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Officer's Guide

To Delegate Tasks Large and Small... A Guild Servant First of All...

We strongly encourage those interested in pursuing leadership within Vanquish to do so! Below you will find a guide of sorts, a window into what we look for in an Officer and what is expected.

First and foremost, we do not promote just for the sake of promotions. Our rule of thumb regarding leadership is quality over quantity, this ensures our members are getting the coverage they need yet we are not seeing "empty" promotions. Promotions come out of necessity, guild need and an individual’s dedication, motivation and loyalty to Vanquish.

Activity is key in the role of leadership and comes in MANY forms. An Officer in Vanquish will have a role to fill within the guild be that Recruitment, PvP, PvE event coordination etc. Your best attempt should be made to encourage, host and otherwise start/run content for the members and guild. Officers meetings and communication with the members on multiple levels is also key. Being able to both chat and listen on voice comms is a requirement as an Officer.

Self-motivation, confidence and creativity is a must for our Officers. As an Officer you are expected to recognize opportunities for leadership and meet those opportunities head on. Recognizing members needs and wants and balancing out how to meet them without killing yourself is the single most important attribute for an MMO Officer and this skill derives itself from self-motivation, confidence and creativity.

Know your role and that role is that of a servant. Understand that while leadership in Vanquish comes with several perks a true leader is one that finds the most enjoyment through enabling the fun of others. Selfless leadership is what Vanquish seeks and often it is a thankless job. Accepting and even enjoying such is the telltale sign of an Officer within our ranks.

Actions speak louder than words. We have found those that ASK to be Officers often stumble in their path to such. Those that prove their dedication, skill and leadership time and time again through action (often without even knowing it) will be the ones finding themselves on the fast track to leadership.

Loyalty to Vanquish and its members is an Officers Foundation. An Officer in Vanquish knows they are a tool for the guild, enabling guild and member growth is what drives an Officer, and this can only be accomplished through dedicated service to the guild. Before accepting your role as an Officer make sure you can dedicate your time to the members counting on you.

If you feel you are Officer material, then by all means demonstrate such!