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Leadership Core

Guild Commander

@Savina.09 – Savina

Primary Role - Guild direction, management and overall director of the guild


@Duck17 - Duck

Primary Role - Officer management, adviser to the Guild Commander and partly responsible for the day to day operations of Vanquish at all levels including and up to taking leadership of the guild in the absence of the Guild Commander.

Guild Captains

@Infidelux - Infidelux

Primary Role - Officer management, member management, content direction and overall guild cohesion, end game and PvE specialist.

@Danthemann5 – Dan! (the man)

Primary Role – Advisor, teacher, and leader of Vanquish members in PvP and Battlegrounds content, PvP direction, and guild cohesion within all PvP.


General Role - Roster management, content management, web site administration and day to day activities within the guild

*Note: Officer specialties and/or primary role will be listed following each name, it is by no means a complete and comprehensive list of their abilities.

@DawnWarrior – Bella *Full Content officer, trial lead, PvP and PvE expert, and an incredible resource for all things ESO related."

@Delkurz - Delk *Veteran Trial Raid Leader, manages the veteran trial teams and their leads, vet dungeon and DLC specialist."

@Glitter-Tiga – Vastra-that_shines *Member management, new player orientation, activities manager and content officer, community adviser."

@Kildaan - @Kildaan *Event and Trial lead, full content officer, and master of “ALL PET” Events and Trials.”

@Lenore - Lenore *Member management, new player orientation, housing specialist, community adviser and content officer."

@NukeLikeTheBomb - Nuke "Community adviser and delegate, member management, PvP and PVE content officer."

@Tuatha'an - @Tuatha'an (Josien) *Member management, content officer, roster management, activities manager, veteran content lead."

@Santaniko - Santaniko "Veteran Trial Raid Leader, Member management, Trial management, veteran content lead."