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(Jan 18, 2022)
Hi Sallington! LONG TIME since we heard from you. Hope all is well and the family is doing good.
(Jan 17, 2022)
Happy 2022! I hope everyone is doing well!
(Jan 10, 2022)
Welcome to our newest members! If you haven't been invite in game yet....Feel free to friend me (Savina.09) and message me when you are online.
(Jan 09, 2022)
And welcome Iolio!
(Jan 09, 2022)
2022 can frick right off taking Bob Saget like that WTF
(Jan 08, 2022)
Thank you for adding me to your guild. I just want to say "Hello!" to everyone, as I work to get proper permissions in Discord (I'm Chernabog@6404 and arranging to meet with you all for hte first time! :) :)
(Jan 07, 2022)
That would be something TGO.
(Jan 06, 2022)
Wouldn't it be cool if Zos played the VNQ ESO Christmas Carol while waiting for the event stream
(Dec 31, 2021)
Just want to tell everyone to have an HAPPY NEW YEAR
(Dec 31, 2021)
(Dec 26, 2021)
Happy Holidays to all of the wonderful peoples of Vanquish!
(Dec 26, 2021)
Merry Christmas Vanquish! Hope you had fun "sleigh-ing" on FNF!
(Dec 25, 2021)
Merry Christmas Everyone
(Dec 24, 2021)
IT WAS HUGE!!! Congrats Vanquish!
(Dec 23, 2021)
(Dec 22, 2021)
3 more days! And Huuuge announcement tomorrow. Really huge.
(Dec 20, 2021)
Thank you for hosting the holiday outfit contest and for those who voted for me! I really appreciate the win! Merry Christmas!
(Dec 16, 2021)
I hate it when I'm right lol
(Dec 10, 2021)
TGO applications are on the left for members. New folks applying see the join in the top right corner. They join shivtr and sign in then see the apply in top right corner I believe.
(Dec 10, 2021)
I totally Meant TOP LEFT to the new applicant *facepalm*