1,000 crystals while a Non-ESO Plus member can hold up to 500 crystals. There are 2 different coffers that you obtain Transmute Crystals from; "Transmutation Geode" will always give you a set amount of crystals while "Uncracked Transmutation Geodes" gives you a random number of crystals (between two numbers). The higher quality the geode, the more crystals you will obtain. The highest you can receive from a Gold Transmutation Geode is 50.


You can obtain Transmutation Geodes from different sources:

Random Normal / Veteran Dungeon - 10 Crystals / Purple Geode

Pledge in Hard Mode - 5 Crystals / Blue Geode

Pledge in Normal from Maj - 1 Crystal / White Geode

• Pledge in Normal from Gilrion - 3 Crystals / Green Geode

• Random Normal / Veteran Dungeon after 1st - 1 Crystal / White Geode

• Normal Trial Coffer - 5 Crystals

• Weekly Trial Reward Mail - 10 Crystals / Purple Geode

• Vateshran Hollows (Veteran) - 5 Crystals

• Blackrose Prison (Veteran) - 5 Crystals

• Dragonstar Arena (Veteran) - 5 Crystals

• Maelstrom Arena (Veteran) - 4 Crystals

• PVP Rewards of the Worthy (Once per day) 4-25 Crystals

• PVP Battleground Leaderboard - 5 Crystals

• PVP Alliance 30 Day Campaign Reward (Tier 1) - 50 Crystals

• PVP Alliance 30 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard - 50 Crystals

• PVP Alliance 7 Day Campaign Reward (Tier 1) - 10 Crystals

• PVP Alliance 7 Day Campaign Top 10% Leaderboard - 10


What is the Quickest way to earn Geodes?


Two ways; Daily Random Dungeons and PVP. In Guild chat, you will consistently see other Vanquish members looking for a Random. Or you can try using the group finder as well. Doing a Random Dungeon (Normal or Vet pays out the same) gives you 10 Crystals a day, PER CHARACTER. Do the math and you can see how this can add up very quickly.


For PVP, here at Vanquish we run 3 PVP events out in Cyrodiil. Pending on which event you wish to take part, you would select that campaign as your HOME campaign. After gaining 25,000 alliance points, you will obtain the Tier 1 rank. At the end of the 30 day campaign, you will receive a Gold Transmute Geode worth 50 crystals. Below are the 3 events that we currently run.

• Weekday Morning M-F at 10:30am EST @ Grayhost. Event: RAD. Organized by Lenore, this is more of a laid back PVP event. Lasts for approx 2 hours with a break in between in which you can change characters if you so wish.

• Everyday Evenings approx 9pm EST @ Grayhost: Event: Warzone Wednesday (WZW). Organized by DanTheMan, more challenging PVP with requirements. Event lasts 2 hours.

• Every Friday @ 9pm EST @ Blackreach. Event: Friday Night Fights (FNF). This is our biggest social event. No requirements except drink in hand as we finish off our tough work weeks. Event lasts 2 hours.


With the events listed above, you can join any of those with each toon as long as they are Daggerfall Covenant. 50 Crystals per toon in 30 days can add up to quite a bit. If you have 18 characters, that's 900 geodes a month for about 30 min of gameplay per character. (Top)