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As you know, for better or for worse, ESO provides players with the option of joining up to 5 different guilds if they so choose. This opens many different options for the player. Trade guilds, PvP guilds, Trials guilds, ERP guilds, etc.

Vanquish has always been a comprehensive guild. In any game we play, our members dabble in just about every aspect. We have master crafters, master PvP assassins, master PvE heroes, master ERP pervs. Truly, Vanquish does try and offer everything to our player base.

However, because we dabble in everything and try to maintain a wide variety of options, we do not specialize or focus in any one of them. Jack of all trades, master of none as far as content. What does that mean? Simply, it means we do not push the envelope in any specific area of content and as such, will most likely not reach the pinnacle of that content as quickly as more singular minded groups. We will eventually get there in our own time!

This is where cross-guilding comes into play. We have players who will go seek that pinnacle of content elsewhere. Guilds that focus on Vet HM trials or structured PvP are out there. Quite a few of them actually. They come and go. They are definitely a means to achieve personal goals.

Where does Vanquish stand on this topic? We all understand the need to get shit done. Achievements, vet HM DLC trials, organized PvP. We support everyone in their endeavors. We have several players in other guilds that have a specific focus. Cross-guilding is a thing in ESO and we are playing ESO!

That being said, what we really want is for Vanquish to be your home base, your main family. What keeps the guild strong is our connection to one another and our dedication to maintaining an amazing community. People will venture out into pugs, content focused guilds, etc. in order to get that stuff done. Cool! We get it.

The important thing is for us all to communicate. What we want to avoid is having our members consistently run content with other guilds or participate in other guilds events during our own scheduled events. If it comes down to that and if Vanquish no longer serves its purpose for you or our goals no longer align with yours, let us know. We would love to talk with you about it. Again, our focus is the happiness of our players, the camaraderie of our group.

This is a multi-game guild of friends that has endured for many years. Games come and games go. One day you are a playing an Argonian Dragonknight and the next you might be a Viking Mjolnir or a Dwarven Warrior. What will remain are the players behind the character, the relationships we build, and the community we have come to love. It is not the content that drives Vanquish, it is the camaraderie.