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Exactly what type of guild is Vanquish?


Vanquish is a guild of moderation first and foremost. Does this mean we will not push hard? Strive to be our best? Make a name for ourselves or see all that a game has to offer? Not at all! On the contrary, as a guild of "moderation" we choose to explore every bit of content the game throws our way from PvP to PvE, End Game to Crafting and light RP without pigeonholing ourselves into saying we focus on any one aspect. There is simply too much FUN content to explore in an MMO for that, we prefer to say we are a guild focused on...ALL OF IT! Placing and emphasis on the player behind the keyboard we care little for how "leet" you are or how you rank in game X. We are a family and supporting one another in an honest and confident way is what drives us as a guild. We are "casually hardcore"!


What's in the name?


The name Vanquish was taken to show our intention not only in terms of game content but also regarding overcoming the obstacles a guild sees in its lifetime and the relationships we build with our guild mates that lead towards the success of the guild as a whole!


How long has Vanquish been around?


While Vanquish was designed from the ground up as a new guild for GW2 its leadership has over a decade of experience leading teams both in game and out and has since branched into several other MMOs including ArcheAge, SWTOR, WoW, and ESO with others to follow!


Is Vanquish an end game guild?


Vanquish is focused on seeing and exploring all a game has to offer this includes the end game.


Is Vanquish an RP guild?


We are RP "encouraged" in that we do not enforce such but we encourage, if not respect, our RP community - RP found in Vanquish will be specifically event driven and optional. (Certain traditions such as promotions and in guild awards are held in an RP fashion to solidify their importance)


Is Vanquish an 18+ guild?


We cater to an older crowd and use the 18+ rule, applicants can plead their case to leadership should they truly feel hanging out with a bunch of OLD people is the path they wish to follow.


Does Vanquish engage in PvP?


Indeed we do! Vanquish engages in all manner of PvX offered by the worlds we call home including the formation of specialized divisions of small and elite teams focused on specific PvP objectives.


What size of guild is Vanquish?


We have 300-350 active members; our continued growth is attributed to our amazing members and their ability to make new members feel right at home. Our focus is on the player behind the keyboard, our goal is for our members to find a home away from home. Our application process is slow by design in order to weed out any bad apples or members that are not a good fit with Vanquish, this means leadership is taking their time in terms of recruitment and always will.


Does Vanquish require me to use voice comms?


Membership will not require voice comms use however most group content events, and especially end game and PvP content will require such. While speaking is never required the ability to listen and follow directions of the event leads is. That said Discord is an excellent means of communication and guild cohesion, the use of it is highly encouraged and FUN! Discord information can be found in the members section of the forums.


Will there be room for me to move up the ranks within Vanquish?


Absolutely! Fostering a strong leadership is the Commanders number one priority, if you think you have what it takes just remember actions speak louder than words! A note on ranks in Vanquish: Ranks in Vanquish are not meant to separate or divide our members they are simply a means of added content, RP flare and most importantly a way for our members to evolve their own leadership skills and strengths.


In Vanquish, am I just a number?


When a member becomes just a number in a guild the leaders needs to hang it up. Once you have the guild tag over your head here in Vanquish you become part of something bigger, we look out for one another and strive to better our guild mate standing next to us. First and foremost, the player behind the keyboard is our priority.


What is the primary time zone of Vanquish?


While the leaders of Vanquish are EST we have numerous members and officers playing in CST, MST, and PST as well.


What is the average age of a Vanquish member?


While this can fluctuate with the active roster the average age range found in Vanquish is between 35-55.