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Leadership Core

Current Leadership Core or meeting the officers …….


Vanquish is led by the husband-and-wife team of Duck and Savina. Savina is the in-game Guild Commander, Duck holds the in-game rank of Commander. Make no mistake leading this guild is a team effort and we have total confidence and faith in our Vanquish Leadership Core.

I am Savina (@Savina.09) and who I am and what I do is…. I carry a big stick and keep all Vanquish members informed with spammy walls of text.

Seriously, my job is guild direction, guild and member management and overall director of Vanquish.

Duck (@Duck17) keeps all of you entertained and informed with his famous “ducksplations” as he leads you through various content. He hosts several events and comes up with new ideas regularly to enhance your gaming experience.

Duck keeps things running around here, literally…. he manages the events page, website, discord, message of the day, officers, and on top of that he also covers day to day operations of Vanquish!

I am honored to stand with Duck as your Guild Leaders. We consider ourselves blessed to be leading such an incredible group of people.

Guild Captains

Infidelux (@Infidelux) is Guild Captain. He is dedicated to Vanquish in all regards; he is here every day driving the guild forward by being involved in each aspect of our community. “Block! Or don’t, he’s not your Mom.”

Truth is Infi has spent years grooming and nurturing our members, helping them grow and improve. Infi is there in everything we do as a guild, from beginner to end game we can count on him to be right beside us helping and guiding us.

Infi hosts SmS, and BC trials every week, while also attending many other events. He helps with recruitment, applications and guild direction. He is usually soft spoken, and sometimes taken for granted but trust me he is one of the champions of our guild.

Infi is always looking out for every member when it comes to the big picture of things around here. Infi is a website and Discord administrator, and creator of the VnqBot.

Infi’s roles also include officer management, member management, and overall guild cohesion. He is an end game PvE specialist. He wears a lot of hats folks!!

Dan (@danthemann5) is our PvP Captain and expert on all things PvP related. He is a skilled leader and motivator that when not engaged in active battle will make you laugh and enjoy PvP on an entirely different level than ever before.

When not leading a PvP event or group Dan devotes time to teaching and mentoring members looking to learn or hone their PvP skills. Dan pours his heart and soul into making Vanquish the best we can be in the 3-banner war.

Dan hosts FnF and WzW each week and runs PvP groups most evenings at varying times. If Dan is in the PvP 1 Channel in discord anyone can jump in and join him. If you have questions about PvP, he will provide you with the answers or the resources to get the answers.

Dan’s role includes advisor, teacher, and leader of PvP content, guild PvP direction, and guild cohesion among our PvP focused members.

Current officers::::

Christopher (Xrist04) is possibly the Vanquish member with the deepest roots here in Vanquish. He comes from the parent guild of the Vanquish founders. Christopher’s loyalties have never faltered, he always has and always will be the living embodiment of Vanquish.

Christopher is a full content officer, by his own admission in his Member Spotlight he loves it all! Trials, dungeons, PvP, and solo play. He loves the questing, exploring, lore, story-modes, speed runs, normal and vet content.

Christopher’s long standing Vanquish membership and continued activity in ESO makes him a knowledge bank beyond compare in guild and game related topics. He’s a true representation of the Vanquish membership and assist the Leader Core is lucky to have.

Christophers role include member management, new player orientation, community adviser and full content officer.

Glitter (@Glitter-Tiga) has always been the one that jumps in to help everyone and run any content members need. He can make us laugh and he always represent Vanquish with honor and integrity. Glitter hears the unspoken, his empathy and kindness allow him to recognize when someone is in need. He helps quietly and calmly but the things he does speak volumes.

Glitter is that guy! The one doing the things that go unnoticed because he does them so well. He is cleaning up and organizing the guild bank when no one is looking. Glitter is crafting gear, answering questions, and bidding on Traders. Make no mistake about it, he is doing more than we know!

Glitters role includes member management, new player orientation, activities manager, community adviser and bidding on Traders

Kapp (@Kapp_65) is a patient, kind, and confident vet content leader whose knowledge of dungeon and trial mechanics has helped our members through some of the toughest PvE content in the game. His knowledge is by no means limited to vet content, Kapp is a PvE expert of the highest quality.

No matter the challenge or wall a group faces, Kapp is the leader that can motivate, and empower his team with the confidence to overcome any obstacle. Anyone of us that has tackled content with Kapp has come away more knowledgeable and better prepared for the next time.

Kapp’s role includes Veteran Trial Raid Leader, Member management, progression guide , veteran content lead and Raid Leader for T2 Progression

Nuke (@NukeLikeTheBomb) is filled with determination and a bit of sass to be sure, and he always amazes us with the knowledge he holds. He soaks up information like a sponge, and he loves to share what he learns. Nuke is a true diplomat who brings peace and harmony to all everything he does.

Nuke actively runs all content in the game and is a regular on the PvP scene. Nuke helps with recruitment by post on Reddit Guild Fridays and interacting with potential recruits that have questions about Vanquish.

Nuke’s role includes recruitment, community adviser and delegate, member management, PvP lead PvP and PVE content officer.

Sarah (@Kamali’i) (@Kamali’i) is the generous host of PvP 101 every other Friday. She helps our members that have never stepped into Cyrodiil before and those that just want to learn more about PvP become familiar with the basics of PvP.

Sarah guides our new members and veterans along the path from PvP noob to end game PvP contender. Sharing advice, builds, knowledge and always making sure everyone has what they need to be successful in one of the most competitive areas of the game is what Sarah does for us.

Sarah also ventures into the PvE (carebear) realm with us for pledges, World Boss events, and if you are in the right place at the right time, you’ll even find her farming resource nodes and doing daily writs.

Sarah’s role includes PvP lead, member management, new player orientation, community advisor and PvP content officer.

That is your Core Leadership Team folks!!