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(Aug 07, 2022)
Welcome to all of our NEW and RETURNING members!
(Jul 21, 2022)
The new PvP themed housing contest dates are listed on the contest page & in housing hub on Discord
(Jun 20, 2022)
I am here Sav!!! had to reset the password
(Jun 17, 2022)
Happy Father’s Day weekend
(Jun 11, 2022)
Looks like Shai got ya =)
(Jun 11, 2022)
Hey sorry messed up and was clearing inactive guilds I was in and left Vanquish on accident. Not sure how to get a new guild invite. Sorry again and thanks
(Jun 09, 2022)
(Jun 04, 2022)
(Jun 03, 2022)
I'm just now hearing about Destrolly! Such sad news. He was so kind and fun. I should stay in touch more. Good news is Gus and I bought the new expansion. Looking forward to more fun times in ESO with you all. Hugs to you all <3
(May 19, 2022)
Welcome new folks to Vanquish!
(May 11, 2022)
RIP Destrolly - so sad to hear
(May 07, 2022)
lots of fun in vRG tonight!
(May 07, 2022)
Hi Dzai. Karth did share this sad news with us on Discord. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
(May 07, 2022)
That's Very sad News To hear. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Thank you for sharing this.
(May 07, 2022)
Just to let you know, in case you haven't heard, Oliver Zeigler AKA Destrolley passed away this past Sunday, May 1st, after a years battle with cancer. That's why he hasn't been on. Great personal friend and will be greatly missed.
(Apr 27, 2022)
Hiya Kovash! Happy Humpday
(Apr 27, 2022)
Hiya Kovash!
(Apr 26, 2022)
hello all
(Apr 24, 2022)
(Apr 23, 2022)
Epic FNF!