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(May 02, 2021)
I added a few more pictures to "private Quarters"
(May 02, 2021)
Still awaiting your return Throm! Good to know you are out there still checking in.
(Apr 30, 2021)
Have a great weekend Vanquish!
(Apr 21, 2021)
Another Da Bears is on the calendar for 30 May. Join the fun!
(Apr 18, 2021)
Welcome to our newest members! Remember to add a character to the Roster here so you can sign up for events.
(Apr 12, 2021)
Thanks, Duck! Look forward to the pics. I forgot to take any :)
(Apr 12, 2021)
Vanquish peeps!! Last week of the celebration celebrating 7years of eso. We also celebrated our 7th birthday with a recap coming soon as soon as I get some pics.
(Apr 10, 2021)
Welcome to ALL our new members. Those of you without guild invites yet, can join Discord and let us know when you are line!
(Apr 09, 2021)
Seems it is now a “happy Friday “ to you all
(Apr 08, 2021)
A very MERRY FRIDAY EVE Vanquish! Hope you'll all join us tomorrow evening for FnF!!
(Apr 04, 2021)
Your Welcome.. and sorry! I removed the vid due to size!
(Apr 03, 2021)
thank you so much Aireal!
(Apr 03, 2021)
Happy Birthday Vanquish! I added a video of the Thunderdome fights to Media/ video's
(Apr 02, 2021)
A very Merry FRIDAY Vanquish!!
(Apr 01, 2021)
B-Day Celebration and Roll CALL is Saturday!!!! Get your guild Tabard at the bank for the family pictures!
(Mar 29, 2021)
Enjoyed my first Cyro run this morning! Thanks for the fun and
(Mar 27, 2021)
ROLL CALL BIRTHDAY PARTY EDITION one week from today!! Be sure to get your guild Tabard
(Mar 25, 2021)
Happy Friday Eve Vanquish!!
(Mar 18, 2021)
Thank you Aireal and Onoris for your contributions to the Recipes of Vanquish!
(Mar 11, 2021)
Tomorrow is FRIDAY!