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Vanquish Ranks

The ranking system in Vanquish is designed around both responsibility in the guild and content in terms of an "in-guild" achievement system. Each rank has its base requirements and perks but is also designed around giving a nod to our players that go above and beyond.

Guild Commander

The individual in charge of all aspects of Vanquish. The Guild Commander has the final say in all things related to the guild its direction and focus. The success of the guild lays entirely upon this individual.

Requirements: A LOT of booze

Commander or "Division" Commander

For all intents and purposes these individuals could lead the guild in the absence of the Guild Commander. Commanders are considered 2nd in Command of the guild, or in the case of a division of Vanquish not lead by the Guild Commander, full lead of said division. Commanders also have full guild admin rights both in game and out and oversee helping the Guild Commander with both the day to day of the guild and the overall direction of the guild.

Requirements: 2 Years with Vanquish, Dedicated to Vanquish only and/or promotion by the Guild Commander directly.

Guild Captain

A Captain in Vanquish has shown the ability to lead by example and take command when necessary. The guild Captain's primary role is overall guild cohesion from both the standpoint of the members and the Officers. The Guild Captain has the rights to promote up to the rank of Officer.


The Officers of Vanquish are those members that embody the core values of the guild. Officers have demonstrated both in game ability and a "members first" philosophy in terms of how they play, above all they put the guild before themselves. An Officer may specialize in a specific area or may be more of a day to day operations sort, this is up to them.

Requirements: 6 Months with the guild as an active, social and dedicated member or by Captain or above appointment, an Officers interview, demonstration of leadership through actions in specific or general areas of guild.

Vanquish Guard

The Vanquish Guard is comprised of senior members who have dedicated their time and effort for the benefit of the guild. These sentries of Vanquish guard and protect our core values through their ability to teach, lead, and guide other members. They are exemplary members who deserve to be recognized for their loyalty to Vanquish, honorable actions and noble deeds. These individuals demonstrate leadership and selflessness within the ranks.

Requirements: Veteran member that promotes and strengths our core values through their actions, or by Officer or above appointment.


A Veteran member of Vanquish is an individual who has shown loyalty to the guild through both time and action. A Veteran member is also someone who is active amongst the members and leadership often being the source of content initiation for the members of the guild.

Requirements: 6 Months with the guild as an active, social and dedicated member or by Officer or above appointment.


The life blood of the guild. The Vanquish member is the core of the roster and has moved beyond recruit by demonstrating the core values of Vanquish on a regular basis. Members are the most valuable of all ranks as they are the foundation of the guild.

Requirements: 2 Weeks with the guild or by Officer's or above appointment.


A new applicant to the guild, you have much to prove....RECRUIT!

Requirement: Application approval by an Officer or above.