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Is ESO PLUS worth it?




In short, Yes.  But that answer also varies on how much you intend, or desire to play.  If you are only playing 4-6 hours a week, then it’s probably something you can pass on until ESO has their free “Plus” weekends.  But especially early in the game, when your inventory is limited, it will make your life easier as well as making the game more enjoyable.  We are going to break down the benefits and price.




Bag space is always a huge issue in every MMO.  This is a staggering problem when you are interested in crafting and furnishing.  With the geode system, the ‘sticker book’ and the ability to transmute items, crafting is pretty much essential to every player whether on one, or many alts.  These materials found everywhere, whether looting corpses, bags, barrels or even deconstructing, fills your inventory and then your bank very quickly.  Soon you will realize you have no room and everything in your bank is nothing but crafting materials.

With ESO Plus, you get a crafting bag.  This, by far, is the biggest perk.  It will hold every single crafting material in the game.  That includes dozens of wood, ore, cloth, your reagents, solvents, runes, glyphs.   Everything you can think of freeing up much needed room for more important things like weapons, armor, things for other alts.  Another benefit of the crafting bag is that when you do crafting writs, it is pulled directly from your bag.  No extra trip to the banker.  Without a fully upgraded backpack and bank, it really isn’t feasible to keep everything without the subscription.




FREE CROWNS:  ESO relies heavily on cosmetic purchases and crown crates to keep revenue flowing.  There is an abundance of things you can buy like costumes, mounts, pets.  As well as account upgraded like extra character slots, Alliance Change tokens, Appearance, and Race Changes.
You get 1650 Crowns (worth just over $15) each month which essentially means ZOS is paying you to play the game.  If you purchase anything through the crown store, you will need to purchase crowns.  It is a twist on how to look at it.  If you go with the minimum subscription of month to month for $15, you are getting more crowns in return than it would cost you to purchase 1500 crowns.


DLC ACCESS:  There are approximately 17 DLC addons to ESO that come free with ESO Plus.  From Orsinium (which holds the Maelstrom Arena), the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood all the way to the latest Markarth Update for Greymoor.  Purchasing all of these individually would cost more than 33,000 Crowns which is more than $200.  Or you can just maintain an active ESO Plus subscription and have access to all of them.


EXTRA SPACE:  This one isn’t as important as the other two simply because the Craft Bag makes that big of a difference.  Even so, there are many veteran players that are constantly playing the inventory game.  An active ESO Plus subscription doubles your bank space giving you a total of 480 bank slots.  It also doubles your Home space.  A noble home in ESO without a subscription is 350.  With ESO Plus, you are at 700 making home decorating a little more imaginative.  And now, with the latest Geode updates in the 3rd quarter of 2020, an ESO Plus member can hold up to 1000 transmute crystals instead of 500.




DYE COSTUMES:  Throughout Tamriel, and possibly your home if you have an outfit station, you can dye your costumes without charge.  Those that do not have a subscription would have to purchase Dyes from the Crown Store first.  Though both with and without can dye regular armor.


FASTER INSPIRATION, MORE GOLD, MORE EXP: Nice perks but in short, it’s not that big of a deal.  With ESO Plus you can 10% more experience, 10% more inspiration for crafting and 10% more gold from missions, chests, etc.  You can also get a 10% faster research buff on crafting traits.  So nice, but you can live without it.


CROWN STORE DEALS: Lastly, each month there are Crown Store Deals.  The deals are random on the many different things found in the crown store.  Sometimes costumes, or statues, perks, mounts, etc.  The selection is limited, however, so this is like getting 2 wormroot from one resource.  An example would be instead of an item costing 3000 Crowns, with ESO Plus that item might be 2400 Crowns.




1-Month: $15/Month
3-Month: $14/Month ($42 total)
6-Month: $13/Month ($78 total)
12-Month: $12/Month ($140 total)


As you can see, going with either the 6-month plan or the yearly offers the cheapest value.  If you know you’re going to give ESO a shot for at least 6 months, get the most out of it at the cheaper value.