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Leadership Core

Guild Commander

@Savina.09 – Savina

Vanquish is led by the husband and wife team of Duck and Savina, the buck stops here! Savina is the in-game Guild Commander and Duck holds the in-game rank of Commander. Make no mistake leading this guild is a team effort and we have total confidence and faith in the Vanquish Leadership Core.

I’m Savina and who I am what I do is….I carry a big stick, and keep all Vanquish members informed with spammy walls of text. Seriously, my job is guild direction, guild and member management and overall director of Vanquish.


@Duck17 - Duck

Duck keeps all of you entertained and informed with his famous “ducksplations” as he leads you through content. He hosts several of our events and is always coming up with ideas and things for members to enjoy. What the rest of you do not see is the behind the scenes Duck and his total dedication and commitment to Vanquish.

Duck keeps things running around here literally….he manages the events page, website, discord, message of the day, officers, and on top of that he also covers day to day operations of Vanquish!

I’m proud that Duck is my husband, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be married to such and incredible man. Duck and I are incredibly lucky to share the gaming interest and Vanquish is not just some guild we run. Vanquish is a major part of our daily lives and we would not have it any other way.

Guild Captains

@Infidelux - Infidelux

Infidelux is Guild Captain. He is dedicated to Vanquish in all regards; he is here every day driving the guild forward by being involved in each aspect of our community. “Block! Or don’t, he’s not your Mom.”

Truth is Infi has spent years grooming and nurturing our members, helping them grow and improve so if you want to think of him as your Mom feel free to do so. Infi is there in everything we do as a guild, from beginner to end game we can count on him to be right beside us helping and guiding us.

Infi hosts SmS, and BC trials every week, while also attending most other events. He helps with recruitment, applications and guild direction. He is usually soft spoken, and sometimes taken for granted but trust me he is one of the champions of our guild. Infi is always looking out for every member when it comes to the big picture of things around here.

Infi is a website and Discord administrator, creator of the VnqBot. Infi’s roles also include officer management, member management, content direction and overall guild cohesion, end game and PvE specialist. He wears a lot of hats folks!!

@Danthemann5 – Dan! (the man)

Dan (the man) is our PvP Captain and expert on all things PvP related, including Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds. He is a skilled leader and motivator that when not engaged in active battle will make you laugh and enjoy PvP on an entirely different level than ever before.

When not leading a PvP event or group Dan devotes time to teaching and mentoring members looking to learn or hone their PvP skills. Dan pours his heart and soul into making Vanquish the best we can be in the 3-banner war.

Dan hosts FnF and WzW each week and runs active PvP groups when he is on-line at varying times. If Dan is in the PvP 1 Channel in discord anyone can jump in and join him. If you have questions, ask he will provide you with the answers or the resources to get the answers.

Dan’s role includes Advisor, teacher, and leader of Vanquish members in PvP and Battlegrounds content, PvP direction, and guild cohesion within all PvP.


General Role - Roster management, content management, web site administration and day to day activities within the guild

*Note: Officer specialties and/or primary role will be listed following each name, it is by no means a complete and comprehensive list of their abilities.

@DawnWarrior – Bella

Bella host DayTrial, IC Quest, and is the Raid Leader for T3 Progression Trials Bella is amazing in all things ESO, she is a resource that we are lucky to have. She never gives up and her laugh is irresistible. Everything you do with Bella will be fun and entertaining. I often find that Bella is the one that finds the cracks and fixes them.

Bella seen a need for IC Questing now we have an event. There was a need for trial content during the day, Bella stepped up and brought us BOTH normal and vet trials with DayTrials. When she sees a need Bella fills it, and she does so with style and grace!

Bella’s role includes full Content specialist, trial lead, PvP and PvE expert, Raid Leader for T3 Progression.

@Delkurz - Delk

Delkurz is a vTrial/Raid lead he specializes end-game content. Delk is focused and motivated to see Vanquish through the endgame trials and other vet content. He is clear headed and open minded which helps him to see the bigger picture and get the job done!

Delk is also a PvE content specialist along with a hell of a nice guy! We owe him a huge debit for the devotion he has shown in bring end game content to our members. This guy has made a lot happen and he makes it all look easy.

Delk’s role includes *Veteran Trial Raid Lead, vet content specialist, DPS and Tank Advisor.

@Glitter-Tiga – Vastra-that_shines

Glitter has always been the one that jumps in to help everyone and run any content members need. He can make us laugh and he always represent Vanquish with honor and integrity. Glitter hears the unspoken, his empathy and kindness allow him to recognize when someone is in need. He helps quietly and silently usually but the things he does speak volumes.

Glitter is that guy! That guy you did not know about, the one that does the things no one else wants to. Who do you think is cleaning up the guild bank? Who did you think was making new players leveling gear? Who did you think was filling groups and organizing gear runs? See as I said he does it silently but make no mistake about it he is doing more than you know!

Glitters role includes member management, new player orientation, activities manager and content officer, community adviser.

@Kildaan - @Kildaan

Kildaan has been told repeatedly “Kildaan you had ONE job”! However, no one has told him what that ONE job is. This works in our favor of course because we find Kildaan everywhere, trying to do everything, because he wants to do his ONE job the best he can.

He will take you anywhere you want to go! The guy knows no boundaries, he is good at everything and has a warden and bear for every occasion. He leads, follows, and inspires us to think outside the box. If you want to try something crazy, he’ll be right there with you, and generally finds a way to make it successful.

Kildaan host drunken trials on Fri., and he is the creator of the “Da Bears”, “Pet Sorc Only”, and many other off the wall FUN Events. He has awesome ideas and has brought a lot of fun times and laughs to Vanquish. (Although, we are still waiting for the day he brings donuts to the officers lounge)

Kildaan’s role includes Event and Raid Lead, full content officer, and master of “ALL PET” Events and Trials, alt Raid Leader for Progression.

@Lenore - Lenore

Lenore is….. well “bless her heart” she is LENORE! Lenore is a full content officer that can offer you help in anything and everything. Trust me on this her specialty is knowing a little bit about everything from new player orientation, member management, housing, PvE and PvP she can cover it all. Lenore has recently started our morning RAB group for PvP.

I am going to share with you something Lenore said to me. I was thanking Lenore for being so awesome when she said to me……..

“Sav, you're very welcome. I love the guild and all of the members dearly. If I can no longer deliver my nurse kind of love on the job anymore, then I certainly can spread that kind of care amongst us. It's is my pleasure, and my honor.” Honestly, that statement says everything, and we are thankful to be blessed with and by Lenore!

Lenore’s role includes member management, new player orientation, housing specialist, community adviser and content officer.

@NukeLikeTheBomb - Nuke

Nuke is our levelheaded, let it all hang out spunk and sass officer. Nuke is the master of knowing nothing one day and being an expert the next. He soaks up information like a sponge, and he loves to share what he learns. When Nuke is faced with a question he don’t know the answer for….. do not worry he will find out and then he will share it with everyone!

Nuke actively runs all the content in the game, and he is a regular group lead in PvP, along with being the guy that steps up and fills in when any of your other officers need a night off. Nuke helps with recruitment post on Reddit is always answering questions for our members in Discord and Guild chat.

Nukes role includes community adviser and delegate, member management, PvP and PVE content officer, recruitment.

@Tuatha'an - @Tuatha'an (Josien)

Josie represents the heart of Vanquish. She spends her time behind the scenes doing all the stuff that helps to improve members experiences here in Vanquish. She brings the little things into the spotlight. Her New Articles on the website include Member Spotlights, Housing, and Progression Trial updates.

Josie is always trying to find ways to include everyone in the different types of content. You will find forum post where she brings end game players together for achievements. She has taken on organizing activities for our housing enthusiast. She finds time to help with the administration and roster side of things.

Josie also helping anyone in guild chat that needs an extra body for content. This woman gives her all and she is always excited about everything she does! She has taken on Trial Management alongside Santaniko in the Vet Progression Trials Program. Josie will be leading T1 Intro to vet trials in the new program.

Josie’s role includes member management, full content officer, roster management, activities manager, trial management, Raid Leader T1.

@Santaniko - Santaniko

Santaniko is something special! I find him to be a perfect mix of Delk and Kildaan honestly. Cool and levelheaded, soft spoken, understanding, content driven, and willing to try anything. I know that Santaniko feel in love with Vanquish immediately after joining us.

Santaniko jumped in full force and has been contributing to help Vanquish grow and expand since he arrived. Santaniko alongside Josie has now taken on Trial Management for the Vet Progression Trials Program. Santaniko host Last Call trials on Sun., open vtrials and challenges.

Santaniko role includes Veteran Trial Raid Leader, Member management, Trial management, veteran content lead. Santaniko will be the Raid Leader for the T4 vtrials program.